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AFL isn’t a sport either. I hope you get as annoyed as I do when people refer to Australian Rules Football as AFL.


I didn’t say it was. The AFL is a competition consisting of 18 teams. These are not AFL matches.



How so?


AFLX is in some respects not dissimilar in concept to the “Lightning Premiership” series that was played in that year (for the first and only time since the 1950s).


What do you think of the aflx graphics?

  • Electrifying
  • Horrible - rather have the 2012-18 font instead

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Ah, not really. Not sure if you were around in 1996, but trust me, nothing like that lightening premiership.


I was around in 1996, but being 14 months old then I certainly wouldn’t remember it! It was the only thing I could think that would make sense of AFLX bringing back memories of that year for someone.


Oh dear my kids are older then you lol


Main differences from the regular season were

  • last touch OB from anywhere, but no direct shots for goal could be made from a last touch OB
  • 6 on the bench but still 18 per side on the full sized ground (being Waverley it really was a full sized ground, that year there were only 3 interchange players)
  • 3 points for hitting the post (signal was similar to the 9 point goals used in the pre season comps from 2003 onwards) and for a deliberate rushed behind
  • 4 goal umpires (2 at each end)
  • 2 halves of 17:30 duration

Essendon beat Brisbane in the final. Tournament was ruined by rain and unseasonably (by most city standards apart from Melbourne’s) cold weather.


Yeah, don’t think there’s much of a comparison


AFLX was the #1 rating non-news program in Melbourne and Adelaide last night.


Abbey Holmes and Georgie Parker joined Jason Bennett for the Dogs vs Lions clash


Just thought of something stupid for a minute, when I first read Georgie Parker, I first thing that came to mind was Georgie Parker from the TV show All Saints! & I am thinking what the hell is she doing on the AFLW coverage? :joy:


Georgie Parker was a former Hockeyroos player who joined Collingwood AFLW team in 2017 off season.


when will they ever just rebrand their whole graphics set?


Well hopefully by the year 2030 would be nice.


Luke “Duke” Darcy?


That’s what MMM call him. Doesn’t really sound as though it will catch on to the public though.


Adelaide co-captain Chelsea Randall joins Seven’s coverage of AFLW match between Carlton and Collingwood this evening.

Randall’s former coach Bec Goddard provided special comments for Brisbane v Geelong this afternoon. But isn’t she working exclusively for Fox Footy?