Mock Schedules

2006’s Big Questions with Jules Lund. It is on Thursday nights on Nine.

Not sure how The Verdict will land on that one, you could be opening a Can of Worms


World Series Debating … usually around the Melbourne Comedy Festival

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my idea was based on election debates… but point taken - not necessarily unique

I was thinking if it were to be screened on Saturday nights it could be paired with something like Beauty and The Beast (the chat show, not the US Drama series of the same name…

I was thinking something different to movies and encores, but yet cheap to produce

Perhaps Ten could think like ABC and look at some of the newer British comedies. We know shows like Mrs Browns Boys rates, but then Episodes didn’t so much for Nine. Here is a link which shows British comedies currently screening in the UK - noting Episodes is on this list (the aforementioned Mrs Brown’s Boys isnt), but if Ten could negotiate to get some of these, it could be a better option than just encores on Saturday night (assuming Ten doesn’t try to find slots in the schedule for this).If Ten did this, could play this as a point of different to the 2 other commercial channels

I have a possible solution for Seven to try and fix double or triple episodes each Thursday night. Given that there about 225 episodes made each year (give or take one or two) - Seven could screen H&A all year round at 7pm Monday to Thursday - except the Perth test match in the cricket - equating to 205 episodes - the other 20 episodes could air on Fridays at 7pm during the AFL off season. If the cricket interferes with this arrangement over Summer, a double episode would air on the last available day before or after that event. Better Homes moved to 7:30pm Fridays with Seven in NSW/QLD screening Sydney Weekender/Queensland Weekender at 7pm Fridays instead of 5:30pm Sunday.

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If I was a Channel Nine programmer for The Australian Open of 2019 I would

5:30AM - Today (live in Melbourne)
9am - Today Extra Summer Series
11am - Tennis on Nine
6pm - Nine News (with tennis on 9Go)
7pm - Tennis on Nine
12:35am - Late programming

For Nine Perth
5:30AM - Today (with no Perth Localised News) - First hour of tennis on 9Go
9AM - Tennis
6PM - Nine News (with Tennis on 9Go)
7PM - Tennis on Nine
9:35PM - repeat of movie Perhaps?

For 9Gem nationwide
10:00AM - Tennis run until midnight

Channel Nine/9Gem must have wheelchair tennis matches on TV, not just exclusive to streaming. (last year, the coverage was exclusive to 7Tennis app and not everyone have the app).

My Schedule for Nine in the morning would be
Monday To Friday
5:00am Today: Early Edition
7:00am Today (including National Nine News 7am edition)
8:30am Today Extra
10:30am National Nine Morning News
11:30am State Edition - State based morning talk show (much like similar programs previously screened on Nine and Ten)

6:30am Weekend Today
9:00am Today Extra
10:00am (Sun) Wide World of Sports
11:00am (Sat) State Edition - weekly; (Sun) Footy Show or other programs

If I was Nine Programmer, I would have
5AM - Nine Early News
6AM - Today
9AM - Today Extra
11AM - Morning News
11:30AM - Extra
12PM - Ellen
1PM - Catchup programming from last night (movies)
4Pm - Nine Afternoon News
5PM - Hot Seat
6PM - News
7PM - Primetime programming.

7AM - Weekend Today
9:30AM - Today Extra Weekend
11:30AM - TBA

That also looks ok, but why would you drop Nine News Now… if you weren’t going to screen it at 3pm, wouldn’t you move it to say 1pm?

Ratings wise, and probably where to fit in the schedule?..

Nine/9Gem wouldn’t have to screen ALL the matches, maybe all games involving Australian players. I think 9GO! could also screen some of the matches

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Here’s a thought for 10. Low key, launch a morning news bulletin. 7am start leading into Studio 10 at 8:30. Anchored out of Melbourne by a female duo. 15 minute ‘mini’ bulletins ala ABC News radio. Fast paced. Social media driven.

Trick is, the bulletin would actually be on air for some 3 - 4 hours.

So based on current timezones, Sydney and Melbourne would start off, with Adelaide joining in 30 minutes later. Brisbane would come on an hour after that. So on so forth with Perth. Once it hits 8:30 in the respective city, the presenters will simply say ‘that’s all from 10 News First for our Sydney and Melbourne viewers this morning, stay tuned for updates throughout the day.’


I am still in favour of a 1 hour bulletin between 7am and 8am followed by Studio 10 at 8am, then Ten Mid-Morning News at 10:30am. Possibly filmed in the same way as you described (or a reset every half hour) but could have a pre-recorded message (prior to the bulletin) say that you have proposed at the end of the bulletin - possibly go to an ad-break or cross to a coming up on Studio 10 then insert that pre-recorded ending.

I like it.

So for the Melbourne crew in summer…
07.00 … Sydney and Melbourne
07.30 … plus Adelaide
08.00 … plus Brisbane
08.30 … minus AEDT
09.00 … minus ACDT, plus Perth
09.30 … minus AEST
11.30 … end of show.

and you could have headlines on the half hour… ending on a sting, that’s the cue for presentation to switch out and over to Studio 10, or a commercial break for the other markets.


Who would you have present it though?

Perth would join at 10.00 in Summer - they’re 3 hours behind AEDT. That leaves you with a 30 minute gap between AEST finishing and Perth starting

Candice Whyatt (spelling?) as one of the anchors. Nurture young and future talent.

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of course :man_facepalming:

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A definitely think low-key, experimental rolling breakfast news is the way to go for Ten. Make it young (but not too young) with constant social updates but also throwing to big stories. Keep it fresh and crackling and perhaps even local. The key would be the on-air talent.