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Yep, I liked the Gill Sans MT font they used on their supers, though when they switched to the Arial font on their 2006-09 super package, they retained the Gill Sans MT font on the ticker, and on their weather graphics.


Times New Roman was used for the Seven Nightly News logo until 1999 before it was changed to Arial

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No, I’m pretty sure it was a form of Univers.

In 2004, There was a 7News Adelaide Update with Grahme Goodings on the News and Melody Horrill with an Update on Adelaide’s Weather Forecast for Tomorrow.

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That day has finally arrived, thanks to Vintage Video AU on YouTube.

Sadly the AR isn’t correct. I wish people would upload things properly but it is what it is.

This was how the weekend opener looked with just Paula (since Basil was at Subiaco Oval) but had he been in studio he would have been at the desk with Paula in the opener.

During the week they would show all 4 presenters at the desk (usually Rick, Sue, Dennis and Jeff).

ps: It’s amazing I can’t remember what happened yesterday but I remembered this opener even though I hadn’t seen it for 25 years :rofl:


Credit: YouTube/TigerV

Old logo can be seen with “Seven Nightly News” used which became simply “Seven News” a few weeks later. This was 25 days after the relaunch.


They should bring that name back same with National Nine News.

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an old Perth recording is always great in my opinion, because for some reason there are very few of them around . . .


Does anyone have any intel on 7news Gold Coast bulletin and how it works? Like why’s it at 5:30, but the rest of Qld has a 6pm and then a 5:30? Why not have them all at 5:30 then the brisbane bulletin at 6?

Gold Coast is technically part of the Brisbane TV licence area so it metro; it is allowed to broadcast a different signal to the rest of Brisbane for that one 30 minute period.

The other areas are regional Queensland and have historically have a range of owners where the main bulletin has been at 6pm. It seems to be a preferred model based on the ratings achieved and Seven would be loathe to change it.

Yeh right.

Could 7 or 9 do something similar with Geelong? Ie: break away for 30 mins?

They could though the population served would be a lot smaller. The Gold Coast has a very easily defined set of high power transmitters that cover the area that everyone tends to use to receive TV. It’s harder for Geelong where local translators cover a smaller area at lower power and lots of antennas are pointed at Mt Dandenong.


I think these days antenna installers point new ones towards the local transmitter in Highton. It’s mostly only old set ups that point towards Melbourne. As Highton is in the west it also provides better reception from Ballarat. I remember a couple of years ago a lot of people in Geelong couldn’t pick up Channel 9 and had to rely on the Ballarat signal instead. As it turned out, there was some sort of interference from a UHF device that messed up the local signal.

Back on topic would a local news service work? We are so accustomed to watching the Melbourne news for over 60 years.

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TWT from 29 May 1987: