Seven News (Regional Qld)


Also no “7 News” watermark for the first 5 minutes of the bulletin either. Very odd.


His mic also switches sides after the third story.

I wonder if they always have somebody in the studio ready to present a generic state-wide bulletin in case of technical issues?

Edit - if you watch further it switches back and forth a couple of times, my guess is they’ve had a late change and have re-recorded some sections at the last minute (or live).


Does anyone have the Sunshine Coast bulletin because that is usually live?



“Catastrophic equipment failure” at 1630. This is why some markets had basic bulletins, Rob read from the updates studio until techs set up standby equipment.
Sunshine Coast bulletin was read live.


A back to basics question here - but how are the 7QLD bulletins normally produced? Do the anchor(s) record the opening, closing, and all the links in advance and this is packaged into separate 30-minute programs prior to TX (with some links/stories appearing in multiple markets) or is this recorded material packaged together “live” at the time of TX? Are there any live windows (ie. parts of the Sunny Coast edition shown/relayed elsewhere)?


Door No. 1, I presume, because they can refresh any non-Sunshine Coast bulletins whenever they need it, as well as less redundancy in recording cross-market reports.


Come again? Are you saying they are packaged together “live”?


With a tornado warning and emergency alert issued, surely 7 News will broadcast live into the Wide Bay market tonight instead of the Sunshine Coast.

Do we have anyone in that region who can check?


Sunshine Coast updates are showing vision from Gympie. Wide Bay update mentioned storm but didn’t show much.


May be able to access via 7+??


Wide bay bulletin


Seven Wide Bay played the same opening story as Sunshine Coast with Gympie the focus including mention of Sunshine Coast airport.


Yeah. The producers at Maroochydore patch up the intros, reports and even weather spiels, then renders it to look like it’s “live” for them. WIN News did this already; but guys at Prime still record 4 of their five bulletins as if they’re “live at 6pm”.


@InTheNose is Seven finally going to grant them a new set anytime soon?


Sometimes, particularly in Spring and Autumn, you’ll notice that the level of daylight on the recorded city backdrop changes incorrectly. I’ve recorded times before when it’ll be bright for one story, nearly dark for the next, then back to bright again. Then after an ad break we’ll come back and it’s suddenly nearly dark again.

This is more noticeable in Spring and Autumn, as in Summer they usually just show the bright daylight clip for the whole bulletin, and Winter, a dark clip for the whole bulletin.


Pay attention next Monday;)


Better dust off the ol’ :rotating_light:


hopefully this’ll drag everyone out of all the ten threads and for a second stop speculating about the future of 10.


So what you’re saying is… Ten News Regional QLD, on WIN?

Baby John Burgess to host?