Seven News (Regional Qld)

Everything local was HD, stories, graphics. Plus the cut down 6pm news from Brisbane was also in HD. Things that were from other places in the network were SD - even most Comm Games coverage.


That text on the OTS still needs enlarging.

Well overdue. Looks fantastic now, even the set is crisp


Such a bonus getting the Brisbane bulletin in HD now as well; previous quality was very poor .

It’s such a light and airy set - lots of white and grey - something that would benefit the very dark Brisbane set.



That’s great. I didn’t actually know the Brisbane bulletin was in SD too but it makes sense. I guess they do all the slicing and dicing at STQ and kind of treat it like a 30 minute segment of their local production.

Glad the graphics have been upgraded and that set still looks mint in HD.


Interesting to see tonight that no mention was made about the breaking news out of far North Queensland, but instead a story in spit hoods.

Would be great to see 7 Canberra studios get a set like that for their local bulletins across NSW

Very unlikely. The set was based on the 2002 design, and 7QLD never bothered to replace it, just give it tweaks. Also, unlike Nine, ABC and 10, Seven is not known for set consistency.

What I can see though is 7 Canberra’s equipment upgraded to HD, and also control room upgrades to put graphics, weather etc. in line with other markets.

Even though its had many updates over the years… its currently the oldest news set in the country.

Which is ironic because ever since the red/white rebrand it’s now one of Seven’s best sets :joy:


Where is “STQ?”

On the Sunshine Coast where seven Queensland formerly sunshine television came from


STQ is the callsign for Seven’s TV station that covers Regional QLD. The station is based in Maroochydore.

Every TV station in Australia has a callsign to identify it. In the early years of TV, callsigns were big parts of each station’s on-air identity, nowadays they’re only used internally (and amongst media nerds!)


That should read “was” the callsign for Seven’s Regional Network.
Scrolling down in that same Wikipedia article is the following accurate explanation.

“The collapse of Christopher_Skase’s Qintex empire then saw Sunshine Television Network transfer ownership to Gosford Communications in 1992 before being bought into the Seven Network in 1995 — leading to Sunshine Television Network changing its name to Seven Queensland and taking on the same logo and on-air look as the Seven Network.”

I have worked for 7 Queensland in Maroochydore for 15 years and during that time I have never heard the term STQ used. STQ died 27 years ago.

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When I worked at SCA we dealt with 7/9/10 and both Nine and Ten would always send us info referring to each station by it’s callsign (TCN, GTV, NWS, ATV, TEN, etc.) Including NBN when referring to NNSW etc.

Seven seemingly never does this, and all comms from them only refer to their station by Seven + location (7 Sydney, 7 Melbourne, etc.)

It still is the callsign with ACMA though isn’t it?

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That’s what I thought too. From a government/ACMA perspective all stations are still referred to by their callsigns. Just because someone who worked there says it was never used means nothing. I’m sure staff at 7 Tasmania rarely use TNT either.


Yes each free to air TV station has a call sign. Used internally or not, it’s still a call sign.


At SCA in Canberra most people there didn’t know that any of the regional stations technically had callsigns or that the callsign for our station was CTC (some of the more switched on people did, and usually those people had been around since before southern cross owned the station)

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You’d be very surprised.