Seven News (Regional Qld)


Yep, I’ve noticed this too.
The logo in the corner has been changed to the 7 News one.
The TV screens behind the sports presenter now show the 7 News logo instead of the 7 Local News one.

And the super at the end no longer says “7 Local News replay now on 7Two”, it now shows “7 News replay now on 7Two”.

They’re definitely moving away from the 7 Local News brand.

I’m hoping that maybe with the prospect of a composite SCA9 news-hour bulletin that they might be moving towards a composite 7 News bulletin of their own, I’m hoping so anyway.


Is it particularly new for Seven Local News reporters to sign off their reports as something like “John Citizen, Seven News” rather than “John Citizen, Seven Local News” or have the “Seven News” signoffs always been a thing on Regional Queensland’s local bulletins?

In any case, I would agree that Seven are most likely phasing out the “Seven Local News” brand. If they were keeping it, I suspect that the Gold Coast bulletin most likely would’ve used the “Seven Local News” brand or some derivative of it at launch.


They have always signed off as “7 News”.

I wonder if there will be a relaunch more in line with the new GC bulletin, with 7 News “Region” rather than 7 Local News as a brand?


The Facebook pages have also changed to just

“7 News Cairns” etc to mirror “7 News Sydney”

No “local” anymore


The Twitter pages are now also using Seven News-style branding (display pictures, etc.) rather than the old “Seven Local News” branding.


They must have only changed this today?
I hadn’t noticed it change until I’ve just gone to check now.

Of interest, the stills on their online news update videos have changed today also.

From this yesterday:

To this today:

Given the change in branding, maybe the thread should be renamed “Seven News (Regional QLD)” ?


I’ve always thought these threads should be

“7 News” and “9 News” as both networks stylize with a number in Their news brand on air, not the words "nine"
Or “seven”

So this thread should be “7 News (Regional QLD)”


From tonight

Headlines still say 7 Local News, though some of the other branding has changed as mentioned above.

Edit: This was shown earlier in the week but nothing was shown tonight.


This super was shown in Townsville tonight but as “7 News replay now on 7TWO”

Didn’t get a cap, as I wasn’t home at the time and saw it on someone else’s TV


Personally, I think it is a mistake by Seven to drop the “Local” tag from its news branding. This provides a bit more clarity about what the bulletin represents and provides a clearer point of difference to the Brisbane bulletin as well as more consistent branding statewide.

I also hope this is NOT a sign of a move to a composite bulletin, in which case, local news coverage is bound to be reduced noticeably.


[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:65, topic:235”]
Seven News-style branding (display pictures, etc.) rather than the old “Seven Local News” branding.
[/quote] I think Seven dropped the ‘Local’ heavily ever since Win News has added it to the bulletin name.


7 News Cairns, Townsville and Mackay bulletins from last night.

Note: The first two Sport stories on the Cairns and Townsville bulletins use the Mackay City backdrop, instead of their own.
Also, the Mackay backdrop on the Mackay bulletin starts at daylight, goes to night after the first break, then back to daylight for Sport and throw to Weather.





7 News QLD just aired an “on-location weather report” with Livio Regano sponsored by Vodafone, similar to what airs on Prime7.


I’m guessing that Vodafone recently signed a sponsorship deal with both Prime7 and Seven Queensland and part of this must be the “On-Location Weather Reports”!


Seen a few in Melbourne too. Weather tonight in the main news, and a sports update last night somewhere been 9 and 10pm.


Abesty uploaded the Prime7 one to YouTube last night and it’s about 80% vodafone plugs and 20% weather.


Here’s 3 more 7 News bulletins from Regional QLD last night.

Note: First sport story on the Townsville bulletin, contains the Cairns city background. Also check out the weird news story at 1m38s on that bulletin.





And finally, the 7 News bulletins in the remaining 2 markets in QLD, from Wednesday night.

Note: The Sunshine Coast bulletin is presented live. There was a minor error when returning to sport from ads, where the graphics appeared before the bulletin returned.



The presenter on-screen components of the weather report are aired in multiple districts.
From what I can tell having watched each district, Livio records one set for the Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton bulletins, another for the Wide Bay and Toowoomba bulletin and then the Sunshine Coast report is presented live.


Some behind the scenes shots from the 7 Sunshine Coast studio and building.



Re: The title of this thread. I realise that reporters are signing off “Seven News” but everything at the moment points to the title of these bulletins still being Seven Local News. Opener title and voice over both say 7LN and the EPG lists that name.