Seven AFL Coverage


I think it has been always in the schedule as there is a listing for it. I saw it during the game that they will be showing it again.


FTA share, is, just that.

Last night, compare the ratings of 7:50pm to 10:26pm AEST (the AFL match), to the NRL on Ch 9 in Melbourne (rated nearly 5 times less), to The Living Room etc on Ch 10, to various on ABC & SBS.

Whilst it may not have been 90% with the match being one sided, it still completely dominated.


Would they have went ahead with replaying the game in Perth if the Eagles lost though? Probably not would be my guess.


Good guess. And surprised their even encoring it, as it was a blow-out, even though they won.

But honestly doubt Family Guy, etc would do any better there anyway.


First half was so good absolutely smashed the dees​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


7mate Perth:

Border Security International abruptly started from mid-way through a random episode, as per usual due to AFL’s current digital/live stream restrictions with Telstra.

Unlike a couple of weeks ago, when they also encored the game but forgot to do this, allowing a very rare live streaming for free via 7Plus. Telstra could’ve sued the AFL and Seven then!


Funny that.


Oi, naturally you expect a good match, rather than one that isn’t.


It was an excellent match from my perspective. At least Richmond had some fight in them, as one-sided as it may have been.

But no matter how close, it just wouldn’t have rated a 90% share. Collingwood is a polarising enough club on our own, adding Richmond to that mix would be enough to turn a substantial number of people away. Don’t expect many Fremantle supporters were watching this afternoon either.


In Victoria, Seven will show the VFL Grand Final post match presentation and interviews on 7mate from 6pm to 6.30pm. It will also be streamed on 7plus.


No Grand Final Eve Marathon this year? With 7 apparently showing repeats of the two Preliminary Finals from this weekend after 1.00am on Friday night / Saturday morning.

There’ll be some upset AFL tragics over that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure there’ll be a reason. I’m guessing time / effort / somewhat expense of preparing/scripting/recording the multi-hour program was outweighed by bad ratings/disinterest. Definitely would skew older for those who are very familiar with the VFL GFs 70s/80s, etc?

And/or maybe a momentum building thing for the GF, replaying most recent finals?


Was watching the post game which I recorded on DVR from Friday nights final, for pressers and noticed something rather odd.

You know how Seven Sport across their slate of events, always have a rolling ticker/bar on the bottom promoting other upcoming events/magazine programs/dates, etc. Even local state league football matches.

One came on saying “Preliminary Final Encore 7pm 7mate WA viewers”? And this was on Friday night, half a day before that match even started!? Why would they even forecast as such, like what would’ve happened of West Coast lost? What I’m trying to say why not have tentatively scheduled an encore for Melbourne viewers if Demons won? Very weird.


There appears to not be as much programmes for the GF on Seven this year. Nothing on Friday night.

In other news, Seven Horse Racing and Cricket presenter Abbey Gelmi will be hosting the Red Carpet tonight.


James Brayshaw narrating round by round highlights during tonight’s Brownlow Medal coverage. The past two ceremonies were better in which Seven invited past and present players, fans, and suburban club volunteers to introduce each round.


Some minor technical issues with the Brownlow Medal tonight.

Prior to one of the round highlights, the same sentence Gillon Mclachlan just read, was delayed 5sec and heard back (as they must’ve taken effects mic from Perth- coverage at Crown Perth).

Then during that round highlights package, the director or whoever could be heard coughing and saying “thanks mate”, which followed some poor mic quality/ feeback from Basil Zempilas’ mic in a link to Perth.

And then some further audio issues with the seemingly wirless mics in the palladium, between Bruce McAvaney and Fremantle’s Nat Fyfe (that common feedback screech).


It sounds like Rod mullinar doing voiceovers for Brownlow Medal tonight


It sounds like a female voice (Jade Robran, Abbey Gelmi or Nat Edwards?) taking turns with James Brayshaw narrating round by round highlights for Brownlow Medal tonight.
Fox Footy’s Gerard Healy made a rare appearance on Seven’s telecast tonight, introducing a segment on triple Brownlow medallist Bob Skilton. Skilton won his third Brownlow in 1968.
Seven made a blooper by including Gold Coast’s Michael Rischitelli in the montage of retiring players. So much so Michael recorded a clip on his phone and posted it online, telling the world that he would play for the Suns in 2019.


Going to say something controversial, but I rather enjoyed tonight’s broadcast from what I did see, compared with previous years. Whether it be the segments, honour, interviewing or holistically. But Clarko at the end OMG :joy:


Last night, I looked on my 7sport app on my iPad and noticed that at 5:30PM on 7mate in WA, the Brownlow Medal was replaced by Border Security International Repeats during streaming. Unfortunately, you could not stream the Brownlow Medal Carpet and Count as AFL holds the rights. Given that Seven has the exclusive rights to the Brownlow Medal Night until September 2022, it seems that Brownlow Medal will NOT be beamed on the 7Plus app.


Peter Bell is leaving his media roles at Seven and ABC Radio to become general manager of football at his former AFL club Fremantle Dockers, effective immediately. Bell was the boundary reporter for Seven when it covered matches in Perth this year.