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4-part CNN documentary Reframed: Marilyn Monroe, narrated by Jessica Chastain, will be streaming on SBS on Demand next Wednesday (March 8).

Ever After

Thu, 09 Mar 2023

Ever After tells the intimate yet universal story of Anna (Greta Scarano) and Enrico (Simone Liberti) – a couple who, after their happy wedding eleven years ago, now find themselves in a bitter custody battle for their young son Pietro.

Cobra - Season 2

Sat, 11 Mar 2023

In times of national emergency, a team of Britain’s leading experts, crisis contingency planners and most senior politicians assemble under the name COBRA to coordinate the response.

The nail-biting decisions this committee makes drive the compelling action of the series as we witness their actions play out at ground level, in the worst hit parts of an already fractious country. But it is not just the nation we see rocked by the calamitous events of COBRA. From the corridors of Whitehall to the salons of No.10, Cobra also explore the lives of the politicians and advisors that make up the committee.


Making the kind of thriller he himself is drawn to, creator of nine-part Israeli drama Unknowns , Tawfik Abu-Wael, has focused on the relationship dynamics between at-risk young men. When a girl is raped, the youths become the main suspects, throwing their already wobbly lives into further imbalance. Variety called the result “a menagerie of deep and complex characters emotionally entangled in a whodunnit thriller which inevitably taps into the social and political ambience… as the conflict between Israel and Palestine escalates.” Abu-Wael said it was important to him to “insert poetic moments that create intimacy with the characters”. We don’t get a lot of drama from Israel, so take a look at this one. It won’t disappoint.

Thu, 09 Mar 2023

Under the agreement, SBS gains access to multiple titles from Beta’s catalogue on an annual basis, with this latest batch including 12 x 60-minute period drama event series Sisi from Story House Pictures, RTL and Beta Film.

Other titles include the 8 x 60-minute Movistar Plus+ Original El Inmortal – Gangs of Madrid from Telemundo International Studios and DLO Producciones, and the 12 x 60-minute House Of Promises from X-Filme Creative Pool and RTL+.

Further series bound for SBS in this latest slate include the 6 x 60-minute Divided We Stand; the 13 x 60-minute Silent Road; the 6 x 60-minute Breaking Point; the 5 x 60-minute Golden Boy; the 6 x 60-minute De Gaulle and the 8 x 60-minute third instalment of The Wall. Meanwhile, feature titles picked up by the broadcaster include My Little Sister, 3 Days In Quiberon and Hinterland.

The Swiping Games - Season 1 - 3

An intimate look at what lies behind attraction, and what goes unspoken in dating and relationships. Is it ok to have a preference for a certain ‘type’? Women spill the tea on how they deal with stereotypes of Asian women such as ‘submissive’, ‘docile’ and ‘cute’, in their dating lives.

Cromosoma 21

Thursday 27 April

Tomas, A young man with Down Syndrome is found at the scene of a murder, covered in blood, but he refuses to talk to the police.

Marian, the head detective knows that he understands more than he lets on and begins an interrogation. She gets nowhere but starts to feel empathy towards him. Soon, she learns that Tomas’s brother Bekam, has a criminal record, and was fired from the same warehouse where the murder occurred for stealing and that he has fled the city.

Chromosoma S1 is an SBS On Demand exclusive and will be available in Spanish with English subtitles.

Freezing Embrace

Saturday 27 May

Freezing Embrace is based on a popular Finnish Hautalehto book series.

The chief inspector Antti Hautalehto (Mikko Leppilampi) has hired a young policeman, whose father has worked with him for more than 20 years. Hautalehto finds himself between a rock and hard place when it turns out that the new policeman has serious psychological problems, which he has managed to hide in all tests. At the same time, mysterious murders begin to take place: almost every week a young man is found drowned from the river. Soon, Hautalehto begins to believe that the new policeman may be the murderer he is chasing.

SBS On Demand and AFTRS announce the AFTRS Documentary Showcase

They Skate

Experience 14 of the best documentaries from emerging filmmakers exclusively on SBS On Demand

To showcase emerging filmmaking talent SBS On Demand has partnered with the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) with a carefully curated collection of student documentaries which will be available from Monday 1 May to stream free exclusively on SBS On Demand.

The documentary collection by AFTRS’ second-year Bachelor of Arts students includes 14 short form documentaries. Students were briefed to create a film no longer than five minutes that explores the culture and unique identity in Australia. The collection is a diverse and compelling mix of stories exploring unique perspectives including the journey of Afghan refugees, the creation of estranged family relationships caused by conspiracy theories, the thought process behind creative desires, and many more.

Now regarded as one of the world’s leading creative schools, AFTRS is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with its talented alumni at the forefront of the Australian and international screen and broadcast industry.

SBS On Demand & World Movies Channel Manager, Haidee Ireland said: “The talented creatives at AFTRS have explored a wide range of topics providing a unique look into the diverse perspectives and experiences of Australians. The incredible documentaries of this year’s showcase are moving, entertaining and enlightening. SBS On Demand is thrilled to provide a platform for the next generation of talented documentary makers to share the stories they are so passionate about. We congratulate AFTRS on celebrating 50 years of inspiring and guiding the future of screen and broadcast creatives.”

AFTRS CEO, Dr. Nell Greenwood said: “AFTRS is really proud of this partnership with SBS. We had fantastic success with the program last year – it was an incredible experience for our students to screen their films to thousands of people across Australia. SBS and AFTRS share a commitment to identifying and nurturing new Australian voices and connecting these voices to audiences across Australia, so this continuing collaboration to showcase our School’s emerging documentary talent is exciting and rewarding.”

The AFTRS Documentary Showcase will be available to stream free from Monday 1 May exclusively on SBS On Demand.

AFTRS Documentary Showcase:

Born of Water

Born of Water follows Mary Goslett, a woman with a deep and special connection to water, who guides us through not only her love for the ocean and swimming, but also why it benefits all of us spiritually, mentally and physically.

Creatives: Anoushka Sutton (Director), Emilie Ziolkowski (Producer), Mary Goslett (Participant).

The Creative Moment

The elusive spark of creativity can occur at any moment but it’s how we recognise it that matters. One spontaneous thought, if acted upon can determine the entirety of an artwork with unexpected, yet beautiful results. Challenged to paint from an unseen prompt, Lincoln Johns must let his intuition take over and embrace the unknown. The Creative Moment provides a reflection on the innate desire we have as creative beings to express our inner thoughts and passions through our work to others.

Creatives: Jasmine Hair (Director), Anoushka Sutton (Producer), Lincoln Johns (Participant).

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird explores the story of the Australian White Ibis and their ability to adapt to urban environments. Called out as the “bin chicken”, this film explores how the ibis deserves more of our respect than you might think, even if they don’t show us any. It shines a light on their ironic symbolism in Australian culture and alludes to the conservation message they represent, although maybe not noticed.

Creatives: Hugo Bittar (Director), Hayden Jones (Producer), Dr Grainne Cleary (Participant), Matt Chard (Participant), Phil Shaw (Participant).


Disinherited tells the story of Maya, who has become estranged from her parents. The cause for their strained relationship? Vaccination-based conspiracy theories, that engulfed social media in 2020. Depicted through re-enactments and visual imagery, this film aims to delve into the roots of how misinformation is spread on social media.

Creatives: Nicole Hutton (Director), Ashwini Kangatharan (Producer), Nathalie Santillana (Participant).

Finding Home

Finding Home follows Zia and his family’s story of seeking refuge in Australia after the Taliban threatened their safety in Afghanistan. The film highlights the simultaneous triumphs and obstacles they encounter while trying to find a new home on the other side of the world.

Creatives: Grace Rodgers (Director), Oliver Roach (Producer), Ziaullah Zia (Participant), Melanie Morrison (Participant), Marie Kosta (Participant).

Guide to First Nations Astronomy

The Guide to First Nations Astronomy is a documentary exploring Wiradjuri people’s connections to the stars. First Nations people have used astronomy for thousands of years. Kirsten Banks, an astrophysicist and science communicator, tells us the stories that have connected her Wiradjuri community to the stars for generations.

Creatives: Brittney Morris (Director), Nicole Hutton (Producer), Kirsten Banks (Participant).

House Lights Down

House Lights Down tells the story of the mysterious invisible forces that keep the Aussie entertainment industry going round. The film hears from technicians to tour managers as they take us through the fast-paced intricacies of the gig industry and help the audience appreciate the ‘village’ it takes to put on a live show.

Creatives: Annabelle Richens (Director), Luca Blades (Producer), Howard Freeman (Participant), Tim Bradsmith (Participant), Clare O’Doherty (Participant).

The Little Bodies

In The Little Bodies a modern-day Newtown barista uncovers the chilling truth and legend of the John and Sarah Makin baby murdering case, and its continued influence on the city of Sydney centuries on.

Creatives: Zoë Dubuc (Director), Joshua Brennan (Producer), Warren Paul Glover (Cast), Vicki Gard (Cast), Ash Houghton (Cast).

The Little Things

The Little Things explores the ideas of present moment awareness and gratitude for the little things and moments in our day that we normally take for granted. With inspiring subjects such as Jony Badenhorst, Jeremy Yao and Barbara Simpson and the use of beautiful scenery, we explore the little things.

Creatives: Anna Cocquerel (Director and Co-Producer), Mack Callan (Co-Producer), Joany Badenhorst (Participant), Barbara Simpson (Participant), Jeremy Yao (Participant).

Lockdown Locals

When her suburb was hit with Sydney’s harshest lockdown, fashion photographer Cara brought Hurlstone Park together by shooting free portraits in front of her house. One year later, members of the community come together again to reflect on what Lockdown Locals means to them and why it was so special.

Creative: Amelia Pieri (Director), Jasmine Hair (Producer), Cara O’Dowd (Cast), Ambrose Hayes (Cast), Shirley Milward (Cast), Liza Hathcock (Cast), Bruce Hathcock (Cast).

The Past and Pending

In The Past and Pending a quiet, self-reflective observational documentary, a collection of people reminisce and reflect on their time at college, realising how it set them on the lifepath each of them now lead.

Creatives: Hugo Kent (Director), Hiruni Dharmasena (Producer), Michelle Laurie (Cast), Pooja Parashar (Cast), Ellis Swinbourne (Cast), Jai Bhayana (Cast), Erin Leavy (Cast), Remi Ferguson (Cast), Caitlin Bartie (Cast), Brydie Zorz (Cast), Shelby Robertson (Cast), Ren Kikuchi (Cast), Ahutosh Goel (Cast), Hugo Kent (Cast).

Sex and Solitude

Sex and Solitude is a poetic, observational documentary that explores Meg Rodgers, a 65-year-old queer woman. Through Meg we see a character portrait of a mature Australian woman as framed through her sexual fantasies, slowly uncovering her relationship to ageing and desire.

Creatives: Rhory Mackellar (Co-Director), Heidi Shih (Co-Director), Mia Tikellis (Producer), Meg Dione-Rodgers (Cast).


THEY SKATE is a character driven documentary tracking Dani Southcombe, a non-binary, queer, and neurodiverse skateboarder’s journey to a local queer skateboarding meet.

Through their experience traveling as a minority within society, they reflect on the importance of this small skate community in providing a safe space in their lives.

Creatives: Jacqui Sharah (Director), Kristen Settinelli (Producer), Dani (Cast).

We Just Live Here

Sollyy, a young DJ, producer, Triple J radio host and culture leader of the Western Sydney music scene, articulates his inspiring visions for the future of his area, friends, and self, while preparing for their first of many shows in the Western Suburbs.

Creatives: Caspa Wallis Carnie (Director), Brittney Morris (Producer), Solomon Chan Sau (Cast), Ricky Tana (Cast), Dylan Atlantis (Cast), Amandip Singh (Cast), Briant Longabela (Cast), Kittiibwa Mutebi (Cast), Zion Garcia (Cast), Fabien Friday (Cast), Peter Deghaim (Cast).


Thursday 4 May

The story of the organised crime scene of Dublin is revealed, centred on Darren, who wants to stay out of trouble but ends up returning to his old habits and his old gang.


Thursday 4 May

Manuela has moved away from her adoptive family to live alone in a marsh, devoted to the study of birds.

Traumatised by the wound of having been abandoned, she always declared that she would never be a mother. The day she finds little Alba, a journey begins for her that will force her to confront the demons of her past and to question the pillars of her life.

The Night Logan Woke Up

Thursday 25 May

Created by Cannes Grand Prix-winning director and writer Xavier Dolan (Tom at the Farm, Mommy), The Night Logan Woke Up is a five-part cinematic tour de force about the complexities of friendships and family ties.

This five-part limited series is set in a small town in Quebec, Canada, and paints a dark and complex portrait of the Larouche family, all grown up but inextricably linked. Based on an eponymous play by renowned playwright Michel Marc Bouchard, the series stars much of the original theatre cast (Julie Le Breton, Eric Bruneau and Patrick Hivon) alongside Xavier Dolan as the youngest sibling, Eli.

After the matriarch of the family dies, Mimi, a well-respected thanatologist, breaks a thirty-year estrangement to take on her mother’s funeral care. But decades after the fact, the event which drove her away continues to reverberate through the lives of her siblings. Soon, she is brought back into the fold of oppressive silences and secrets. Each haunted by their own unsettling visions of past events, the family slides into an unstoppable pursuit of reconciliation.


Thursday 18 May

A group of friends set up to prepare for the biggest live action role-playing game in the Nordic region, in an abandoned production plant deep into the forest.

Before long the game turn dead-serious when a series of mysteries unfold, awakening dark forces in each of them.

Sisi - Season 2

1 June

Sisi is a beautifully lush period drama based on the complex life of historical figure, Elisabeth of Austria, whose love of freedom and promise to give the Habsburg monarchy a gentler face captivated Europe.

In season two, the joyous arrival of an heir for Sisi and Franz is soon overshadowed by renewed power struggles in Europe: Bismarck threatens to plunge Austria into war. Sisi tries with all her might to be there for her husband and her people, but despite demonstrating her diplomatic talent over and over, she remains the bird in a golden cage. As she takes on more political responsibility, Sisi discovers new strengths and weakness drawing from her past, which she must navigate to lead the people and her loved ones into the future.

Sisi S2 will also air at a later date on SBS and will be available in German with English subtitles. S1 is currently available to stream on SBS On Demand.

Paris Police 1905

Thursday 15 June, Season 2

Paris, Christmas 1904.

When the Paris police department - under the orders of Police Chief Lépine begin to clear prostitutes from the city’s streets, a man’s body is found in the Bois de Boulogne gardens. Inspector Antoine Jouin is entrusted with the investigation, which leads him into an illicit world where pimps, blackmailers and crooked doctors are interlinked in a web of intrigue.

Stars Jèrèmie Laheurte (Blue Is the Warmest Colour), Evelyn Brochu (Pawn Sacrifice) and Marc Barbé.

Hudson and Rex

Thursday 22 June, Season 1 and 2

Detective Charlie Hudson has a sterling reputation within the St. John’s Police Department. When a K9 Unit officer dies in the line of duty, Charlie takes in her canine partner, Rex, and soon realizes that the German Shepherd has a knack for discovering subtle clues easily missed by humans.

Seeing potential in a detective with keen extrasensory abilities, Superintendent Joseph Donovan makes Rex a bona fide member of the Major Crimes team, and Charlie’s official partner in the field.

Silent Road

Thursday 22 June, Season 1

In one of the richest suburbs of Athens, the bus of a private school disappears. On board the bus were nine elementary students from rich and powerful families, along with the bus driver and chaperon.

The police forces scout the area and Nasos, an experienced detective, is placed in charge of the investigation. In a strange turn of events, Thalia, a young journalist and the black sheep of one of the most powerful families in town, becomes the only person the kidnappers chose to communicate with. Thalia immediately becomes a person of interest for the police.

Stars Penelope Tsilika, Dimitris Lalos and Christos Loulis.

Silent Road S1 is an SBS On Demand exclusive and will be available in Greek with English subtitles.

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw

Crisis In Cocaine Valley

Thursday 22 June

Cocaine, of all the party drugs, is one of the most expensive, and Peru is the world’s second-largest producer. But now the “Cocaine Valley” is near collapse, due to a crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Then, there is the ever-tougher policing around the world. As a result, dealers are losing everything, and resorting to desperate measures to maintain control of the illicit market. Crises In Cocaine Valley tracks the origins of their decline, the brutal lengths they are willing to go to, and the fallout they leave behind.


Thursday 29 June Danish

Elvira’s world turns upside down when Candy, a sex worker at the brothel where she works as a receptionist, goes missing.

Elvira is drawn into the dangerous criminal underworld of Copenhagen to find her, and the few people she is close to become implicated – her sweet brother battling addiction, and their close childhood friend, Køster who leads a double life as both police officer and brothel boss.

Navigating the complex web of human trafficking, shell companies, and deceitful personalities, Elvira finds herself becoming an underdog to fight for justice for those that no one else will.

Elvira S1 will also air at a later date on SBS. The series will be available in Danish with English subtitles.

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The Man Who Died

Thursday 6 July

Finnish Mushroom entrepreneur Jaakko sleepwalks through life until a dodgy diagnosis, an affair and threats from the local mushroom mafia turn his world upside down.

Soon he begins to feel gloriously alive for the first time in years, spurred on by his near-death experience, and pursuit of the mafia.

Stars Jussi Vatanen, Saara Kotkaniemi, and Elias Westerberg.

The Man Who Died S1 will be available in Finnish with English subtitles and will also air at a late date on SBS.

Count Abdulla

Thursday 6 July

Abdulla Khan, a young British-Pakistani junior doctor based in London, is bitten by a halal-hunting vampire, and he finds himself stuck in an identity crisis.

The Meaning Of Life

Thursday 13 July

Alva wants nothing more than to become a parent together with boyfriend Nico, but it’s just not happening. Meanwhile, her sister Ellen has three children with her husband Alex – but dearly wishes she hadn’t.

Stars Celie Sparre, Hannes Fohlin and Helena af Sandeberg.

The Meaning Of Life S1 is an SBS On Demand exclusive and will be available in Swedish with English subtitles.

Golden Boy

Thursday 20 July

Denis is a young, gifted football player, but after a difficult childhood, things haven’t been easy for him. Now, he might have made it: discovered by talent scout and gambling addict Chucky, he is called to the Serbian national team.

But Denis is hard to handle, unwilling to accept that even a genius must play by the rules – and he is kicked off the team. Worse, his foster sister Sarah, the only one whom he trusts, is leaving to study abroad. When Denis loses himself in drugs and parties, Chucky loses at the roulette tables – and sells Denis’ contract to the Belgrade Mafia.

Torn between the interests of others and with no one to trust will Denis be able to pull through or will this star burn as fast as he rises?

Golden Boy S1 will also air at a later date on SBS.

Bad Education

Thursday 27 July Season 1

Alfie Wicker (Jack Whitehall) was always a loser; the kid that everyone gave up hope in, dropping back year after year at school and at university.

But, in the end, he scraped through and got his PGCSE. And now, he’s got his first job as a teacher of a support class. His class is made up of pupils struggling to get through their GCSE’s and it’s his job to give them extra tuition in a selection of key topics.

So, in a highly ironic way, he’s now teaching himself eight years previously. He loves his pupils. And while he makes mistakes a plenty along the way he genuinely has their best interests at heart. It’s just that a love interest, a computer game or the opportunity of getting off his head sometimes, well, complicate things.

Seasons 1–5 of Being Human are now streaming at SBS On Demand

Two Korean dramas, Chimera and Blind, are coming to SBS on Demand.

SBS On Demand’s Homegrown Cinema collection celebrates the best Australian films, over 50 titles to stream free now

Featuring Alena Lodkina’s acclaimed feature film Petrol

The best of Australian cinema is available to stream free now on SBS On Demand, with over 50 titles to explore. SBS World Movies will also air a selection of homegrown classics in Homegrown Week from Monday 31 July, with Petrol airing on Tuesday 1 August at 9:30pm.

Don’t miss Alena Lodkina’s feature film Petrol, fresh from its return from New York’s New Directors/New Films festival, and Australian theatrical debut last month. The film has received major production investment from Screen Australia in association with VicScreen. Financed with support from the Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund, Orange Entertainment, SBS and Arenamedia. Developed with assistance of Screen Australia.

Petrol is the story of a haunted friendship between two young women Nathalie Morris (Bump) and Hannah Lynch, and the discovery of the world and self through a strange bond. The film is quintessentially Melbourne in its setting, the city where it was shot and edited.

Eva, an impressionable film student of Russian background, befriends an enigmatic performance artist named Mia who quickly takes hold of Eva’s imagination. As Eva moves in with Mia and their lives grow more and more entwined, Eva sets off on a surreal journey of awakening, haunted by dreams, fantasies and ghosts.

Director Alena Lodkina said: “For me, Petrol is a film about a young woman’s search of self, the strange line between self and others, the vulnerability of youth. At a time of change and discovery, when one readily loses oneself in other people, the delicate line between reality and imagination can become blurred.”

It is produced by Kate Laurie, with cinematography by Michael Latham, editing by Luca Cappelli and production design by Leah Popple.

SBS On Demand & World Movies Channel Manager, Haidee Ireland said: “We have a wealth of talent in Australia, both on-screen and behind the lens, who offer their unique perspective to homegrown stories and characters. We’re delighted to celebrate these special films on SBS On Demand in the Homegrown Cinema collection, offering the chance for audiences old and new to experience the amazing work of Australian creatives.”

See below for our top 10 Homegrown Cinema titles to stream free now on SBS On Demand:

Ali’s Wedding
After a reckless lie, the son of a Muslim cleric finds himself caught between his sense of duty and following his heart. He must follow through with his arranged marriage or be with the girl he truly loves.

Road Games
In this cult Australian classic from legendary filmmaker Richard Franklin, an Australian trucker (Stacy Keach) picks up a hitchhiking heiress (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the trail of a killer in a green van.

Home Song Stories
Rose Hong (Joan Chen) is a Hong Kong nightclub singer who emigrates to Australia with her sailor husband, Bill (Steven Vidler), and her two children, May (Irene Chen) and Tom (Joel Lok). The couple’s relationship doesn’t last long, but they attempt to reconcile after several years, and Rose and the kids move into Bill’s home outside Melbourne. The volatile and needy Rose has affairs and attempts suicide, and though her children stick around, they can’t get back their innocence.

Top End Wedding
Lauren (Miranda Tapsell) and Ned (Gwilym Lee) have 10 days to find Lauren’s mother (Ursula Yovich) who has gone AWOL in the remote far north of Australia so that they can reunite her parents and pull off their dream wedding.

Plagued with grief over the murder of her daughter, Valerie Somers (Barbara Hershey) suspects that her husband John (Geoffrey Rush) is cheating on her. When Valerie disappears, Detective Leon Zat (Anthony LaPaglia) attempts to solve the mystery of her absence. A complex web of love, sex and deceit emerges - drawing in four related couples whose various partners are distrustful and suspicious about each other’s involvement.

Hot Mess
The future looks bleak for Loz (Sarah Gaul). 25-years-old and still living with her parents, she struggles to follow her dreams… if only they weren’t so overwhelming. When she meets Dave (Marshall Campbell), a seemingly sensitive guy, Loz thinks she’s finally been cut a break: a guy with a paying job and he loves to spoon. But will Dave be able to fill her yawning existential void? Or will he throw her over the edge, back into the abyss of goon-filled lonely Fridays, desperate girlfriends, and endless episodes of reality TV?

Animal Kingdom
Released to worldwide critical acclaim, this gritty Australian crime drama follows young Joshua “J” Cody (James Frecheville) who is taken in by his extended family after his mother dies of an overdose. This branch of the Cody clan, overseen by J’s scheming grandmother, Janine (Oscar nominated, Jacki Weaver), is heavily involved in various criminal activities, and they quickly indoctrinate the boy into their way of life. However, J is given an opportunity to take a different route when a cop named Leckie (Guy Pearce) seeks to help him leave the family fold.

Hounds Of Love
In 1987, murderous couple John (Stephen Curry) and Evelyn (Emma Booth) roam the streets of Perth, Australia, searching for their latest victim. Fate leads them to Vicki Maloney (Ashleigh Cummings), a teen who snuck out of her house at night to go to a party. Now held captive in a room, Vicki must use her wits to try and drive a wedge between the crazed duo before they can finish her off.

A fatherly chemistry professor (Geoffrey Rush) indulges two young lovers (Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish) in their ever-increasing heroin habits. Eventually the pair, an artist named Candy and an aspiring poet named Dan, become caught in a harrowing downward spiral of drug dependency and failed efforts to get clean.

Samson and Delilah
From Cannes award-winning director Warwick Thornton comes the story of 14-year-old Aboriginal kids Samson (Rowan McNamara) and Delilah (Marissa Gibson) who hail from an isolated community in the Central Australian desert, where - for Samson - sniffing petrol is one of the few available ways of escaping the suffocating grimness of daily life. After a persistent campaign to gain Delilah’s affections, Samson steals the community’s sole motor car and persuades her to elope with him to Alice Springs.

To browse the full Homegrown Cinema collection on SBS On Demand click here.


Thursday 10 August, 8 ep France

When she’s not on stage, famous comedian Florence Foresti is just a single mum like any other.

On top of juggling the logistics of joint custody of her child, and the daily tribulations of a middle-aged woman, she battles the quirks of showbiz. Despite having thousands of fans, she often finds herself quite alone. When she does have company, she’s surrounded by other misfits, including a bulldog who serves as her “surrogate husband”, a housekeeper who acts like her boss, and a handful of drinking buddies.

Shambles S1 is an SBS On Demand exclusive and will be available in French with English subtitles.

DNA - Season 2

Thursday 10 August

Five years after his daughter’s disappearance, Danish police officer Rolf discovers a fatal flaw in the DNA database and might finally be able to find her.

Cinematic, highly topical, and artfully weaving a dynamic crime story with character-driven action across three countries and numerous locations, the second season of DNA successfully builds on the first, consolidating the title as a must-watch and standout contemporary drama.

Stars Charlotte Rampling, Anders W. Berthelsen and Zofia Wichlacz.

Nordland 99

Thursday 17 August

The year is 1999. In a small provincial town, Lukas, Kris and Alex hang out, party, and try to keep boredom at bay. But beneath the surface, a darkness lurks in the town. When Alex disappears after a party, Lukas and Kris ally themselves with Alex’s sister Emma, and together they start searching for their missing friend. Meanwhile, Lukas’ father, the apathetic police officer Christian, refuses to believe that Alex has disappeared, but when he begins to investigate a burned-out car on the outskirts of the town, the tracks lead in the same direction as the teenagers are heading, and their respective investigations inevitably become intertwined.

Syndrome E

Thursday 24 August, 6 ep France

Frank Sharko is a brooding, loner cop who lost his family in a terrorist attack. He’s particularly struggling to get over the death of his daughter Eugenie, who appears to him in taunting visions.

At work, he begins investigating a case of missing children and a disturbing 1960s movie that spurs people who watch it to commit bizarre and dangerous acts. Detective Lucie Henebelle is a single mom who joins forces with Sharko after realising that events in her own past could be tied to this case. Together, they for answers on an adrenaline-fueled journey across three continents, from France to Canada to Morocco.

Then You Run

Thursday 31 August

When Tara O’Rourke kills her estranged father in a drug-fuelled rage, she and her best friends are forced to flee across Europe in search of Tara’s long-lost mother.

Along the way, the girls must navigate depleting funds, awkward romances and an inconvenient pregnancy – but the biggest danger comes from Tara’s uncle, Reagan – because the girls made the mistake of stealing Reagan’s drug stash…and he happens to be the most feared gangster in Rotterdam.

Stars Lea McNamara, Richard Coyle, Yasmin Monet Prince, and Vivian Oprah.

Developed for television by Ben Chanan, based on the novel You by Zoran Drvenka.


Thursday 7 September

After the world survives the outbreak of a global catastrophe, a new society – Arcadia – emerges, where every citizen is assigned a score based on their behaviour.

With a high score, you can have the perfect life; with a low score, you’ll be expelled from society into the wilderness of the Outer World.

When the father of the Hendriks-Jans family learns his youngest daughter’s score will sentence her to exile, he creates an algorithm to inflate her points. Pieter’s tampering is soon discovered and he is banished to the Outer World. Now his whole family are suspects and their scores lowered. Can they survive their new reality?

Arcadia will air at a later date on SBS and will be available in Flemish with English subtitles on SBS On Demand.

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The Change

Monday 18 September

Linda, a 50-year-old working class married mother of two, is having an existential crisis. Convinced she’s got early onset dementia after forgetting what a shoe is called, Linda’s GP informs her it is, in fact, the menopause.

Feeling empowered by this information, Linda decides to do something for herself… for a change. Linda sets off alone to the spectacular wilderness of The Forest of Dean - in search of an identity, a purpose, and tree she climbed as a child. Along the way she meets an array of eccentric locals, including the infamous Eel Sisters, an angry local radio presenter and a mysterious man who lives in the woods with a wild boar.

What could possibly go wrong?

Rurangi - Season 2

Thursday 14 September

With Caz torn over the predicament facing rural rainbow youth, and Anahera unmasking the macron bomber, Rūrangi’s culture war intensifies between the transgender activists, farmers, and local Māori - all while ancestors from the past reach out to the living with unfinished business.

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The 6-part series received good reviews when it aired in the UK in June and July 2023. For example


Thursday 28 September

  • Number of Episodes 6
  • Genre: Swedish noir

One midsummer evening in 1973, in a small Swedish town, two tourists are found murdered in a tent. The unsolved crime casts shadows on the lives of several people.

From the producers of The Killing, The Bridge and Borgen. Adapted from Kerstin Ekman’s international bestseller.

Blackwater will also air at a later date on SBS and will be in available in Swedish with English subtitles on SBS On Demand.


Thursday 28 September

  • Number of Episodes: 8
  • Genre: Belgian comedy
  • Promo

Inspector Chantal Vantomme starts a new life in Loveringem, aka the Farwest of Flanders, as the new coordinator of the small and rural police office. She arrives in a macho world where the apparent tranquillity does not guarantee less crime.

Murder In… Collection

Thursday 5 October

In this gorgeous collection of mysteries, each set in a different, picturesque region of France, detective duos solve standalone crimes. Locations featured include the Auvergne Mountains, Lourdes, Provins, Broceliande, Alsace and Saint Omer.

Piste Noire

Thursday 12 October

When a local worker is found murdered in his caravan, ski-champion-turned-police-officer Emilie discovers behind the beauty of the icy mountains lies a dangerous conspiracy. Emilie joins forces with Major Servoz, a disillusioned local gendarme, and they soon discover a link between the crime and local drug dealers.

Then Emilie uncovers evidence that brings the case far too close to home: her brother may be the murderer.

Night Bloomers

Saturday 28 October

Night Bloomers is an anthology of Australian horror stories from the Korean diaspora and their battle to overcome the evil that live amongst them.

With a goblin stowaway, creatures stalking in the night and shamanistic communications with the dead, Night Bloomers is an anthology of interconnected horror stories, set in a world of unresolved yearnings from the Korean Australian diaspora.

Through a series of creepy and off-kilter encounters, each hero goes through a dark night of a soul that forces them to confront their fractured identities and the evil spawning around them.

Hidden Assets: Season 2

Thursday 12 October (all 6 episodes)


Having returned to Ireland after Richard Melnick’s memorial service, Bibi fears her father-in-law’s partners are tying up loose ends, so she approaches CAB with a deal: protection and immunity from prosecution in return for information. However, there have been changes in CAB and new team lead, DS Claire Wallace, is less inclined than her predecessor to deal with Bibi. But when coordinated cyber-attacks on CAB and the Belgian Counter-Terrorist Unit are linked back to the Brannigan case, Claire is left with no option.

Claire and CTU’s Christian De Jong question Bibi and are stunned to learn the truth about the Belgian bombing campaign. Bibi also divulges the existence of a mole in CTU. The CAB team travel to Antwerp, joining forces with Europol for a sting operation. In the face of growing violence and ever increasing stakes, Claire and Christian race against time to uncover the CTU mole and expose a vast conspiracy.

Shoresy - Season 2

Friday 27 October

Shoresy (Jared Keeso) and the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs of the Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization (aka The NOSHO) continue their quest to never lose again in this hilarious second season.

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