Seven AFL Coverage


Red blocks were used to build the 7 logo at the beginning of the horse racing coverage on 7Two

Seven Sport

did you have screencaps


Holy crap they brought back Fanfare For The Modern Man!


The state of 7 demanding overseas broadcasters take its sycophantic pre-match coverage.


They shouldn’t have too though. We don’t take any of the NFL pre game coverage?


When you hear the sentence “pre game Roaming Brian” you see where the international broadcasters are coming from


That’s what I mean. It’s awful, why are 7 inflicting this on the rest of the planet.

Don’t start me on Bruce. Time for him to be put out to pasture.


7’s coverage is just awful. The roaming Brian thing was so tacky. “Oh look Ling has been watching West Coast kick goals”. He had a fu*ken microphone. It was obviously set up.


Top effort cutting off a montage with a betting update. Shambolic


Sunrise’s Melbourne reporter Nathan Templeton has replaced Craig Willis as the voice of this year’s AFL Grand Final. According to today’s Herald Sun, Willis has decided to step back to give younger people a chance to work on the big day.


The sound quality of the prematch entertainment is soooo poor. How embarrassing.


At least Meat Loaf was entertaining


At least John Farnham sounds better with shit quality.


He should’ve played You’re the Voice instead of covering Cold Chisel


For anyone curious, the way the 7plus GF streaming has been implemented is on the available devices (eg; Telstra TV) - a separate GF stream has replaced the Seven stream

Streaming quality isn’t great though - looks below SD


I know Seven need to make money from their expensive deal but boy that Virgin add that keeps popping up is extremely intrusive.


Barnesy came across beautifully. Not so sure I’d say the same about Black eyed peas beforehand.

MCG acoustics have been a talking point in recent years, but isn’t it really just the “live performance” factor, always hit / miss.


Is it really live if they are lip syncing?
And the lady that replaced Fergie made Meatloaf sound like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston


Less Bruce means more BT/Darce/JB - be careful what you wish for


JB isn’t too bad compared to the other two