Seven News Content and Appearance


Don’t know if anyone recorded or capped this but there was a few bloopers in the opener of Perths 4:30 news. There was a wide shot of the set while Rick was speaking which then went to the full screen background template that is usually behind the presenter.


I meant to post about this the other day, seriously so bad and sends my OCD into overdrive :roll_eyes:


The pictures you NEED to see! How I would have lived without seeing two car fires.


Amateur hour on Seven Morning News, with Brownie’s clicker failing :confused:


Remember the time Brownie’s clicker failed in Melbourne and how he delivered the weather report flawlessly and from memory?


What’s the “um” and negative tone for?

I was merely just letting other MediaSpy members and guests know what happened.

Chill :smirk:


All good mate, I thought you weren’t quite pleased with what happened. :slight_smile:


Terrible 7NEWS promo - 9 is way more classier and experienced at news. 7 need to move out of Martin Place to become competitive again and overhaul the entire 6PM news team.


Why? I don’t understand the connection.
Was quite handy last week when they were able to interview Gladys in the studio.


Set is cramped + i dont want to see sets of other programs.


One year after Seven’s ‘relaunch’ which lasted for 7 months, how do we think about the relaunch itself?

The news set is rather limited from what I can see, and I personally feel that they can make use of the Daily Edition’s screen for a ‘weather centre’ type area instead of using the Sunrise screen and the chroma-key. They can make good use of their set, but I feel they don’t try to.


i want it purpose built for the show just like how 9 uses two different studios and you cant see the today show set or bits and pieces to present a bulletin


You do have to remember that the Today show was presented in the same studio for Nine News Sydney for a while, and IIRC the Nine News weather screen was used for the Today Show as well.


Especially when you consider the amount of experienced presenters/reporters who have left Seven’s Sydney newsroom in recent times.

New management who is willing to improve the standards of content would be nice too.

Absolutely anything that Seven News Sydney does with their branding, promotion and On-Air Presentation, Nine News Sydney usually goes one better.

An obvious suggestion for Seven would be to establish a local Afternoon News bulletin for Sydney: Get into the currently untapped market for local afternoon news in Australia’s largest city before Nine does!


We don’t need local news bulletins, they are a waste of resources. A national bulletin with some international focus would work well.


Separate sets are not the answer. In that space, Seven should have created a proper multipurpose set that could be used for everything.

The only reason for moving out of Martin Place would be to save costs. A decade ago the CBD location formed a huge part of the brand though sadly they’ve moved away from that in recent years. No doubt a move now would be to Parramatta or similar.


No doubt helping the Western-Suburb centric bulletin a lot!


Somehow, I would not put it past Seven to do that in the future.

I also agree that if Seven was to move it’s Sydney news studios, they’d pick somewhere like Parramatta or somewhere else around “the geographical centre of Sydney” to fit in with their Western suburbs-centric approach to news of recent years.

Although even without a studio move, it’s been rather clear for a while now that Seven needs to do a proper re-evaluation of their strategy for news & current affairs in the Sydney market. And since just about everything else (graphics, set, theme music, sport, weather & weekend presenters) has been changed over the last year or so, the problem surely has to be the content and/or Mark Ferguson?


The difference between Nine and Seven News in Sydney last year was only 25,000 viewers on average. Given much of the discussion on this topic, you would be forgiven for thinking that Nine was 100,000 ahead :slight_smile: and that Seven hadn’t seen a big improvement in ratings year-on-year while Nine had lost ground.


False advertising at its best. Ferguson isn’t even #1 in Sydney let alone the country.