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Queensland’s No. 1 Rob Brough?

Where are the other Rob Broughs?


There… is… only one… Rob… Brough




(23/8/2018) Joanne Desmond presenting solo in all regions tonight.

(24/8/2018) Steve Titmus presenting with Joanne this evening. Luke McGarry presenting sport.


Steve Titmus is presenting with Joanne Desmond.
Regions with Rob Brough solo are getting Joanne as well.
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(30-31/8/2018) Joanne Desmond presenting solo again in all regions tonight.





I noticed that the Regional 7 bulletins have been displaying promos for 7 News Brisbane. Is that Normal for those areas?


Yes - an abridged Brisbane bulletin is seen at 6.30pm (and on weekends)


RQLD gets 1/2hr fully local bulletins at 6pm, followed by a shortened 1/2hr cut of the Brisbane bulletin at 6:30pm.


An “abridged” Brisbane bulletin has been shown in 7 Queensland markets for some time now, the weekend bulletins are not “abridged” they are shown in their entirety.


06 and 07/09/2018:
Katie Toney is filling in for Joanne Desmond.







Can someone explain why we need to be told that “Katie Toney is filling in for Joanne Desmond” or “Rob Brough is reading all markets solo tonight.” Surely viewers can see this for themselves?: :slight_smile:


Except many of us here don’t live in RQLD and would probably like to know who’s presenting in RQLD (and before you say, yes we know there’s 7Plus, but it doesn’t mean that everyone goes on just to watch Seven News RQLD)?


You must be new here


Well this is especially important because we get full Broughie in all markets. We must spread the good news and tell everyone of this scenario. Now of course the best thing would be if the sports dude and Livio were sick because that would be MAX BROUGHIE and that day is the day the Heaven’s will open up!


blessful wink