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Ainsley’s Taste of Malta

From Friday 3 May 7:30 pm

Join Ainsley Harriott as he explores the effervescent culture and cuisine of this historic island paradise. Packed with sunshine, laughter, and incredible food, Ainsley searches out the freshest ingredients. Ainsley cooks up a feast that reflects the Maltese foodie fusion of Mediterranean and Arabic influences. Along the way, in five mouth-watering episodes, viewers enjoy the dazzling sights of this intriguing island outpost, as well as delicious recipes and takeaway travel tips that take them on and off the beaten track.

Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens

From Saturday 18 May 6:35pm

Join Raymond Blanc as he tours the kitchen gardens of five of the most beautiful royal palaces around the UK. At each palace Raymond discovers the secrets of their gardens, gains insights into royal life, and uses the wondrous produce they grow to create his own delicious dishes.

Get Ready to join Dan Hong as he hits the streets in his ultimate culinary journey

The Streets Hong Kong premieres 3 June

Escape the kitchen and travel to one of the most vibrant and exciting street food destinations on the planet, Hong Kong. Join acclaimed executive chef, author, and presenter Dan Hong as he returns to SBS Food with The Streets Hong Kong, premiering on SBS Food and SBS On Demand on Monday 3 June at 7.30pm.

In this new series, Dan explores Hong Kong, learning about its history and culture and how this has shaped the local food scene. Determined to discover the most authentic flavours, Dan will scour the streets and markets to meet the vendors and find out how these traditional dishes are made and served to hordes of hungry customers every day.

It’s known that Hong Kong is a food-obsessed paradise with many dishes to explore. Known for its melting pot of Chinese, European, Japanese and Korean cultures, the city has seen street food flourish. From Dim Sum to Fish Balls to Egg Tarts, follow Dan as he unearths the origins and evolution of many iconic street food dishes tracing them back to their roots and cooking them.

Dan learns the secrets to some of Hong Kong’s finest delicacies and heads into the kitchens of some of the city’s finest restaurants to find out how the chefs are elevating these treasured dishes. Taking everything he’s learned back to his kitchen, Dan puts his own unique and playful spin on these classic dishes, showcasing an array of fresh and original recipes to inspire. Packed with great cooking tips along the way, Dan’s fast-moving series has the home cook firmly in mind as he hits the streets and beyond!

Host, Dan Hong said: “Running a few Chinese restaurants in Australia, Hong Kong has long been a big inspiration, and whenever I got the chance to go, I mostly went to restaurants on the central side specialising in fine Cantonese cooking. For this series I decided to take a different turn, discovering the old school institutions that have a rich and long history specialising in singular dishes which most are unfortunately a dying art with nobody in the next generation to continue the tradition. Not only did I learn about how they started and continued their businesses to this very day, I also saw the lifelong dedication and heart they put into their craft. From pigs roasting in an underground woodfired oven, to wonton noodles and one of the very last handmade fish ball factories, this culinary trip was really lifechanging for me and I can’t wait to show you.”

SBS Head of Food and Entertainment, Emily Griggs said: “SBS Food is excited to welcome back Dan Hong, whose magical flair for flavour brings culinary traditions to life in The Streets Hong Kong. Unlocking the secrets behind beloved street foods, Dan guides audiences to discover that they too can recreate these amazing dishes at home. Get ready to hit the streets with Dan Hong and explore the vibrant tastes of Hong Kong.”

Join Dan on an unforgettable adventure travelling through the streets of Hong Kong, with this fast-moving series exploring the incredible flavours and stories street food has to offer.

The Streets Hong Kong will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese and Traditional Chinese. The Streets Hong Kong is produced by HSquared for SBS Food.

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Come Dine With Me seems to have been removed from the channel. :pensive:

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Be My Guest with Ina Garten - seasons 1 - 3

Ina Garten and Nathan Lane sit on a park bench with gelato

It’s a dream invitation as Ina Garten invites incredible and fascinating people to her home for good food, great conversation and lots of fun.

A fabulous fresh mix of untold stories, burning questions asked and answered, tears, revelations and of course incomparable cooking. Ina welcomes her guests with a delicious treat and much to their amazement, in real pinch me moments, they’ll be rolling up their sleeves to cook with America’s national cooking treasure. There are also crazy delicious cocktails, tours of the beautiful garden and trips in Ina’s convertible to her beloved Hamptons hot spots and favorite haunts.

Be My Guest with Ina Garten premieres Sunday 2 June at 7:30pm on SBS Food. Episodes air weekly and will be available to stream on SBS On Demand the same time as broadcast.

Jimmy’s Taste Of Florida

From Friday 7 June 7:30 pm

On Jimmy’s Taste of Florida, join the celebrated UK chef and TV presenter for a glittering gastronomic tour of the Sunshine State. Part cooking show, part travelogue, Jimmy teams up with some of the region’s best-known chefs. And—from slick city kitchens to campfires under the stars—cooks up a mouthwatering array of Florida-inspired dishes in breathtaking locations clear across the state.

Along the way, Jimmy enjoys Miami’s renowned nightlife, motorbikes through the Keys, and heads deep into the Everglades by airboat. It’s a celebration of Florida’s epic landscapes and far-flung culinary influences—with plenty of inspiring takeaway recipes to spice up your everyday feasts.

Masters Of Taste With Gary Mehigan

From Wednesday 12 June 9:00 pm

Join celebrated chef Gary Mehigan as he travels India to celebrate its complex and delicious flavours, seeking trendsetting restaurants and chefs making their mark in the national food scene.

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Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted - Season 3

From Monday 17 June 8:30 pm

Gordon Ramsay is on culinary mission as he dives, fishes and forages across the world.

From hand-catching rattlesnakes in Texas, to fighting waves hunting for barnacles in Portugal, Ramsay’s adventure takes him lobstering in Maine; moonshining in the Smoky Mountains; rappelling for shrimp in Puerto Rico; bread making in Iceland’s volcanic sands; wrestling with conga eels in Croatia; and scaling cliffs for butter worms and honey ants in Mexico.

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Hugh’s Three Good Things

From Wednesday 12 June 8:30pm

Hugh wants to introduce you to a brilliant way of cooking that gives you maximum taste and creativity with minimum fuss. It all boils down to a blissfully simple formula. When it comes to great cooking, three turns out to be a magic number.

Mozzarella tomato and avocado, rhubarb, crumble and custard the reason they are all so brilliant is that they are nothing more than 3 good things and to prove it; every day he goes up against two exciting chefs, to each create a perfect plate of food using three main ingredients. But this is more than just a celebration of cooking, the chefs are out to scale the heights of competition cooking, and there can only be one winning recipe chosen a expert judge.

Sachie’s Kitchen - Season 2

From Wednesday 3 July 8:00 pm

Talented chef, business success and television personality Sachie Nomura travels New Zealand showcasing and celebrating exciting regional food scenes and producers while shining a light on the cultures that make up the contemporary New Zealand landscape.

There is delectable food, stunning landscapes and entertaining characters as Sachie seeks inspiration, new stories and new flavours to bring back to her kitchen. Each episode features one region and culminates back in Sachie’s home kitchen where she brings all of this inspiration to the plate creating a mouth-watering dish to try at home.

According to website of distributor Abacus Media Rights, season 2 of Sachie’s Kitchen was produced last year, 10 years after season 1. It also says that season 2 will have a special episode filmed in Hong Kong and China.

EDIT: according to her interview article in Woman’s Day NZ, Sachie took time off after shooting season 1 to focus on starting a family.

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Duff: Ace Of Taste

From Thursday 4 July 9:05pm

From rustic Topanga Canyon just north of Los Angeles, chef and baker Duff Goldman shows off how he eats, dreams and lives food. Inspired by his family, his community and his satisfaction in cooking, Duff’s savoury fare and baked confections fulfill and delight, and his simple, accessible recipes are a joy to make.

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Restaurants At the End of The World

Friday 12 July 7:30 pm

Running any successful restaurant takes a certain tenacity and grit, but those who set up deep in the wild cut off from normal supply lines are in a class all their own.

Curious to meet such culinary mavericks, Kristen Kish travels to far-flung locations to learn how these chefs overcome the formidable challenges required to serve memorable meals in the most remote outposts on Earth.

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Come Dine With Me is back in the schedule. People must have complained or maybe they lost ratings.

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Plat du Tour - Season 5

Thursday, 18 July at 8.35pm (2 Parts)

Get ready to embark on an epicurean adventure as renowned chef Guillaume Brahimi invites viewers to join him on a gastronomic journey through France and Italy in the beloved cooking series Plat Du Tour. Brahimi doesn’t just tantalise viewers’ taste buds, he will share delicious recipes that can be easily made at home. Kicking off his journey in the enchanting city of Florence, viewers will be transported to the vibrant streets of Italy, where Brahimi delves into the secrets of crafting authentic pasta and sensational desserts, guided by the warmth and expertise of local artisans. As the expedition crosses the majestic Alps into France, be treated to a smorgasbord of unforgettable food experiences. From the picturesque countryside, where farmers meticulously produce delicacies, to bakeries using pink pralines and world-class chocolate, Plat du Tour showcases the rich tapestry of European culinary heritage and is a celebration of the history, bounty and the passion of those who craft it.

Season Five, Episode One: Italy and Central France
Guillaume Brahimi travels through Italy and central France to explore the diverse culinary culture of the regions. Along the way he’ll meet some renowned food producers and taste some dishes that can only be found in their place of origin. Guillaume explores the unique cuisine of the Italian regions featured on the 2024 Tour de France route, then crosses the border into central France to sample some of the most delectable pastries that come from this picturesque part of the world.

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Come Dine with Me: The Professionals - Season 2

Weeknights at 9.30pm

Come Dine with Me: The Professionals celebrates the wonderful variety of restaurants and the amazing characters who work in them across the UK. In each episode, three local restaurant duos will go head-to-head as they take it in turns to host the others for a three-course dinner and prove they’ve got what it takes to win the £1,000 prize. At the end of each meal, the visiting restaurant pairs will score their host’s dinner, with the highest scorers overall securing the prize. There’ll be stunning cooking, hilarious hosting, no shortage of drama and some secret scoring as these restaurateurs do battle for the coveted cash prize.

Week 1:
Season Two, Episode One: Sheffield A
In Sheffield, husband and wife duo Pansy and Jeremy of Plesters are up against Sam and Elliot of The Garrison and Rebecca and Stephen of Butcher and Catch.

Season Two, Episode Two: Swansea B
In Swansea, childhood mates Ash and Suj from Adelina’s are battling it out against Matthew and Nathan from The Dillwyn Arms, and Britt and Jas of Juniper Place.

Season Two, Episode Three: Wolverhampton / Birmingham B
From Birmingham and Wolverhampton chef Adian and fiancé and front of house manager Eloise from Adian’s Dining are up against Kieran and Brandy from Smoking Bagels and Fiona and Simon of Rodeos.

Season Two, Episode Four: Brighton B
In Brighton and Hove, chef Neez and front of house Ahmad of Planet India battle it out against Amy and Dom who run Bonsai Plant Kitchen, and Josie and Will from Botanique.

Season Two, Episode Five: Belfast A
From Belfast the competition kicks off with mum and daughter Jane and Emir of Irish restaurant Holohan’s Pantry.

Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours - Season 2

Thursday, 25 July at 7.30pm

Join Ainsley Harriott as he explores flavours from around the world in his cosy kitchen. Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours will take your tastebuds on a journey, exploring the most exciting flavours from a range of global cuisines. Joining Ainsley are a host of famous faces bringing their own delights into the kitchen, from Suya kebabs to quesadillas. Ainsley also has some chef friends out and about to see what’s on offer at UK street food markets, all celebrating the fantastic flavours the world has to offer.

Season Two, Episode One: Middle Eastern

Ainsley kicks the series off with the flavours of the Middle East, starting with chicken torsh, a traditional sweet and sour Persian kebab. Lisa Snowdon pays a visit to Nilly’s Turkish to find out what makes her wraps so popular before cooking up her own dish inspired by the flavours she finds. Back in the studio, Ainsley is joined by Kate Lawler who whips up a mega salad, and she has a secret halloumi hack! Ainsley rounds off the show with shawarma butter cauliflower steaks with tahini, tabbouleh, and zhoug—a take on a Middle Eastern classic that packs a punch.

Be My Guest With Ina Garten - Season 3

Sunday, 28 July at 7.30pm

Ina Garten invites incredible and fascinating people to her home for good food, great conversation and lots of fun in the latest season of Be My Guest. There are welcome treats, a fascinating and warm sit-down interview digging deep into people’s amazing life stories and culinary fun as the guests roll up their sleeves to cook alongside Ina, having a once in a lifetime cooking class or proudly sharing and showcasing their own signature dish. There are cocktails, a snazzy pop quiz, alfresco eats and trips out to Ina’s favorite Hamptons hot spots and haunts. On the guest list are old and new friends, Misty Copeland the amazing world-famous ballerina, award winning actor, director, TV presenter and author Stanley Tucci, Hollywood superstar Laura Linney and multi-Grammy winning singer, songwriter and musician Norah Jones.

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Saw part 1 on SBS Food tonight. Being only two episodes long means some dishes have to be dropped from the compilation. Part 1 covered the first five episodes (Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Panini with Mortadella and Burrata, Silverbeet and Ricotta Agnolotti, Gateau De Savole, Galette De Perouges) and episode 11 (Gateaux Creusois). You will need to watch the missing episodes on SBS on Demand.

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