Seven AFL Coverage


But Hamish did the National Anthem and post match presentation.

@Jason_Andrew_Toppin, was Craig Willis doing his weekend show on MSR today?


Seven oddly cut for Sydney and Brisbane at usual 5:59pm but held Melbourne on for another 5-10min. Perth no doubt still on main channel.


Probably the right decision for those two markets, because regular Saturday night viewers of Seven News both here and up North would instantly switch over to Nine if they saw Eagles celebrating (obviously, I’d be saying stick with the coverage for NSW or QLD if a team from their respective states were in the GF and won) rather than their usual 6pm news bulletin.


Basil Zempilas now presenting post-match in the victorious Eagles room with Jude Bolton.


My point was more about Melbourne, really bizarre, something like 6:07pm? When could’ve easily gone to News at 5:59pm too as Collingwood lost so no where near as much celebration as Perth market.


Basil Zempilas told WA viewers that’s a replay of the gf will be at Sunday at 11:30am


Probably to get a better percentage in primetime tonight.


To stop normal Nine News watchers change the channel. It’s simple.


Fair point but my comments were also a reference to how Seven Sydney (Brisbane too, except they had a narrow ratings win on AFL GF night) last year stuck with the celebrations of the Tigers for maybe 10 minutes or so into the 6pm hour. There definitely would’ve been regular viewers of the Saturday night edition of Seven News Sydney viewers who weren’t interested in AFL post-match celebrations and flicked over when they saw those celebrations instead of their expected bulletin, because Nine News Sydney beat them in the ratings that night.

Needless to say that unless it’s a Swans or Giants victory in an AFL Grand Final, Seven Sydney will most likely never again stick with the post-match celebrations if they continue beyond the 6pm hour.


They’ve added another replay which will follow the cricket tonight (for WA viewers)


Nathan Templeton hosting the premiership party on stage at the MCG interviewing triumphant West Coast players.


No HD for the game in Regional Queensland but they can watch the 7Mate coverage in HD.



Basil Zempilas said at the end of the telecast that Seven would broadcast AFLW next year. How the network juggles cricket and AFLW remains to be seen.


And in that last cap, Basil thanked the entire Seven Sport team (as he’s done in recent years) for the GF, season and looking ahead to 2019.

Apparently 7mate in Perth are already getting an encore of the GF right now? I’ll try and check the market on 7Plus. Wonder if Seven forgot to block with Border re-runs, as they did a few weeks ago also at short notice, very rare but happened.


Nat Edwards has been announcing the national anthem at previous Melbourne finals this year. Craigs voice is pretty iconic, so it caught me off guard at the Richmond v Hawks game


Think there’s only a couple of weeks when test matches and BBL overlap in January/February that would pose a problem, especially now that the tennis is on 9. Think 72 would be used for AFLW in those cases, and 73 pretty much every other week. I guess we’ll find out when the schedule is released.


7 perth replay from 8pm tonight your beauty


Channel Seven Perth has scheduled to air the Eddie the Eagle at 8Pm straight after the t20 cricket - Australia v NZ but they have put in the replay of the GF. For people watching on 7Plus on a tablet or smartphone, I would say that this replay will be blacked out on streaming and will be replaced by Border Security Repeats.


It’s the same for Regional SA viewers in the South East & Riverland areas, Grand Final in SD, post match celebrations in HD on mate. Probably be a long time before we get Seven in HD here.