Seven News Content and Appearance

Nice seeing Bec utilised to her skillset, actually out in the field chasing the story, Nine didn’t give her any opportunities like this and they were silly to not do so.


I’m sorry, but Bec was never employed by the newsroom at Nine, any stories she ‘chased’ were for the Footy Show.


My point exactly, she was wasted in that role and should’ve been doing News for them to begin with.

Sure, but she didn’t join Nine as a News reporter. She joined as part of the entertainment stable.


Bec was also live in the floodzone for 7’s 6pm bulletin last night as well.

So she did Sunrise, Morning Show, Morning News, 4pm & 6pm. Solid effort.


I was interested in what last night’s ratings in Brisbane were going to be given the very different promos that the two were running all weekend. Nine did their typical consumer trash while Seven had a more serious feature story:

Sadly, there was probably no correlation, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

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Maybe these promos are starting to wear thin. I’ve had 3 conversations with 3 very different people in different contexts recently (my sister who lives in regional Qld, my elderly father and today a work colleague) who have all talked about 9’s tacky sensationalist promos. Everyone is aware of them.

The person in charge of the promo department up there is known to be a “character” and for that style or promo… let’s say it’s not spoken about with much integrity :laughing:

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Off the top of your head, can anyone tell me how one becomes a “Certified Meteorologist” or at least how that changes your opinion of the weather segment of a news broadcast?

I’ve always found this to be a funny point to promote the weather segment on news - 10 kinda started it with Magdalena Rose doing weather for their failed Breakfast - but since then 7 has run with it.

If having a “certified meteorologist” is your point of difference to show your competitors as “inferior”, then aren’t you saying all your other weather presenters that aren’t “certified” are equally inferior, and hence a double edged sword?

It’s a bit like choosing a coffee shop because the barista is certified… doesn’t mean you’re necessarily getting better coffee.

Quite simple really
Go to your local university and get the required degree.

The point of difference you have someone who can look at the various charts and know what they are talking about verses someone who is just parroting someone else’s words.


Pretty sure Ray Wilkie (now in his late 90s) was promoted as a meteorologist many years ago… and what about David Brown?


Indeed, Ray Wilke was head of the QLD Bureau of Meteorology before joining TVO News. (Earlier Paul Bongiorno presented the weather on TVQ).

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We had a good discussion about this a while back on the 1 News NZ thread. My argument was (and is) that having a dedicated weather presenter who is not a meteorologist, and so is probably just reading a script provided by meterologists, is somewhat pointless - in that case why not just have the newsreader read out the forecast? But others may disagree.

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Television - as with any broadcast medium - is about the art of presentation.

Not all meteorologists would make good TV presenters, just as not all TV presenters would make good meteorologists. If you find one that can do both, great! But the TV presentation has to be the overriding factor.


I would say that having a degree covers the vast majority of presenters in news - it’s great, but you don’t see them promoting an individual reporter with the caption “certified journalist”.

I agree, my argument is that using this as a promotional tool is a bit self sabotage - you’re saying that one type of presenter outweighs another through certification, and that any broadcast with a non-certified presenter is less worthy.

I just find it an odd promotional technique…

Invaryably the netwoks are promoting there main weather presenter as a qualified/certified meteorologist. The weekend/fill in presenters aren’t normaly presenting the main weeknight bulleton and as such aren’t expected to be as qualified.
At that level, there is no sabotaging of your second string weather presenters.

Major problems with the 30-minute statewide bulletin in Qld tonight. Played Friday’s news! At first, I thought Joel Dry was just lazy using the same zinger twice. But I wonder if it was the news about Liz Truss quitting that made them finally realise.

There were playout problems about this time last week too. No audio (including newsreader VO) for two stories. Just dead silence. In both circumstances, we joined the live Brisbane feed early at 6.36, in time for finance.


Sounds like it happened for the regional QLD bulletins too according to its thread.

Seven News Regional QLD tonight 6.30 with Friday bulletin broadcast today by mistake.


Any missing wideshots in Sydney tonight given Sunrise seemingly avoided any wide shots of the area next to the Seven News set?