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*SEN 1170 Sydney
*SEN 1116 Melbourne
*SEN 1629 Adelaide

SEN’s 2016 line-up, with Francis Leach and David “The Ox” Schwarz in breakfast, and Daniel Harford and Mark Allen in drive, starts January 18th.

06:00-09:00 SEN Breakfast with Francis Leach and David “The Ox” Schwarz
09:00-12:00 Hungry for Sport with Kevin Bartlett
12:00-15:00 SEN Afternoons with Andy Maher
15:00-19:00 The Run Home with Mark Allen and Daniel Harford
19:00-00:00 SEN Evenings with Mark Fine

3MP’s line-up remains unchanged, following the departure of Glenn Ridge to the Magic Network. It recommences January 18th.

06:00-12:00 Breakfast and Mornings with John Tamb
12:00-14:00 The Midday Music Marathon (automated)
14:00-19:00 Afternoons and The Drive Home with Eddie Olek
19:00-00:00 Evenings with Mark Johnson

jeez things are tight at 3MP, those are some long shifts.

Long shifts maybe but the best music station in Melbourne!

Listened to Rodney Hogg’s segment on the Run Home on Tuesday via a podcast the interaction between the new hosts Mark Allen and Daniel Harford wasn’t too flash meaning that show may struggle in 2016.

Meanwhile at 1116 M-E-N

Strong rumor hutchy and Pickering to get sacked from SEN. Hope it's true. Worst radio in Melbourne.

— Mark Robinson (@Robbo_heraldsun) February 20, 2016

Take that tweet with a grain of salt since it followed both the men criticizing Robbo for how he’s been covering the Garry Lyon story on their radio show this morning

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2nd time I’ve heard this rumour…

Pacific Star Network have announced a 40% increase in revenue, for the half year to December 31st. In addition to their two AM and two DAB+ stations in Melbourne, the group also publish 7 print publications.

More at the Pacific Star website.

Always thought that PCN would be a great takeover target as their 2 AM stations could be made into a real threat to Fairfax in Melbourne. A competitive am music station and SEN which could be flipped to talk & sports with live afl.

It’s Macquarie (rather than Fairfax) now, remember TVHead? :wink:

Of course, I agree that Pacific Star could be a potential takeover target if the “two station rule” was dropped.

meh Fairfax controls the show really

From Radio Today: "Pacific Star Network, who operate SEN and MyMP in Melbourne, have announced the abrupt departure of their recently appointed Group CEO George Papadopoulos.

Papadopoulos was appointed in January this year to a 3-year term, with a 6-month probation period."

1116SEN have appointed a Sydney Sales Manager. Interesting.

Could we see 1170SEN Sydney? Maybe they could make a slightly different format of sport and music, or do a deal with MRN and shift NRL from GB to 1170AM?

Just another ‘out there’ SEN theory.

I wouldn’t get too excited, it sounds like it’s more just to deal with Sydney based clients advertising in Melbourne.

Suggestions for SEN Programming in 2017;

  • Breakfast with Frank & Ox is progressing nicely move them to 5:30am-8:30am in line with 3AW, ABC 774 & RSN.
  • Mornings with KB consistant as ever start him at 8:30am in line with Neil Mitchell and Jon Faine.
  • Afternoons 12noon-3pm Needs a New Presenter from outside the station and it’s needs new contributors from outside the station a total overhaul.
  • Drive 3pm-6pm Mon-Fri with Daniel Harford, 3pm-4:30pm needs a total overhaul.
  • 6pm-7pm Take the Sportsday program from Crocmedia.
  • Evenings with Finey in present time slot though contributors and format needs an overhaul.
  • Off the Bench this program is totally unacceptable in the current era. Consindering the ABC’s current budget constants poaching the Coodabeen Champions is very realistic. Saturday 9am-12noon.
  • AFL Coverage produce inhouse 1 game per calendar day with same 2 commentators, same 2 expert commentators across the weekend and 1 boundary reporter. Then other games throughout the weekend take the AFL Live coverage from Crocmedia.

[quote=“Haydos, post:17, topic:210”]
Off the Bench this program is totally unacceptable in the current era. [/quote]im not familiar with the show, can you explain what you mean?

[quote=“Haydos, post:17, topic:210”]AFL Coverage produce inhouse 1 game per calendar day… Then other games throughout the weekend take the AFL Live coverage from Crocmedia.
[/quote]How does this differ from their current setup? Don’t they already produce some games themselves?

Brigitte Duclos is now reading the news on SEN Breakfast. Haven’t seen any media reports about this but she started yesterday (Monday 18/7).

Didn’t they close their newsroom?

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