Seven Network 2019

Discussion of network programming for 2019 year.


There are many question marks on Seven’s programming for next year. With My Kitchen Rules consistently beaten by Married at First Sight in 2017 and 2018, House Rules faltering and new show Dance Boss a ratings flop, where is the next big reality franchise for Seven? It can’t be the return of Zumbo’s Just Desserts surely.
Seven’s drama line-up is quite thin apart from Home and Away. There are Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries and The Blake Mysteries but both are period dramas with small number of episodes. Seven needs a modern drama to replace 800 Words.
Seven’s inability to fix its Thursday ratings will remain an issue if it cannot reduce the number of Home and Away episodes broadcast each week. It will require rewriting the supply contract with Channel 5 UK but someone has to do it.
It will be interesting if Seven’s pick-up of cricket rights can fill holes left by the loss of Australian Open tennis and Melbourne Cup Carnival. The network will increasingly rely on AFL to promote its line-up for most of the year and may request the league to play more Thursday night matches. Will Seven drop more sports (e.g. NFL, Sydney to Hobart yacht race) to save costs?

Do we know if Australian Gangster is still proceeding or is the delay permanent?

If the delay is permanent, Seven may well not proceed with the production at all.

If it is not proceeding then it is not a “delay”.


Holding pattern apparently so I’d say no

Seven needs to think out of the box. If they’re going to appeal to the older audiences (25-54 and 55+) then all of their programming should reflect it. If they want to be hip, edgy and younger-oriented (16-39 and 18-49) then they need to change their focus to that.

The last few years have really shown that their focus of targeting one demo in the first half while completely ditching it for another in the second half has really blown in their faces.

Some programming suggestions (without treading into the mock threads)

  • Keep MKR, House Rules (maybe even do some celebrity spin-offs or something), The Good Doctor, H&A, Factuals (Highway Patrol etc.), Better Homes and Gardens, Interview, Instant Hotel.
  • Ditch Little Big Shots, All Together Now, Dance Boss, Take me Out, Zumbo, Single Wives, Yummy Mummies, Australian Spartan (or push them off to multichannels and/or Summer viewing).
  • Bring some new formats in the form of new game shows (like The Wall) and invest in new dramas (they used to be top class at drama, now their drama department stinks). A few comedy/panel style shows won’t hurt either.

Been there. Done that. There’s a good reason it wasn’t brought back. :poop:

Sunday Night should be programmed at 6:30pm every Sunday.


Doesn’t have to be The Wall revival. They need to have a few more game shows on the slot in order to keep people entertained.

Plus an investment in dramas. I thought you liked dramas @JBar ?

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Yes. I support the idea of new dramas. Seven built their winning streak on having winning dramas every night.

But they need to make a commitment to strict time slots so shows start at the advertised time every week and viewers can find them.

People are sick of wating anywhere from 8.30pm to 9.10pm for their favourite show to start.


I feel Seven is the worst offender with the footing start times of late.

It rates well I thought?

It rates alright. It is rating around 700k but most of its audience is older. It hasn’t made the top 5 in the three main demos even once.

Given the challenges they’ve had in the back half, Seven can’t afford to lose their top performer Little Big Shots – regardless of how poorly it does among younger viewers.

Someone has suggested not bringing back All Together Now, which is way too premature given the show hasn’t even aired yet.

You are right. Seven needs to decide whether it wants to stick to the ‘general’/‘older’ demographics or not. Shifting focus from first half of the year to the second half of the year may be difficult for the audiences to adjust. Having said that, a lot of people are commenting that it is the key demos that bring in the money so Seven may be in a bit of a quandary. But it seems like winning total people get more positive publicity than winning key demons though.

Glad I don’t work in the TV industry - it’s getting more challenging each day!

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Personally, it’s painful to watch some precocious spoilt brats patronising adults. There’s a fine line between adorable and disrespectful. I feel sorry for the host.

How do you know they’re spoilt? I think most people admire the talent and entertaining value the children bring to the stage and into their lounge rooms.

I am not picking on the kids and I am not doubting their talent but I just didn’t appreciate the way some of these kids talk to the host. Eg - ‘why are you so hairy??’ . I am not a parent so I may not think that’s funny. There seems to be a certain ‘behavioural pattern’ in most of these kids that Seven invited to the show. They are loud and direct. I suppose times have changed and young kids are encouraged to speak their mind regardless of who they speak to. But I do appreciate that some of them have talent.

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Most children say things adults find rude. They aren’t old enough to grasp tact or fear negative repercussions from asking contentious questions.