Seven News (Regional Qld)

Let me guess. In their 20s and didn’t know anything about television (but somehow seems to work in it) but could tell you who the latest sensation is on TikTok.

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I know that. Old mate here (with his 15 years of experience) did not understand this.

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More like people who work there because it requires no prior experience and pays money

They don’t understand how TV works because the training that’s provided is limited

It’s not just young people that do that job, older people also.

(I’m in my 20s and don’t really understand what TikTok is, lol)

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Well I guess if your job requires you to know it but you would have assumed most people would have looked at the Wiki page for CTC before their interview?

That’s probably a failure on behalf of the industry too. Experienced people shown the door because they’re too expensive or not prepared to put up with crap, replaced by limited trained juniors.

The remaining experienced staff aren’t getting paid to train or have come from another industry (radio, print etc) and have no TV background themselves.

I always got a giggle out of the TNT (courier) truck turning up at CTC. Especially as it carried their slogan “The People Network” on the side which I thought would work well as a TV network slogan.


It definitely is:


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Publicly at least they have referred to that on their news quite often, at least from the videos I have seen over the years.

Being 7 branded these days I was a little surprised they still referred to it as TNT-9 on all of the 60 years reporting not long ago but that is accurate.


Here’s some caps from all bulletins last Friday.

Sunshine Coast:


Wide Bay:

Central Qld:






Tiniest of details but it would be nice to see them update the desk graphic to extend the full length of the desk. Looks kind of jarring in those wideshots.


7News Brisbane opening segment was very long tonight covering the death of Olivia Newton-John. Wonder how 7Qld is managing that with their shortened bulletin?


I suppose a park is quite generic, but weird they wouldn’t get them into the various regions to shoot a unique promo or just use local shots and cut to them in the studio with the local background.


They did this a couple of years ago I think, gave them a few Fridays off the desk. It was probably around the time when 9 launched their local bulletins. However, 7 doesn’t have Katie Toney and Steve Titmus to cover them anymore.


Thanks @Abesty for the caps.
Interesting to see on the Mackay bulletin that they struggled to have the correct backdrop shown.

The bulletin opened with the Townsville skyline, switched to the correct Mackay skyline; then it looked like Toowoomba (I think) for the sport cross. What a mess

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Usually they drop some of the live crosses and just take the packages. Then they have a pre-recorded throw to the break which can be slotted in anywhere.

Not as easy to do these days. That’s a lot of time and resources for a 3 sec endcard when an out of focus park does the same job. Not even 7Brisbane sends Sharyn & Max out to all parts of thr state for promos anymore.

My guess is an editing error…maybe someone new on the tools?

I know what they usually do, but this first part of the bulletin was unusually long tonight.

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Looking at the headline, I thought it was something more serious like a seizure.

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Not her pointing hand!

Is that an article from a news agency or the Daily Mail? :roll_eyes: Such click bait, exaggerating, plus “all while sporting a dress by (designer)”

Seven hasn’t had a serious news for a while. They realised click bait is worth more money while chasing a younger demo who’s not watching the terrestrial broadcast news.

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