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Cook Like An Italian With Silvia Colloca - Season 3

Tuesday 17 May 8:00 PM

Culinary goddess and the queen of Italian cooking, Silvia Colloca, is ready to load you up with more simple, home cooked Italian meals, returning to screens for another season of Cook Like An Italian.

In Season 3 of Cook Like An Italian, Silvia is dishing up the timeless Italian passion for homemade ingredients and the family food rituals that many Italian Australians still use today to eat well and educate each new generation on the sanctity of food and its connection to family.

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Food In Our Time

From Wednesday 1 June at 8:30 PM

In this award-winning, premium culinary journey, Michelin-starred chef André Chiang travels the world to explore the deeper meanings and origins of food.

He uncovers everything from the Russian Yakuts’ frozen diet and the chefs in Japan, Peru and Ghana re-interpreting food heritage, to the work of visionary chefs Massimo Bottura and food-chemist Hervé This.

Join these internationally renowned chefs on a journey through history and culture as André Chiang delves into the nature, heritage and lasting legacy behind our cuisine.

Episode 1: In the coldest inhabited place on Earth - Oymyakon in Russia, with temperatures averaging minus 50 degrees in winter and seemingly inhuman living conditions.

Hairy Bikers Go North

From Monday 6 June 8:30 PM

The Hairy Bikers are back, exploring the best of northern British food on an epic road trip from east to west, exploring all of the culinary delights.

Secret Delicious

From Friday 24 June 8:00 PM

Singaporean food writer Aun Koh discovers his hometown’s food secrets with an off-menu Buah Keluak burger and a famed homemade sourdough. He also gets access to one of Singapore’s most exclusive bars.

Pati’s Mexican Table

From Monday 4 July 5:30 PM

Chef Pati Jinich visits the central state of Jalisco, the birthplace of some of Mexico’s most beloved cultural traditions and culinary staples. Traveling from Mexico’s second-largest city, the vibrant, creative and thriving Guadalajara to the favorite beach destination of Puerto Vallarta, Pati’s trip is packed with adventure and amazing meals.

She explores the history and passion of mariachi music, follows the tequila-making process from agave field to tasting table, experiences the historic horse riding and skills competition called escaramuza and tastes iconic dishes from the region like birria, barbacoa, menudo and of course, the famous tortas ahogadas. Join Pati as she discovers the birthplace of so many Mexican classics with each bite.