Seven News (Regional Qld)


7 Queensland are very innovative. If you follow there seven 7 Local News Facebook pages, they post a lot, are very active and actually break news all day long on Facebook. Not to mention FB exclusive content. They really go all out. They really get social media. Also they put every single one of the 7 local news bulletins on YouTube daily. Now this.

Considering 9 News does not even have dedicated Facebook pages for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide - 7 Queensland does a mammoth effort


The online news bulletin:


Seven Local News aired a special on Clive Palmer over the weekend at 5:30pm on Saturday.

They’ve uploaded it since:


Posted on Facebook, an awesome 360 degree pan video of the 7 Local News studio.


Nice to have Katie Toney back reading the news alongside Rob this week.


From the 7 Local News Facebook Pages

Cental QLD

Sunshine Coast



Wide Bay



Mmm, I know where they got that backdrop from (off Google, like I did).


Kate Toney just tweeted this out regarding a graphics refresh for Seven Local News.


News update from today


Confirmed: New set soon… (finally!!!)


Some technical difficulties tonight


Not seeing it???

These look new


[quote=“TV.Cynic, post:52, topic:235”]
Not seeing it???
[/quote] The set? Not for another few weeks. But mate, did you manage to cap the headline supers (looks better IMO).


Unfortunately there were technical difficulties with the Sunshine Coast bulletin and hence no headlines. The OTS were different I think.


I wonder if they will model the new set off the GC one?


I didn’t watch 7 Local News tonight.
But 7 Townsville is airing Sunshine Coast news/weather updates tonight.

Livio was shown on location doing the weather update.


Waiting for heads to explode in Ayr, near Townsville


The actual bulletin aired fine in Townsville


This was pretty much the extent of the “relaunch” on Seven Local News tonight. Caps taken from the online streaming.

Opening Headlines Graphic:

In comparison to that used on Seven News Queensland…

Break Playout Graphics:

OTS Graphics:

Unfortunately I didn’t capture Seven News Sydney’s side to things tonight because I thought this latest “Seven News Relaunch Fail” just might be exclusive to the local bulletins, but I’ll try and record it tomorrow or whenever I can be bothered to and post some caps in the relevant thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from that point, I know it’s not new but how dodgy does their Sponsor Billboard look?! While the one Seven News uses is hardly an award winning masterpiece, it’s still better than this! :confused:


I’m not sure if someone has brought this up before but I’ve noticed that seven local news is slowly moving away from the seven local news branding and moving towards just seven news.