Seven News (Regional Qld)


… mind-sentence pause … raise eyebrow …


There’s probably something I’m missing here, but what’s with this forum’s Rob Brough obsession?

As someone who’s never had the opportunity to actually watch terrestrial TV in the Seven Regional QLD viewing area I’ve obviously only seen Brough’s newsreading through online streaming and clips posted on YouTube, but personally think his presenting style is somewhat over cheery even by regional news standards.


You… must be… new… here



His… scattereddialectand… unusual delivery makes onewonderhow… he hassss ssssstayed as anewsreader forsolong.

He also ticks many boxes, like;

  • Only newsreader with a head cold his entire career
  • Only newsreader with a constant head tilt, due to said cold
  • Only newsreader that resembles an ice cream mascot
  • Only newsreader with an '80s perm
  • Only newsreader that winks at the viewer like he’s at the foot of their bed in the middle of the night


Only current newsreader to also have hosted a just-before-primetime game show back in the day.

Speaking of which, his speaking and delivery ticks weren’t so noticeable back then, were they?


I mean Eddie has filled in for nine news before. Time to get Grant Denyer and AOK their own bulletin and it would be the saviour of FTA.


Wasn’t Rob Brough a sports presenter on 9 News Brisbane before he hosted Family Feud?


Yes - with Bruce Paige also at the desk - what a team :heart_eyes:


Yes, from late 1985 until late 1989. Family Fued started in December 1989. He also was did sport on ABQ2 News for a short while before QTQ. Before that he was on 4GG


Rosanna Natoli is presenting local weather.


Technical glitch after the local news and transferring to the main Queensland bulletin, the screen went black and then switched to this image for about 30 seconds



Yeah, Seven haven’t updated their breakdown screen since 2008.


Joanne Desmond is presenting solo in some regions, Steve Titmus is filling in for Rob.


Let me predict the future. Tomorrow (4/10/18)
“Joanne Desmond is presenting solo in some regions, Steve Titmus is filling in for Rob. ;)”


Raises eyebrows


Rob Brough was back yesterday on SC’s bulletin.


He won’t be reading today!


The Wide Bay, Mackay and Toowoomba bulletins opened with no headlines tonight and went straight to news stories




They must have been having technical difficulties; Rob is from the smaller studio in front of a plasma where they do news updates. Maybe the first few minutes were live?