Seven AFL Coverage


Last year I’d think? In recent years Tim Watson or someone would pre-record a package during the week and you could rewatch highlights of various GFS, I’d usually DVR it though.


2012 they did an extended marathon on Mate with GF’s from Friday Afternoon (Lions threepeat), and somehow included the Channel 10 GF’s as well. Can’t recall any other time since then.


Seven have shown Ten’s GFs a number of times, either in full (marathons) or numerous highlights, since 2012. Sole FTA rights include all archive/library footage.

Same goes for Seven and CA. Nine and TA. Etc.

Happy to be corrected. It’s also how you see Ten’s watermark digitally manipulated/removed from most 2007-2011 games or clean feeds provided to AFL House



Stuff you Seven Sydney & Brisbane miss out on HD!! why? oh I see NRL state


The match will be beamed live in High Definition don’t worry.


Settle down, the AFL Grand Final is one of those events on the anti-siphoning list (with the NRL Grand Final, State of Origin, Melbourne Cup and Bathurst 1000 being among the others) that legally has to be shown on the main channel nationwide. Sydney & Brisbane will have access to the AFL Grand Final in HD just like they have every year since 2015.

For the first time since the drawn 2010 Grand Final when the channel would’ve still been known as Prime HD before the launch of 7mate just after the match, the Gold Coast, Regional NSW, the ACT & Regional Victoria will be able to watch the AFL Grand Final in HD via the main channel of Prime7. However, Regional Queensland will miss out on seeing HD coverage of the AFL Grand Final for another year due to that odd quirk (which I’d imagine will likely be rectified when playout moves from Docklands to Frenchs Forest) which means they’re still getting 7mate in MPEG2 HD and only the main channel in SD.


But no HD for regional Queensland.


One of Seven’s stranglehold markets too, still very strange.


The match will be beamed live in High Definition don’t worry.

I should have gone to SpecSavers Post match is on 7Mate main game is HD sorry


Former Ten News Melbourne and Sports Tonight reporter Luke Schneider was the EP of Talking Footy this year, Luke Darcy thanked him and the team on Wednesday’s final.


Never really watch the AFL but just happened to see the start this morning. Is the 7sport opener with all the red balls forming the 7 something new? I imagine they’ll use a similar one with red balls for the cricket…


Must be 10 years since 7 had the famous “Fanfare for the common Man”


Today’s AFL Grand Final is getting quite a lot of attention in the US, especially in Texas where Mason Cox grew up. He will be competing in his grand final today. However if his team wins today, tens of thousands of footy fans across America will miss out on him receiving the premiership medal because of a standoff between cable channel Fox Soccer Plus (owned by 21st Century Fox) and Seven on copyright.
For the past two years, FSP refused to show the GF pre-match and two teams entering the arena and bursting through the banner, and only began its telecast just before the rendition of Australian national anthem, because FSP alleged Seven insisted on the cable channel and other overseas rights holders like TVNZ and BT Sport to agree on conditions in regards to rights clearances, which FSP believed was harsh. This year the situation will get even worse, with FSP finishing the telecast in the first ad break after the final siren and not showing the post-match presentation, as Seven owns the copyright in pre-match and post-match while the AFL has the copyright on the match itself. Personally I find it hard to believe, because the copyright notice at the end of telecast always says “Copyright (year) Australian Football League” which implies the AFL owns the copyright to everything that happens on and off the field that are included in the broadcast.
Not able to see the pre-match and post-match presentation of AFL Grand Final is like missing out on seeing the teams entering the field and winning team getting the trophy in the FA Cup final, or not able to watch the half-time show in NFL Super Bowl.
Since there are four years remaining in Seven and FSP’s broadcast deal with the AFL, I really hope the rights issue will be solved before next year’s Grand Final.


That’s so classic AFL/7 shenanigans.


Doing a bit of digging - the coverage on ABC Australia, BT Sport 1, Sky Sport NZ, TSN 2 (Canada) & TVNZ Duke are all scheduled to begin at 12:30pm eastern and go until 5:30pm (Sky/TVNZ) & 6pm (everyone else).

Therefore, it seems like the issue has more to do with FSP rather than Seven if the other overseas broadcasters are showing the full coverage


I heard that TSN did not want to show pre-match initially, but reluctantly accepted the conditions set by Seven so as not to disappoint footy fans in Canada.
Orbit Showtime Network in the Middle East will start its telecast at 2.24pm AEST like FSP, right before the national anthem, but will show the post-match up to 6pm.


Which certainly isn’t helping to promote the game overseas.


Watching the pre-match game on the 7plus app


According to today’s Herald Sun, Hamish McLachlan will be master of ceremonies for today’s match, announcing the national anthem.