Seven News (Regional Qld)


Raises eyebrows


Will they ever replace the green screen for weather?


Hallelujah! I’ve stopped watching Channel 7 since I got a new 4K TV. Just cannot stand how shit it looks!
Might consider switching back to 7 News once these upgrades are made and we’re finally given an HD channel!

A fantastic effort every day, but surely it doesn’t take them 3.5 hours a day to do each of these bulletins?
Many story intros are recorded once and used across markets, and surely the presenters don’t actually sit there doing nothing while the story plays out, plus take off time for ads too.
How early in the day do they have to start recording the bulletins?


Doubtful. Money would be better spent on the set itself.


Doubt it. Closers for double header and solo markets are generic aside from Sunshine Coast since the Darling Downs bulletin came online, so I’d guess intros are read and edited to corresponding reports, similar to what WIN does.


It’s becoming obvious to me that some people in this forum have never worked in television!
Let me clear up a couple of things.

1 Recording doesn’t commence until 1430 to allow the regional bureaux to have their intros written and editing

2 If the item is ready to go, the presenters DO sit there as the story is rolled through. They are not “doing
nothing,” they are pre-reading the next items, particularly important if the next story is an RVO (reader voice
over.) Often one of the presenters will refer to the previous story before they throw to a break, how would
they do this if they don’t see the story?

3 “Plus take out time for ads!” Surely nobody thinks that the commercial breaks are recorded for each
market as well? Each segment of a bulletin and the commercial breaks is a computer file and triggered to
play at the appropriate time in each market.

4 The first segments are always recorded last so that the most up to date information is available. Should
there be a late-breaking story, every effort is made to have this included in the appropriate bulletin(s)
this often means re-recording the opener and first stories. There have been occasions when this has been
done with only minutes to spare before the live Sunshine Coast bulletin is due to start.


99.9 per cent.


It is not a television/radio industry forum, and never has been.


Very interesting information! Thanks for sharing.

Something i’ve always wondered, how recent is the city footage shown on the projector in the background?
Is the vision updated daily, weekly, monthly, never?


The Melbourne desk was shipped to Adelaide, doubtful about the rest of the set.


Thanks for sharing that with us! :slight_smile:


Looks like someone from Seven News is silently looking through the forum :stuck_out_tongue:
The 3 screens on the side have been updated.


The set already looks a million times better. Some lights and screens behind the hosts will top it off, not bad for a regional set.


I can assure you that the person who replaced the graphics is not a member of this forum :rofl:. The graphics were replaced because the graphics became available.


Honestly, replace the desk with bleachers and the displays with speakers and I’d thought it was a disproportionately-sized theater.


The lighting was enhanced last Monday and tonight it looks like they cleaned the lense the school projector (hope that tjey didn’t just get a new screen).





No changes have been made to the lighting yet and the lens is checked daily. :joy:


Local background updated






Is that a screen now? It looks so much clearer.