Seven Network 2022

I highly doubt they’ll air it over Easter non-ratings…

They did this year didn’t they?

The 2022 Easter non-ratings period runs from the 10th to the 23rd of April, so we very well could be looking at an April 24 premiere date (first night after the break) for the next season of DWTS: All Stars?

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I’m pretty sure they started this year around ANZAC Day, and by that point, it should’ve been back to normal ratings.

Oh maybe. I have no issue with them airing anything during the Easter non ratings. Non ratings shouldn’t be a thing. You still generate revenue during that time and its almost the perfect slot for the show.

Yeah the lack of a real audience will really stick out

Seven has acquired two documentaries from distributor ITV Studios.
Inside Dubai, produced by Spun Gold for BBC2, is an entertaining peek behind the scenes of the desert paradise to reveal the jaw-dropping displays of luxury.

The Queen: Unseen takes new look at the Queen’s coronation in 1953, with rarely seen private footage, intimate informal archive and newly digitised material. It debuted in Britain in April this year ahead of the Queen’s 95th birthday.

Does that mean we have to wait until after April for Hey Hey?

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What’s planned for Hey Hey? Another special?

Sale of the century

If it was 1980 it might work.

Bluey might work lol

Can Seven pick up I can see your Voice or The Wheel? (Based on the British Format).

First promo for South Aussie with Cosi, moving from Nine to Seven Adelaide in 2022, including a small behind the scenes look at the Adelaide newsroom. (Please move if there is a more appropriate thread for this, thank you).


And in a “world first” all seven celebrities on The Wheel would be Sonia Kruger.



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Saw a promo earlier for Mates on a Mission featuring Todd McKenney and Shane Jacobsen.

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any idea when this might be airing?