Seven News (Regional Qld)


I have to Agree with you, a Composite Bulletin with a Minimum 8 Minutes Of Local News Plus 2 Minutes Of Local Sport Pre-Recorded With National & International Stories Live.


This is a case of “If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it.”
The 7 Qld bulletins that are compiled in Maroochydore (seven of them in total)consistently win their time
slots by a large margin. Some markets can score up to 80% of viewers at 6:00pm A staggering figure that the metro stations can only dream of.
Why risk changing the format?


7’s problem in Queensland is more their delayed cut down Brisbane bulletin, not their local news product.

Prime’s approach is better imo - with Seven’s resources they should be able to put together a good 30 minute bulletin at 6:30 for regional viewers, rather than the compromise they have now.


That’s another way to do it. Have Steve Titmus and Katie Toney present a Live 6:30 bulletin that covers all the latest national/international stories of the day.

Something along the lines of Daniel Gibson’s 6:30 bulletin on Prime.


I think in those cases, what Seven should do is a networked state-wide bulletin Live at 6pm. Obviously not the best fit for the long term but it would only be one-offs and would provide critical information to those living in areas where danger is likely to affect them.