Seven News (Regional Qld)


It got me lol, either way a nice touch up to a decade and a bit old set. I was semi expecting a monitor backdrop as well, kinda like Southern Cross Tasmania’s.


Throw to sport




Is that really a screen on the desk or is it just a printed graphic? My guess is the latter!

Replacing/painting over the wood with red makes it a bit less dated, but I wonder where are the “three screen” backdrops from the old Sydney & Melbourne news sets these days? If either of those are still in working order and can fit in the studio, it’d make for a bigger/more dramatic on-air improvement.

Oh well, still better than the “red overkill” set of another Seven-affiliated regional news service…


I think the Melbourne set was shipped to Adelaide


The glass panel on the desk is a nice touch to make it look a little more new. Still rocking the 4:3 projector! :stuck_out_tongue:



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They could’ve updated the Seven News logo on those three LCD’s on the right to actually fit with the current graphics package.


Montage of Sunshine Coast bulletin


Katie Toney said the first change with more to come so they may not be finished yet…


Might not be much but still by far the best regional news set by a country mile! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good to see there are still more changes coming. Hopefully that projector is part of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps an upgrade to HD?


Yeah, another three years.


That desk is too big for the set.


Or replace them with vertical plasmas, and the frosted glass panel on the other side as well.

That plus a new backdrop plasma would be a massive improvement and help cover up some of the dated panels.


No point doing that. They don’t even have an HD channel yet!!!

Let’s hope upgrading the projector to a TV will be part of it!


it’s good to see some comment on the set changes. People should bear in mind that this studio produces SEVEN 30 min. regional news bulletins Mon. to Fri. There are only this studio and the much smaller update set available so any changes need to be made on weekends.
Katie is correct, there are more changes to come and they will not be “in three years.”
The desk is “too big for that set” - it’s the same set and the same desk.
It’s not a “screen” on the front of the desk.
The projector will go and lighting will be tweaked.
The studio cameras are HD capable and plans are underway to upgrade to HD in all regional markets very soon, Wide Bay will be the first.


Thanks for that update!
Great to see the projector is going and HD is coming soon. Guess this means 7HD is coming to regional QLD then.
Are they replacing the projector with a screen?


Yes and yes :wink:


Once these changes are made, Seven Queensland will have a better set than Perth :stuck_out_tongue:


You imply that they don’t already