Crocmedia and Hutchy have again made a blunder.

There is no NSW legislation.

What would be more correct is the fact that Crocmedia content and any other content they rebroadcast are a civil agreement via contract. They are contractual obligations that Crocmedia the contract would require them to fulfil.

It seems Crocmedia doesn’t want to allude to these obligations but instead put the focus on a govt. Buck passing. Craig should nominate for politics.



The letter mentions a new program hosted by Dwayne Russell on SEN SA:

Our SEN SA station, 1629 AM, is also available on the app. Kane Cornes and Andrew Hayes are up and running for breakfast, while Dwayne Russell’s hard hitting new show debuts January 21.

Does it mean Dwayne Russell will no longer work for 3AW’s AFL coverage and co-host Sportsday on 3AW (even though it is a Crocmedia production)?

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It’s very promising news that SEN are moving to three local shifts in Adel.

For a narrowcast station of limited coverage, it’s a huge investment.

Bfast and drive is what you need to be doing, I didn’t expect anything more, so this is a bonus.



No, Dwayne is hosting an hour long program on SEN SA on top of his Sportsday and 3AW calling.

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If SEN3 will be run as an AFL-free simulcast of 1116AM, Crocmedia should then run South Australian content on SEN+. Naturally, it would attract maybe a small audience, but surely more than a simulcast does.



Not sure if 3AW bosses will be happy with Dwayne working with a rival radio station even if it is outside Victoria.



He’s been employed by Crocmedia for a year now and continued his 3AW on-air role in Melbourne so I’m guessing it got the tick of approval from his 3AW bosses somewhere along the line.



Do they have a choice? It’s not as if AW is nurturing sufficient suitable replacement talent.



Harford calls for 3AW, works for RSN.
Quartermain is a fill in presenter for 3AW, calls footy for AFL Nation, works with Whateley at SEN.
I’m sure there are others, I find it surprising that some radio stations don’t want exclusivity from their talent. With that said, I’d happily let Russell shop himself round.



Depends on how high profile the talent is and who their primary employer is. You won’t see Eddie Mcguire filling in on 3AW. Similarly Ross and John aren’t doing a gig elsewhere either.

But Steve Quartermain only appears as a regular guest on SEN, probably has an AFL calling contract with Crocmedia and is a casual fill-in on 3AW. His primary employer is actually television in Network Ten. Therefore he’s not appearing on Seven and Nine in any capacity but his radio commitments are different.

Many low profile presenters are just freelancing around where ever they can get work.

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Kinda my point…
I am a bit surprised about how much talent is able to freelance, it’s not the way I’d run business, that’s all.
And to nitpick, 3AW is owned by Nine Entertainment, so Q does sorta work for 9, but yes, not actually appearing on 9.

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It’s actually very difficult to enforce exclusivity if the work in question doesn’t constitute full time work or an equivalent level on pay, and even when it does, the talent will demand even more money in exchange.



I thought the same as well. :slight_smile: Interesting times ahead with the 3AW / 2GB and Nine Entertainment links. Plenty of presenters that are linked to Channel 7 too.

Although Macquaire Radio is technically not a fully owned subsidiary of NEC as they only own 51%.






Exactly, exclusivity costs money.

Stations will make a business assessment on each person. It’s a pretty simple equation; is the talent important enough to warrant upping the cash?



Yes, I understand this.
My point is that if I were on the radio business (I’m not) I would essentially have everyone on some sort of exclusive contract or would quite possibly be wished well on their future endeavours.
PSN clearly have a few people on exclusive contracts, just not sure I’d have those same people or be chasing the same contracts they are (have you heard them call cricket or AFL for example, they’re ordinary outside of a couple of callers coughanthonyhudsoncough)



I see your point… but having worked with “talent”… some just aren’t worth the extra cash.

Some you sign exclusively… some you don’t.

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Gerard Whateley will call the Super Bowl LIII on Monday, February 4 for SEN 1116 and SEN SA, reports Radioinfo. Garry Lyon and Tim Watson will also present their Melbourne breakfast show from Atlanta


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Since the Super Bowl overlaps with the second cricket test between Australia and Sri Lanka due to time difference, will the cricket be bumped to SEN1377 ?



I’d say no but it wouldn’t surprise me.