Seven AFL Coverage


I’m well aware…
I’d rather they used a blank screen, would be better than submitting yourself to listen to Basil’s inane dross.


Looks like SA/WA/NSW/QLD will actually get 3 games on FTA some weeks…



It is a bit of the shame that Seven are using the old old AFL graphics. Even if they followed the ones that are used for the AFL then it would look much better!


… on a three hour delay. The AFL want a bigger audience watching the draw so are enforcing the 4:00pm ish event being delayed until 7:00pm on television.


And even still, nobody other than the AFL Marketing Department will bother to watch it


I guess they need to hold it in prime time to know exactly how many people don’t care about it.


Actually today’s AFLX draft will be shown on delay everywhere, at 7pm local time. So WA viewers will be the last to find out who goes to which team if they don’t go to the AFL website beforehand.
Match day on February 22 will be shown live across Australia on 7mate.


Seven News Melbourne’s Jacqueline Felgate was boundary reporter during tonight’s Western Bulldogs v Geelong from Whitten Oval. She also presented sport for the 6pm news from the venue.


Seven has had a change of heart and will show AFL Women’s: Rnd 3: Fremantle v Collingwood on the main channel in Melbourne (Adelaide TBA).


New AFL promo aired tonight during My Kitchen Rules, narrated by Brian Taylor.


Jacqueline Felgate is replacing Sam on Footy Central .


According to today’s Herald Sun, Tim Watson will return to a revamped Talking Footy this year, replacing Sam McClure on the panel. Luke Darcy will again host the show but it’s not known whether other panellists will return.


Michael Felgate actually would’ve been a good choice for either too


What are your thoughts of the AFLW 2019 Season?

  • Great - Looking forward to more games
  • Don’t mind the 2019 AFLW season.
  • Yawn.

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GWS co-captain Phil Davis joining Seven’s coverage of GWS women’s team against Carlton this afternoon.


Mark readings was down at fremantle oval for the fremantle v Collingwood women’s match.


Dani Orlando, fiance of West Coast premiership player Luke Shuey, was boundary reporter for Fremantle v Collingwood match. Has she worked on Seven’s AFLW coverage before?


Next Friday’s AFLX tournament will be streamed live on 7plus. It will be the only men’s AFL matches this year to be available for streaming for free on computers and mobiles.


You can catch up some AFLW matches on demand on 7Plus. It is played in full.