Seven Network 2022

Perhaps, although it will be relegated to 7mate with Test Cricket on the main channel.

7two. Racing (well, the animal variety) will never be on 7mate.

I think in the case of Dancing with the Stars it was more of a case of a different, updated format and a lot of bigger names that appealed to people, not to mention the nostalgia factor.

If everyone had their remotes stuck to 7 SAS would be doing a hell of a lot better, not to mention Nurses and a whole host of other shows.

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I am sure they still know how to press the off button…

I actually know people who only switch between ABC and the 7 channels. Yes they are above 80. But it is something that happens.

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Nah, it will be pretty much the same characters/stereotypes and jokes.

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They do, that’s why Dancing was relatively successful and most other shows launched on 7 not so much.

I think you need a better sample size than relying on your 80 year old friends before using them as an example of no cross channel appeal. You only have to read blogs, Facebook and forum comments to see that most similar shows on different networks share the same fanbase.

Other examples are The Voice which average better figures on 7 than it did on 9. Its not just Dancing with the Stars.

My grandparents were so excited about this brand new show they had never heard of before. Its a known fact that 7 has an audience that other networks can’t get to watch their own channel.


In Adelaide & Perth, maybe. The East Coast (certainly Sydney) probably leans more towards Nine but will obviously watch Seven when required.

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You are probably right. My elderly grandparents are in Adelaide. My grandfather was going on and on about The Voice when I was on the phone to him a few weeks ago. He was adamant the show had not been on TV before.

I see what Harriet is trying to say. There is a saturated market for cooking shows. And perhaps MKR won’t get the demos it needs because of that. But there are people who only watch 7 and perhaps a few years off will keep those viewers on. I still think it had life in it. We have seen Masterchef fall to lows and then build its audience back with a back to basics approach. I was surprised they did cancel the show and not just try the back to basics approach first and move it to a different slot.

As I said before, the show was always quite successful against The Block. Even The Blocks fancy All Star Seasons couldn’t compete. In my opinion it should have always been tried there first. I think all of these massive formats that have worked, broken records, made huge profits and sold to place across the world should be given a chance before being completely axed.


The full upfront presentation from yesterday is now available here

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I hope The All New Monty planned for 2021 will be broadcast in 2022.

I saw nothing about 2021 programs interrupted cause of pandemic.

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My first prediction of 2022 will be SAS being a complete failure next year. Airing this in Q1 against Survivor isn’t a good move. It already struggles against The Block. I can’t see it doing any better against Survivor.


SAS should be in the 3Q of the year after the Commonwealth Games


Dancing with the All Stars will start in April 2022, according to this Instagram post from Lily Cornish (dance partner of Grant Denyer).


Seriously Seven? It’s gonna be as appealing as a piece of moldy bread by then.

Why? It’s probably a smart idea to hold it off until after Easter to allow Nine’s Q1 program (likely MAFS) to finish.


They’ve already filmed I’m a Celeb months ago and that’s not airing until January.

MAFS is filming now for Feb. Celeb Apprentice is filming now for probably June ish again.

MasterChef films Dec for April/ May airing.

Survivor is filming now for Feb airing.

Not sure what the problem is?

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But Dancing with the Stars isn’t the type of show that should be recorded so far ahead of schedule. Celeb Apprentice, I’m a Celebrity, MAFS etc don’t need to be live but this show is designed to be live and since Seven prefer it to be pre-recorded it should really be air as close to the production date as possible.

Plus it’s going to look weird by April when everything will get back to somewhat normal and then we have DWTS with a virtual audience.

Each to their own but it just doesn’t seem right. They should’ve pushed production to later this year or early next year.

I don’t think it looked that bad this year. And let’s be real most shows for the first 6 months next year are going to be airing in very similar ways.

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Most likely over the Easter break.