Seven AFL Coverage


Another reason why this current deal is rubbish. Seven needs to go all out or all nothing for the next rights deal.


Think the only other Perth AFLW game they had was the opening after the opening before the opening of the Perth Stadium, and I believe Peter Bell was on the boundary.


With three AFLW matches played this Saturday (February 23), WA and SA viewers will see Adelaide v Fremantle from Darwin (Fox Footy production) in lieu of Geelong v Carlton in the afternoon (Seven production).


No network could afford all the rights to the AFL. Nothing would also be a disaster for 7.


I meant at least getting streaming rights for the matches they produce, as well as the Finals.


I see. I wonder if it’s something 7 are interested in though. When 9 did love island 7 said this wasn’t the direction they thought the future of tv was going in - that being digitally.


Nine has streaming rights for the NRL matches they produce, including State of Origin and the finals, and it is doing good business. Seven has to follow suit.


I agree 7 probably should follow suit. I just wonder if that is where their priorities lie.


The key issue is whether Seven can stream matches involving non-Victorian teams produced by Fox Footy on weekends.


Foxtel would never agree to let 7 have streaming rights, especially with the inclusion of Kayo.

A deal for 7 to get streaming rights would not involve Foxtel in the negotiations. Which I cannot see occuring as 7 seem to want a relationship with Foxtel. And Foxtel know 7 will roll over for them.


I wonder if Seven would make the AFL budge on it or not RE: change streaming rights so FTA has a component over Telstra exclusivity


7 hasn’t seemed to have had an interest in streaming of sport. They just signed a 6 year deal with CA and didn’t even consider streaming so not sure why they suddenly would make the AFL budge.


IIRC, Seven wanted to stream cricket matches during negotiations with CA, but CA refused because of Foxtel’s involvement.

Which will only further demonstrate why Nine’s current NRL broadcast deal is better than Seven’s AFL broadcast deal. In addition, Nine negotiated directly with the NRL before signing the current deal, catching Foxtel and Telstra off guard.


Think next time around the FTA network/s who have the rights will get streaming rights for the matches they produce (they definitely won’t be able to stream Fox-produced matches they air outside VIC).

Some might have noticed this but Seven do have streaming rights for AFLW and AFLX - both are competitions/products which launched after the current rights agreement was entered. As such, I think them not having streaming rights for the AFL is a by-product of how the agreement was reached (eg; 7/Foxtel/Telstra wanting to continue the ‘status quo’ established by the 2012 - 2016 rights agreement)


The cost of streaming matches via Kayo will br very high. I do assume that when’s it comes to the next afl broadcasting rights deal from 2023 the FTA networks (bar Foxtel plus) will not have the streaming rights to afl games (including Brownlow and grand final telecast as well as post match).


Herald Sun reports Adelaide co-captain Taylor Walker will debut in the commentary box tomorrow for Seven’s AFLX telecast.


Wow that will be utterly boring. Thought AFLX was supposed to be engaging.


Seven’s commentary team for tonight’s AFLX: James Brayshaw, Luke Darcy, Taylor Walker and Abbey Holmes.

The commentators have their own nicknames too: Brayshaw is JB, Darcy is Duke, Walker is well known as Tex while Holmes is nicknamed Abs.


They are not AFL matches. It is run by the AFL but it is a different sport.


Brings me back memories to 1996