Seven News (Regional Qld)


Its so much clearer that it makes the blue wood look out of place now. They probably should’ve got a bigger screen, but its better than nothing and what was there before.


Looks about 20000x better

I really wish that they’d introduce a composite bulletin now.


I think that new screen and improved lighting (I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned) was exactly what InTheNose was on about when the initial set tweaks were made mid-last month! :slight_smile:

It’s definitely also worth remembering that Seven News Regional QLD is planning to upgrade their local bulletins to HD, presumably viewers will finally get to see the results of those upgrades along with other Seven main channel content in HD (remembering they still have 7mate in MPEG2 HD for the time being) when playout moves from BCM to NPC sometime next year:


A very nice change, it does look like a screen now! :grinning:

It also appears that the blue panels to the side have been moved more to the edges to account for the backdrop’s wider aspect ratio.





They had a national globe for the closer tonight.


Just noticed now



Is Seven News Rockhampton actually filmed in Rockhampton?


No. All of Seven’s Regional QLD bulletins are done out of the Sunshine Coast.


None of the “local” news bulletins are filmed locally.

Seven News is filmed on the Sunshine Coast
WIN News is filmed in Wollongong, NSW
Nine News is filmed in Brisbane


[quote=“NQCQTV2, post:515, topic:235”]
NSW Nine News is filmed in Brisbane[/quote] What?


I don’t see what’s confusing?


Great to finally see that projector put out of its misery!
Only a few cheap tweaks in the scheme of things, but the set looks so much better now.


They could actually do a regional composite bulletin with that set up. Have the general parts of the bulletin with that backdrop (which I think should be used on Seven’s national bulletins) and then change it to local for local news. Obviously cheap and straightforward but still would look better than Nine.

The only thing is Rob Brough. If he can get back to the reading style of the late 90s (when he didn’t mumble) then we’d all be set.


What in the world is a “national globe?”:flushed:


What’s confusing is it reads as “NSW Nine News is filmed in Brisbane” (on a phone at least, maybe the line breaks are more obvious on a desktop).


Doesn’t look like that on any of my devices.
I pushed enter after typing NSW and wrote Nine News on an entirely new line below it


On my phone the first two lines fill almost the entire width of the post so it’s not clear that there are line breaks.

It’s not a big deal.


7 Qld switches to HD on Monday. I assume this will mean the local news also.

HD Broadcasting

Very little fanfare, but long overdue.