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Mark Moriarty: Off Duty Chef

From Monday 25 December 5:00 pm

Award winning and world-renowned chef Mark Moriarty is back with his brand-new series where he will be focusing on recipes that we all need. Mark will produce a collection of easy-to-follow recipes based around a single food group for every episode.

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now if only sbs world movies can do same

its mostly hollywood trash these days

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Everyday Gourmet With Justine Schofield - Season 4

From Monday 15 January 5pm

Develop your prowess in the kitchen with one of Australia’s favourite home cooks, Justine Schofield, on Everyday Gourmet.

Drawing on both her French and Australian heritage, Justine serves up everything from salad to soufflé, and gives you tips and tricks along the way to help you become a better cook. Justine is joined in the kitchen by an array of amazing guests, including celebrity chefs, nutritionists and food specialists who share their own recipes for you to try.

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My Greatest Dishes

From Thursday 11 January 7:30pm

Twenty of the world’s most celebrated chefs cook the four dishes that have made them what they are today. They’ll share not only their most significant recipes, but also the stories behind each, revealing how it’s shaped their lives, both personal and professional. From their childhood favourites to the food that brought them fame and fortune, each episode takes us on a culinary journey through their four mouth-watering dishes.

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Malaysia Gourmet With Justine Schofield

From Monday 29 January 7:30 pm

Embark on a tantalising adventure in this new eight-part series through Malaysia with Justine Schofield.

Explore the rich tapestry of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous flavours as Justine dives into the heart of Malaysia. From bustling markets to tranquil beaches, she immerses herself in local traditions, learns from talented chefs, and creates mouthwatering Malaysian dishes in stunning locations.

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The Cook Up with Adam Liaw - Season 6

The host with the most, Adam Liaw, is back with an all new inviting season of The Cook Up

Join a magnificent new line up of familiar faces for another season of heart-warming meals and friendly conversation when The Cook Up with Adam Liaw returns on Monday, February 26 on SBS On Demand and 7pm weeknights on SBS Food.

With celebrity friends, culinary icons and riveting conversation, the new season of The Cook Up with Adam Liaw is exactly the kind of food delivery your home needs: a delightful half hour of cooking and entertainment with a side of laughs.

Every weeknight, two foodie friends join Adam. Chefs, comedians, authors, journalists, singers, actors, sports personalities and everything in between: if they love food and a chat, Adam welcomes them into The Cook Up kitchen. This season sees more famous faces from the world of food and entertainment at the benchtop. Guests include tennis star Priscilla Hon, Dr Michael Mosley, Rachel Ward, Eddie Perfect, Lincoln Younes, Art Simone, Nikki Britton, Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, Dave Lawson, Christie Whelan Browne, Mahmoud Ismail, Jamie Durie, Clare Bowditch, Bert La Bonte, Joe White, Ann Reardon and Ashley Vola.

This series sees the first kids’ episode of The Cook Up with two future food stars cooking in the kitchen. We also see Adam cook alongside some of Australia’s finest established and upcoming chefs and have fascinating discussions with the most interesting personalities from all around the country. Of course, just like in any good kitchen, some old friends have been welcomed back to carry on the cooking and conversation, such as Joel Bennetts, Yumi Stynes and Julia Busuttil Nishimura.

Friday nights on The Cook Up feature inspirational ideas that will have everyone asking for the recipe with Easy Entertainment. Guests on Easy Entertaining include Tasting Australia Festival Director Karena Armstrong, Eddie Perfect and Ashley Vola. Adam also hosts an Eid al-Fitr Easy Entertaining episode featuring Racha Abou Alchamat and Engku Putri Irna Mysara.

This season, The Cook Up once again celebrates Refugee Week by featuring talented top chefs and guests sharing their stories and experiences. Adam is joined by recently retired AFLW star Akec Makur Chuot, comedian Joe White, UNHCR technology guru Zoe Ghani, refugee advocate Asif Sultani, and inspiring entrepreneur Anyier Yuol, and more.

Presenter, Adam Liaw, says “This season of The Cook Up is our biggest and best yet. We’ve got stars of stage and screen like Rachel Ward, Lincoln Younes, Christie Whelan Browne, and Eddie Perfect. International megastars like Michael Mosley, Martin Yan and Ievgen Klopotenko. There’s hit dishes from Australia’s cult restaurants like Porkfat, Etta, Byron Bay’s Bar Heather and Chae (where the waitlist is 8 years long!) and all the great conversations that people have come to expect from The Cook Up. I have fans of the show come up to me every single day telling me how they never miss an episode, and I know they’re going love this season as much as I do.”

Emily Griggs, SBS Head of Food, says “The Cook Up has firmly established itself as the ultimate destination for delectable recipes and engaging conversation, boasting over 250 new recipes this season to inspire our SBS viewers’ kitchens. Personally, I highly value the ‘Easy Entertaining’ episodes airing every Friday, offering a simple guide to hosting events. Relieve your entertaining stress by following three meticulously crafted recipes tailored for the same event. Whether you’re planning a sophisticated canapé and cocktail party, a charming French Provincial Picnic, or a flavourful Eid al-Fitr Feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan, The Cook Up caters to everyone’s tastes. With ideas and recipes for both everyday meals and special events, The Cook Up stands as your ultimate culinary companion.”

An internal SBS production, The Cook Up will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Korean afterwards.

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw season six will premiere weekdays on SBS On Demand from Monday February 26 and at 7pm weeknights on SBS Food. All episodes from previous series of The Cook Up are available to stream on SBS On Demand.

Recipes and more on The Cook Up with Adam Liaw available at SBS Food website.

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The Cook Up with Adam Liaw is one of the most underrated cooking shows out there. Glad its starting again in a few weeks time.

I may not watching it often at 7pm though (its a tough timeslot), but i do watch the repeat airing at 10.30pm more often.


Evolving Vegan

From Saturday 24 February 6:30 pm

Evolving Vegan is a food, travel, and adventure series, starring and based on Canadian actor Mena Massoud’s (Aladdin) cookbook. Each one-hour episode features Massoud as he explores the exploding plant-based food scene across North America, visiting cities such as Los Angeles, Portland, Toronto, Vancouver and Austin to meet the trailblazing chefs and restaurateurs serving up the best vegan eats each city has to offer.

He will also meet with exciting innovators within the plant-based food space and link up with celebrity friends and locals as they eat their way through each locale’s best vegan offerings. Massoud’s mission is to show people how incredibly delicious and accessible plant-based options are and to encourage people to evolve vegan and try vegan meals, even if it’s for one night of the week.

There will be two seasons of The Cook Up in 2024 - season 6 which starts next Monday, and season 7 later in the year.

Adam Liaw will also bring his show to the Adelaide Fringe Festival next week (Woodville Town Hall on the evenings of February 29 and March 1).

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Remarkable Places to Eat - Season 3

RPTE_S01_Puglia_Fred and Dermot in Gallipolio © Ian Black, Outline Productions & All3media International.jpg

Sunday 10 March at 8:30PM

Fred and Dermot in Gallipolio in the 3rd season of Remarkable Places to Eat

Some of the world’s most highly respected chefs and foodies open up their little black books to give us the ultimate guide on where in the world to eat, as they reveal their absolute favourite places from tiny, tucked-away family-run trattorias to restaurants at the cutting edge of innovation.

Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime-tasting menu showcasing locally foraged flavours or an unforgettable snack elevated to something extraordinary, join Fred Sirieix and a special guest each episode for a culinary adventure.

Remarkable Places to Eat season 3 premieres on Sunday 10 March at 8:30PM on SBS Food, with episodes airing weekly.

Every episode of season 3 will be available on SBS On Demand 10 March.

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