Seven News (Regional Qld)


Probably worried about Nine News Regional’s invasion soon…


here’s an exclusive look at the Rob Brough Experience ad.


Seven local news promo from tonight plus a prime time promo.

6pm News tonight was read by Joanne Desmond.


Those news graphics look ancient, surely being a 7 O&O station Brisbane could share the updated templates with their Sunny Coast colleagues?

It’s a shame it doesn’t cut back to the presenter quickly at the end after the weather when they’re saying goodnight - would definitely soften the closer a little without any theme music playing out and the awkward extended period with the weather showing.


That promo has been airing for some time now. The one I was referring to, mentioned that they have been covering local news for 20 years and featured footage right back to 2004.

And on Monday.


Why’d does that promo end with “Queensland’s Number #1” but show a picture of Europe on Planet earth shot from space?

Wouldn’t an image of the Queensland coast make more sense?


Found it! - Newer promo plus an afternoon update, community billboard.


That last screencap was a great reason why they are No. 1 in the state.


… and the comparison in that clip between the 9 and 33 second marks is why I’m wondering when Rob Brough had his stroke.

I like the man, but




Not the Tin Can IGA!


The 5:50pm “Coming Up” update featured the 7 News Townsville facebook and twitter graphics, but showed the news stories ahead for Cairns.


Montage of 7 News NQ from last night.
Featuring a very weird “what’s on” segment about 4 minutes in.


Wow! Watching the live stream of 7 News Mackay tonight (as I have family down there in the way of the cyclone).

They have a reporter stuck on an offshore island who “filed this report from her mobile phone”

With a full story using vision, etc. all recorded on her phone. Apart from the audio having strong wind in the background, it amazed me how good of a quality it was for a report that was filed with a mobile phone!


Goes to show you why Seven News leads in Regional Queensland and Nine and WIN stands no chance against them.


I’ve seen Sky us phone footage for reporters before, and I know Southern Cross was doing it during the blackouts in SA. With phones these days the pics can be better than some cameras still in use!


Cyclone coverage uploaded


“Okey dokey” something not often heard on TV these days but that was Rob Brough’s reaction to a story failing to play correctly during tonight’s live Sunshine Coast bulletin tonight :slight_smile:

Add to that a wink - Gotta love it


7 Regional QLD have added a large and poorly timed coverup onto the cutdown Brisbane bulletin which says “7 News Live” to cover up the clock seen on normal live crosses on the normal bulletin.

The coverup graphic just appears and disappears randomly without any transition, and the transition of the clock/live bug can be seen appearing underneath.


Aforementioned cover up


That’s poor. Seven doesn’t care on covering up the live time check.