Seven AFL Coverage


Do Seven gave GF live stream rights?


Unfortunately No. The 7Plus app will completely block the entire coverage from 11AM (Pre-match Show) until the Post match concert finishes. It will be replaced by Border Security Repeats.


Problem is the AFL app may only stream the GF itself and not the pre-match nor the post-match concert.

Tonight’s special episode of Talking Footy will be shown on main channel in NSW and QLD at 12.30am tomorrow (Thursday).



Not sure whether people can stream the AFL Game Day on Saturday Morning after Sunrise?


But Travis’ link is what I was referring to?? So what’s going on people.


Talking Footy is on main channel in Melbourne and it is clearly produced in SD. Not even upscaled to HD.


Game Day should be fine (it hasn’t been blocked during the season)

It seems like Seven have found a ‘loophole’ in the digital rights in that it doesn’t cover ‘connected devices’. Therefore, they’re streaming the GF via 7plus but only to devices such as Apple TV, Telstra TV & the PS4


Please explain? As in like an internet/wi-fi based Smart TV apps, rather than casting the 7Plus app from a device?


I honestly don’t know how it could made clearer for you, seriously.


Just saw a combined AFL Grand Final / Women’s Twenty20 promo tonight during Talking Footy, featuring Brian Taylor, Meg Lanning and Alyssa Healy.
According to online guides, Seven will replay the Grand Final match this Sunday from midday to 2.30pm. What if Collingwood lose the game?


Then they won’t win the replay that airs Sunday??


It’s not worth replaying the match the next day if Collingwood lose to West Coast.


Why not? Don’t really see how who wins has anything to do with it. It could be a steaming turd like every other game in this finals series and people will lap it up.


There might be some Collingwood supporters who choose not want to watch such a replay but then only if the team put in a poor performance. Surely any grand final is worth watching for the contest itself, the skill of the players and the atmosphere of such a big game. Might even be a one point loss on the final siren.


Start time for the encore has been moved to 1:25 AM


Disappointing that Seven never reconsidered returning the long-held staple that is the VFL/AFL overnight marathon.


When did they last do a traditional grand final marathon?


Last year:

12:00 AM Footy Flashbacks: 2016 Grand Final - Sydney v Western Bulldogs (Rpt)
The Western Bulldogs were enduring the longest existing premiership drought in AFL history when they met the Sydney Swans at the MCG last year for the 2016 AFL Grand Final.

01:00 AM Footy Flashbacks: 1975 Grand Final - Hawthorn v North Melbourne (Rpt)
The Kangaroos had been in the competition for 50 years before they took on the Hawks at the MCG with hopes of winning their first flag.

02:00 AM Footy Flashbacks: 1990 Grand Final - Essendon v Collingwood (Rpt)

03:00 AM Footy Flashbacks: 1989 Grand Final - Hawthorn v Geelong (Rpt)
SANDY ROBERTS relives the memorable 1989 Grand Final featuring Hawthorn and Geelong. Starring:GARY AYRES,GARY HOCKING,SANDY ROBERTS,NEIL KEARNEY

04:00 AM Footy Flashbacks: 1977 Grand Final - North Melbourne v Collingwood (Rpt)


I’m pretty sure Tim Watson hosted it from (at least) 2015 to 2016.