Seven News (Regional Qld)


I have to Agree with you, a Composite Bulletin with a Minimum 8 Minutes Of Local News Plus 2 Minutes Of Local Sport Pre-Recorded With National & International Stories Live.


This is a case of “If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it.”
The 7 Qld bulletins that are compiled in Maroochydore (seven of them in total)consistently win their time
slots by a large margin. Some markets can score up to 80% of viewers at 6:00pm A staggering figure that the metro stations can only dream of.
Why risk changing the format?


7’s problem in Queensland is more their delayed cut down Brisbane bulletin, not their local news product.

Prime’s approach is better imo - with Seven’s resources they should be able to put together a good 30 minute bulletin at 6:30 for regional viewers, rather than the compromise they have now.


That’s another way to do it. Have Steve Titmus and Katie Toney present a Live 6:30 bulletin that covers all the latest national/international stories of the day.

Something along the lines of Daniel Gibson’s 6:30 bulletin on Prime.


I think in those cases, what Seven should do is a networked state-wide bulletin Live at 6pm. Obviously not the best fit for the long term but it would only be one-offs and would provide critical information to those living in areas where danger is likely to affect them.


The current resources at 7 Qld Maroochydore would not allow another separate live bulletin with Steve and Katie. Again, why change the format when it’s working?
Seven regional bulletins are consistently a long way ahead of 9 Regional from 6:00 - 6:30, often triple the 9 viewers, WIN’s figures are less than half of 9.
The switch off at 6:30 when the “cut down” Brisbane bulletin starts is minimal and it also consistently wins that slot by a large margin.


Agree with all those who say, “Why change a winning formula?”

I think the only I’d like (as an interested outside observer) is a Prime7-style national bulletin instead of the rather shoddily cut down Brisbane bulletin.


Yes, not only does it differentiate them from Nine’s composite product but it likely better appeals to that sense of regional localness with a full 1/2hr of local and surrounding news instead of a couple of stories mixed in with the rest of the news.

A shortened locally-made “national news” bulletin to follow the local news would be an interesting idea as well. A live in-studio handover could also make it a nightly feature.


Was great tonight to see 7 News NQ broadcast live into Townsville given the severe flooding in the city


First segment of tonight’s bulletin, including Live cross.


They have updated their weather package too. It now reflects the current metro one.


I’ve got no sound when it plays???


First time I’ve ever heard “From the sunshine coast” instead of “Live from the Sunshine Coast”, it just doesn’t sound right :stuck_out_tongue:. Also not used to seeing the background beach shot during the daytime, it’s always evening when broadcast live.

In all seriousness though, good to see that the team in Maroochydore have the capability to live broadcast a different area’s news during emergencies like the one currently unfolding in Townsville.

As for the new weather graphics they first appeared a few days ago (for sunny coast at least). Subtle changes but it looks a lot more modern, and I think it’s a welcome upgrade.

Edit: Just watching through it now and the way it’s been cut together makes it flow really fast, there’s almost no break between stories. Not a fan, makes it feel unnatural.


Still no sound when I try to watch it… is it just me?


Not just you sorry. I’ve gone back and checked my recording and for some reason it has no audio on it. Sorry!


What a bummer.


It’s not the first time the “live” has been missing from the Sunshine Coast opener, almost all other markets have gone to air “live” at some time.
Also, I can assure you that the “background beach shot” was no different, it started at the same time as normal, ie when Sunshine Coast goes to air live.


How often are those city video loops re-recorded?

I’ve noticed on 7 News Mackay that the city view is a dull, overcast looking day on each and every night the bulletin is broadcast. Looks pretty dodgy on a sunny day


I’ve looked back at past broadcasts and the shot is the same, my bad. Something about it seemed different but must just still be me getting used to the fact that it’s not a faded projector anymore.

Never paid a particularly big amount of attention to it but I always thought it was a live shot because I regularly drive past the hotel where the background is filmed from and there’s something that looks like a camera on the roof, but chances are it was just filmed from the balcony of one of the top floor apartments.


7 News North QLD tonight didn’t say “LIVE” during the opener, however there was a cross first up in the bulletin which had the LIVE bug appear in the top left.

I wonder whether it was actually live, or whether they’re pretending to be live.

EDIT: Bulletin definitely seemed live.