Seven News (Regional Qld)


Eveyone got their caps at the ready for Rob Brough’s first greeting wink in HD today? :wink:


Looks like it will be upscaled.


The updates might only be recorded in SD though, Ten only records their Sydney/national news bulletins in SD yet they have a few native HD elements during the live bulletins.

In any case, it’d probably be for the best it Rob Brough were to remain in upcoverted SD - sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rob’s first HD wink - unfortunate that it’s upscaled :frowning_face:


He does winks in the Updates too? :joy:


Looks like 7 has been converted to HD from 5pm for The Chase.

Maybe RQLD doesn’t have the facilities yet to do HD, hence why @InTheNose was doubtful.


What’s all this talk about a Rob Brough wink?

He’s just a copy cat… the original news wink on Australian television belongs to Roger Climpson!


Some caps from the (upscaled) HD stream


A wink fest…

That’s W-I-N-K… then again maybe there’s an “A” in there somewhere


There goes my eggplant again. Thanks Broughie!




There’s something very unwholesome about that face.


So was the Central Queensland bulletin live tonight because of the bushfire drama?


No it wasn’t, if it was live it would have said so in the opener.


Rob Brough has been doing the news for years, I remember before I left Qld and moved interstate in the early 2000’s he was doing the local news, come back to Qld and he is still doing it.


I’m not from there and didn’t see the opener, so I haven’t a clue, but I thought during times of emergencies such as this they went live into the affected areas.


“Live from Sunshine Coast” tonight


Ridiculous that the Central QLD bulletin is not live into the region tonight with entire towns being evacuated in that area in an emergency situation!

I’m watching Nine News regional on my TV and streaming 7 News CQ on my iPad and can say that 9 News is doing a much better job covering this emergency


One of the benefits of having a composite bulletin! :slight_smile:

Judging by what I’ve been hearing about the bushfires in Queensland (in between the news of our own major weather event in Sydney/NSW), it sounds like something which is potentially worthy of rolling coverage.


Absolutely! We’ve never had anything like this in QLD in my life time, it is an absolute emergency situation across Central QLD and I’m amazed at the level of coverage it is getting. It’s getting coverage, but no where near as much as I’d expect, especially when things are changing so quickly and updates need to go out to people urgently.

If it was happening a few hundred kilometres further south near Brisbane, we’d never hear the end of it.

My parents are close to the fires west of Mackay, and I’ve got lots of extended family who are being evacuated west of Rockhampton right now. Apart from the 6pm news, I’ve really heard very little about it, which is pissing me off to be honest.