Seven News and Current Affairs

I recall it being very “blue” while the network was “red”.

Does this remind anyone of the graphics 10 used throughout Late 1994, 1995 and 1996? (NSW, QLD and VIC state-based 5:00 pm bulletins as well as National bulletins right throughout this period, 1996 only in SA and WA)

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Someone uploaded a BTQ news update from December 1999 a few days ago (though a signal dropout meant a loss of a few seconds of picture):


The opening, the studio set, and DJ. What a bulletin, probably never bested.


Liked how HSV retained its newsroom backdrop (first seen when they moved to Docklands in 2002) after they introduced the twisted metal set in mid-2005, though it continued to differentiate from the Morning News which by that stage had also introduced a new backdrop which happened to be another part of the HSV building, despite it being produced out of ATN.

I also remember when the 4:30 News moved (back) to Sydney in 2006 with Mike Amor as presenter for a few months, they retained the aforementioned backdrop before switching to the one seen on the Morning News, so as to make their national bulletins look more consistent.


It’s a shame as I’m sick to death of boring bloody LCD walls. Some depth would be nice. A shame they’re moving soon too as they’ll probably ditch the window to the newsroom.

The local news at 4 in the window etc would be a nice point of difference to the main bulletin, updates too.


They also briefly used a live shot of the Martin Place newsroom as well.


Just out of curiosity, would that also be the exact same area where the 2002-06 set stood?

This would be what I am talking about:

Courtesy: Dan Martin

Because I remember they unveiled the twisted metal set the day after that set was used for the final time in February 2006, and I wouldn’t think they would’ve been that quick to decommission the old set and install the new one in such quick time.

When the twisted metal set got decommissioned in 2012, it took 48 hours for the new one (the 2012-23 one) to be installed and ready for the Sunday January 29 bulletin.


AFAIK unless there was a third studio at BTQ it would of had to be the same studio - the main studio was closed in 2001. Plus they used the same desk in the 2006 set, just with the extra wood on the outside.

Could’ve also been where they put the now old set during the instillation of the current set.

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A sponsor board from a game back in 1988:

Seven Nightly News and Carroll at Seven. Also Skase’s Mirage Hotels on the top right.


And to complete the set, when Skase fled to Majorca, who saved the Brisbane Bears from financial ruin?

Reuben Pelerman… the owner of Pelerman’s Barn.


Anyone have video of Carroll at Seven?

There’s a promo for it on Internet Archive:

At 4m56s.

And an interview with John Farnham:

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Never seen this 11am clip before, with Stan Grant and Naomi Robson…

11AM last segment (September 1996) (


I believe Naomi was also reading Sevens short lived 5.00pm bulletin at this time. I’m assuming she moved to Sydney in 1996, prior to moving back to Melbourne to present Today Tonight in 1997.