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In the last few weeks, SLN have been doing new updates in front of a screen. It actually makes the set more fresher and brighter. Surely, they can just use a large screen instead of an actual set, give a chance for easy change.


How long has Steve Titmus been working for Seven? Thought he’d stepped away from broadcast journalism when he left Southern Cross Tasmania.


[quote=“NewsWeary, post:22, topic:235”]
How long has Steve Titmus been working for Seven?
[/quote] He first filled in for Rob over December IIRC. I actually really like the current fill-ins- Steve Titmus and Katie Toney


Steve went from Southern Cross Tas to working as PR for local companies in Tasmania I believe. He popped up occasionally. Then he was the Federal Liberal candidate for Bass (Launceston) at the 2010 election but lost and then in 2012 he was appointed the Communications and Media Officer at Devonport City Council still in Tas so he must have made the move to Qld sometime since then. Not sure how long he lasted at DCC given that after the initial article in the newspaper there was no mention of him around the community after that.


Assuming its the same Steve, he and his family left Tasmania mid last year due to lack of swimming oppurtunities down there for his daughter.


Going by the image in the tweet below, I think updates are presented from a separate area away from the main set, so may well be presented in front of a screen or chromakey.


From this image, it looks like a plasma screen as I had suspected. I really removes the age of the set (around 10 years old). It would give them a little bit of a refresh and actually be really easy to update or modify.

Also, Rosanna Natoli celebrated 20 years with Seven Local News earlier this year.


I found it a bit strange yesterday that Seven LN on Sunny Coast and 7 News Brisbane both started with exactly the same story and vision (car over cliff) but with different reporters.

Also heard today while doing an FM band scan :slight_smile: a news update (in tonight’s news) for 7LN on the low power Noosa community station ending with “sponsoring FM 101.3”. They also sponsor 104.9 Sunshine FM and run news update promos throughout the afternoon there as well. Quite a lot of work to promote the news.


Was the script of the two reporters the same or different?
Quite often they will do this because the local news will provide more specific information such as local street names and landmarks etc, which is information of value to those locally, while the metro news will be a little more vague on specific detail and explaining the location in terms that can be understood by someone not local to the area.


The same thing happens down here, whereby Nine News Sydney and NBN Newcastle may start with the same lead story (from the Hunter region) but with different reporters, despite the fact that this also means ALL NBN regions (Gold Coast etc) will get the same Newcastle produced report as well.


The editing was different but the content/information provided was basically the same in the two stories.


I know it probably seems minor to some people, but I really get annoyed seeing the city scape background on 7 Local News not being properly timed to the conditions outside.

Because the bulletin is produced from the Sunshine Coast, where it is obviously dark by 6pm nowadays, 7LN have been using the dark Townsville city scape for the entire bulletin for a little while now, despite the fact that it’s not actually dark here in Townsville until after the bulletin has finished.

Looks a bit silly seeing a dark city behind the presenters when it’s still daylight outside.

For example right now at 6:20pm, 7LN has a completely dark city behind the presenters, when in reality the street lights haven’t even come on outside yet.


If they were smart they’d record the live cityscape once a month at the actual time the bulletin airs and use that as a background.


Posted by Katie Toney on FB, here’a quick behind the scenes walk through from the control room and audio suite into the studio whilst afternoon updates are being presented.


That’s great, I never realised how big the set is


7 Local News did an excellent job running a breaking news item that happened here in Townsville only around 30 minutes before the bulletin began tonight.

Joanne Desmond read the story out right at the start of the bulletin, which made me think that that was just a quick add in to the bulletin as Rob Brough normally starts the first story.

I was quite impressed


That’s great - I agree. But this should be the norm not the exception. I realise the challenges of having breaking news with these pre-recorded newscasts - but I think they (7 QLD, WIN, NBN, Prime7 etc) could do a much better job of the news being current

Good to see 7 QLD doing so


7 Local News is launching an online bulletin starting on Monday at 8.00pm. Essentially just a state wide wrap of the top stories from around Queensland ala WIN’s former Late Edition.


One has to ask the obvious Q…



another way to look at it is: WHY NOT?!