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Central Qld




Central Queensland had 4 main packaged stories (though nothing live). Mackay had 3 stories.


The metro bulletins are doing fine; it is the lack of coverage on the national bulletins that is puzzling me. Their focus is on Sydney’s flooding.


What a surprise!


I’m not sure where to discuss this, but as we’ve already started here, I thought i’d continue.

Speaking to people at work today (and then my parents in Mackay tonight on the phone), there is heaps of frustration from QLDers at the lack of coverage of these emergencies on national news.

My parents said to me tonight that they turned on Sunrise yesterday morning to find out what was going on as there were fires close to their area and they said they waited about 15-20 minutes and the entire time all they spoke about was rain in Sydney. They flicked to Today and it was exactly the same apparently.

Then again yesterday afternoon, they saw on Facebook that Gracemere was being evacuated near Rockhampton, and as we have heaps of family there, they turned on the TV hoping they’d have breaking news coverage, but there was nothing.


Rockhampton only seems to make national news when it is flooding.


Streaming 7 News Mackay right now.
There’s an emergency warning advising residents to seek shelter as the fire is heading straight for a town west of the city and there’s no way to evacuate now.

But, again, not live… fucking ridiculous!

Once again, 9 News coverage is far better with live crosses and detailed current information, including information about the rescue helicopter evacuating residents. 7 News coverage mentioned the Eungella fire for the first 2 minutes and was far less informative.


7 News Mackay tonight, full bulletin including bushfire emergency coverage. Pre-recorded.

For comparison, 7 News Sunshine Coast which was broadcast live.


‘you have a good weekend, and you have a good weekend’ - Rob does Oprah haha.

The transitions in those openers are shocking… The headline words, script and pictures are never timed properly!


Christmas in regional Queensland


Paywall article in Courier Mail about Rob Brough and his “surprise axing” as host of Family Feud.

From 1990 to 1995, Family Feud, with Brough as host, was a huge success for Seven, one of the only national television shows to film out of Brisbane.

With no warning, Brough was axed by Seven and replaced with John Deeks at the end of 1995.

It was one of those cloak and dagger TV sackings that were common in the industry at the time, brutal and unfair.

The show would only last for a few months with Deeks as host.


Non paywall


Also of interest:


Re: 23 years - did broughie ever get his own presenter shot in the opener during the 04-10 era?

And I refuse to believe he wasn’t the originator. Before Broughie there was nothing, after him there will be nothing.


Rob did get his own walking shot



Promo for Rob hosting the Lord Mayor Carols.