Seven News (Regional Qld)


Not really. Bugs, supers, background screens and all social media is now 7 News


We may see new titles with the launch of the new set


When is the new set launch?


Don’t forget this is Media Spy where everybody jumps to conclusions and gets ahead of themselves.

Why doesn’t this just merge with the main 7 News threads then?


Since they are a regional news service and mostly separate from the national/metropolitan Seven News, I personally don’t see the problem with having a separate sub-forum to discuss Seven’s efforts of local news in Regional Queensland.


Ask Katie Toney, she always seems to answer people like us.


Latest promo for “Seven Local News”


I think they’d be stupid to remove the ‘local’ part of the name. It creates a clear point of difference with the other news content aired on their own and other channels too.


They are definitely transitioning away from it.
I’ve seen Katie Tony confirm on Twitter than they’re transitioning towards the 7 News brand


Wednesday- Rosanna Natoli presentedthe weather.
Friday- Steve Titmus filled in for Rob Brough alongside Desmond in Nth. QLD. I would assume Joanne Desmond presented for the rest of the state in regional QLD.


Wasn’t he from SCTV?


the very one


The Townsville bulletin is now using a “7 News” branded microphone rather than the previous “7 Local News” one



Also, does anyone know whether or not the Regional QLD bulletins are using the latest refreshed graphics as of tonight?


Yep, they are.

I only got home as the bulletin ended, but I saw the new supers being used.


I posted in the Seven News thread - opener and weather unchanged - just the blue supers appear new.


[quote=“NQCQTV2, post:95, topic:235”]
I only got home as the bulletin ended, but I saw the new supers being used.
[/quote] " If you missed any of our stories tonight, you can catch the replay tonight over on 7TWO from 6.30…" :wink:


Here’s a few caps from tonight’s Townsville bulletin with the new super graphics.

Note: The first sport story again featured the wrong city backdrop.
Also note the 7Olympics app promotion during sport.


Montage of 7 News Central Queensland from last night, features the new graphics. As per other bulletins opener/weather still the same.

There were six reports featured in the bulletin branded as ‘First on Seven,’ many of which weren’t covered by WIN on the same night. They are absolutely blitzing WIN when it comes reports only featured on 7, not surprising considering how understaffed the competition’s newsroom is. 7 has three general news reporters in Rockhampton, one in Gladstone and one sports reporter. Compare that to two general news and one sports reporter on WIN.

Seven having a Gladstone news room also opens potential for news stories from towns/regions (Biloela/Banana Shire etc) that wouldn’t normally be covered by crews from Rockhampton. I’ve always thought one of the local news networks having a newsroom or video journalist based in Emerald to cover the Central Highlands/Coalfields (total population of around 32,000) etc would be a good idea, but that comes down to cost.


7 News Central Queensland’s ‘watermark’ for an exclusive story tonight.

See WIN News’ version here.