Seven News (Regional Qld)



Better be worth the wait!


Kerri-Anne hired as chief political correspondent and Bruce Gordon on weather.

oh no, it’s starting.


raises eyebrows in heightened interest


It’d be Susie for sure


Chance of a new set??

Rob is laughing at us.

Earlier today


Hrm, those red pillars look new…


Are you serious? Looks like they just added some paint.


Oh lol you’re right, well at least there has been some changes. Hasn’t that Set almost the same way since 2004 or even earlier?


Exciting time! I’d agree the pillars have been painted. Will there be more :slight_smile:

This is 2017

This was earlier today


Looks like they have just replaced the wood panels with blue and red. At least hoping for a new plasma and desk.

Sort of. The curret set dates back to about 2009.


Oh well, at least it’s a refresh. New desk maybe?


Hopefully the backdrop projector that has needed a bulb for the last 5 years has been put out of its misery.




That’s quite a nice bump-up actually, the set has been semi brought into the 2010s! Would be nice if that desk rolled out nationally, especially Perth.



mp4_000231386 mp4_000244146


mp4_000190240 mp4_000196000


Hopefully the make use of the desk screen that it just having the generic ‘7News’ logo. Seeing as the desk is based of Melbourne’s, could we be seeing it as the flagship desk nationally? Would be nice to see Seven News consistant around the nation again.


You sure it’s a screen? Looks like a print to me.

Overall, it’s nothing special but it’s certainly a good spruce up! Should’ve put a TV behind them to replace the projector.


Love the small touch to the map of Queensland at the front of the desk, where the viewing market is highlighted.


Definitely not a screen (they couldn’t even afford to replace the 15 year projector).


Video of opener