Seven AFL Coverage

Seems fine to me.

He’s worth every bloody cent. I haven’t seen the stadium engage like this in years, what a great opener!

The whole stadium is singing along.

I know this going to sound bad, but really the only way is with big international superstars. Sure incorporate aussies but they can’t fire up a stadium like this alone…


Good to see the whole crowd sing along when Robbie did a cover of John Farnham’s You’re the Voice, rightfully so.

Yes, the crowd did engage throughout his whole performance, including with the one song alongside Delta Goodrem.

Pre-match entertainment segment just finished.


As far as I know, the only work Craig does now is voicing intros for 3AW Football.


They need to watch a superbowl entertainment segment and see how to get the camera shots right. Very limited angles and seemed pretty poor to me. Too much crowd shots.


It’s not Craig. It’s Rod Mullinar.

I heard that Seven stiffed Craig when he wanted a bit more money and they refused. Despite him doing a lot of additional stuff for them outside of his contract obligations.


I noticed that the pre-match entertainment had a Telstar watermark. Robbie and Delta both wearing a similar pink to the Telstra logo.


Agree. Easily the best pre entertainment they’ve had. Well done to the AFL in getting him. Great tribute to Shane Warne and John Farnham. Robbie knows his Australian audience well.

Local acts will be held at halftime.


Yes because it’s the Telstra Pregame entertainment….

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The Telstra logo will most likely appear on the NRL GF pre-game entertainment as well.

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Footage quality is terrible, is it just me?

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Been a very long time since Craig worked directly for Seven, before he retired he was contracted by the AFL (and other organisations) directly.


Unfortunately, from the play of football it’s looking to be a terrible game. Not good for Seven.


By the way the finals have gone this year anything could happen

I’ve been reading complaints elsewhere that viewers are having issues on 7Plus with the AFL Grand Final streams.

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Yep, it’s apalling. It’s sad that in 2022 we can watch Gold Coast v Fremantle in crystal clear 4K but the biggest game of the year is in shitty upscaled 720p.


The streaming was limited to smart tv’s and gaming consoles so people complained and now it’s on everything. The funniest part is that my phone still says best of border force and police force and it’s showing the GF.


Mine seems fine.

It’s all fixed now.

The complaints I saw were that it wasn’t working on connected TVs.

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Just out of interest what does Fox Footy show currently when GF is live on Seven?