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Cook Like An Italian With Silvia Colloca - Season 3

Tuesday 17 May 8:00 PM

Culinary goddess and the queen of Italian cooking, Silvia Colloca, is ready to load you up with more simple, home cooked Italian meals, returning to screens for another season of Cook Like An Italian.

In Season 3 of Cook Like An Italian, Silvia is dishing up the timeless Italian passion for homemade ingredients and the family food rituals that many Italian Australians still use today to eat well and educate each new generation on the sanctity of food and its connection to family.

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Food In Our Time

From Wednesday 1 June at 8:30 PM

In this award-winning, premium culinary journey, Michelin-starred chef André Chiang travels the world to explore the deeper meanings and origins of food.

He uncovers everything from the Russian Yakuts’ frozen diet and the chefs in Japan, Peru and Ghana re-interpreting food heritage, to the work of visionary chefs Massimo Bottura and food-chemist Hervé This.

Join these internationally renowned chefs on a journey through history and culture as André Chiang delves into the nature, heritage and lasting legacy behind our cuisine.

Episode 1: In the coldest inhabited place on Earth - Oymyakon in Russia, with temperatures averaging minus 50 degrees in winter and seemingly inhuman living conditions.

Hairy Bikers Go North

From Monday 6 June 8:30 PM

The Hairy Bikers are back, exploring the best of northern British food on an epic road trip from east to west, exploring all of the culinary delights.

Secret Delicious

From Friday 24 June 8:00 PM

Singaporean food writer Aun Koh discovers his hometown’s food secrets with an off-menu Buah Keluak burger and a famed homemade sourdough. He also gets access to one of Singapore’s most exclusive bars.

The Chocolate Queen

Sunday 3 July 8:05 PM

Passionate chocoholics can rejoice with four of Kirsten’s best chocolate recipes in today’s episode, with classic comfort Hot Chocolate Bombs and Chocolate Crackers on the menu

Pati’s Mexican Table

From Monday 4 July 5:30 PM

Chef Pati Jinich visits the central state of Jalisco, the birthplace of some of Mexico’s most beloved cultural traditions and culinary staples. Traveling from Mexico’s second-largest city, the vibrant, creative and thriving Guadalajara to the favorite beach destination of Puerto Vallarta, Pati’s trip is packed with adventure and amazing meals.

She explores the history and passion of mariachi music, follows the tequila-making process from agave field to tasting table, experiences the historic horse riding and skills competition called escaramuza and tastes iconic dishes from the region like birria, barbacoa, menudo and of course, the famous tortas ahogadas. Join Pati as she discovers the birthplace of so many Mexican classics with each bite.

The Streets with Dan Hong

Chef Dan Hong returns to screens to discover and recreate the best street foods from around the world

From Thursday 4 August at 8pm

Australian executive chef and television host Dan Hong is back on screens, this time ready to dish up and uncover the origins of some of the most delicious street foods from around the world. In his decorated culinary career, Dan has travelled far and wide taking inspiration from a wide range of cultures, with a different take on street food – each with its own history and identity.

From the moreish Colombian Arepa Domino to the savory and crispy Indonesian Martabak to the iconic Canadian Poutine, The Streets with Dan Hong will follow Dan as he sets about unearthing these national icons, tracing them back to their roots and then dishing them up. Not only will Dan be recreating the authentic and classic version of some of the best street foods from around the globe, but he’ll also put his own unique twist on these, creating a fresh and easy version that has the home cook firmly in mind. With six recipes in each episode, the hardest part will be choosing what to cook.

Over eight jam-packed episodes, Dan will cook up recipes from every corner of the globe, shining a light on the best street eats from all over Asia, India, America, South America, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East. Packed with great cooking tips along the way, this fast-moving series will take viewers on the ultimate culinary journey without having to even leave the living room.

Presenter Dan Hong, says:

“Street food is honestly my favourite food to eat. It’s incredible how these authentic and rustic dishes that were born from a cheap way to feed the masses, have evolved on the streets of every city in the world. I can’t wait to show Australians the origins and backstories of each of these meals. I’m also incredibly excited and humbled to be bringing viewers into my kitchen for some new twists on old classic street food dishes – ones that you can so easily whip up on any given night of the week!”

SBS Head of Food, Emily Griggs, says:

“At SBS Food we strive to spotlight and celebrate cuisines from around the world and what better way to showcase this than with street food. Dan is a culinary icon who puts his own delectable spin on traditional recipes. We are so thrilled to have worked with him on this unique show that is jam packed full of dishes that will inspire everyone to cook delicious street eats at home.”

The Streets with Dan Hong is a HSquared production for SBS Food. Financed with support from brand partners.

The Streets with Dan Hong will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in both Arabic and Simplified Chinese.

From next Monday (July 25), new episodes of The Cook Up with Adam Liaw will premiere on SBS at 6pm weeknights, before their regular broadcast on SBS Food at 7pm.


Recipes That Made Me

From Monday 15 August 11:30 AM

Restaurateur Nisha Katona travels around the UK meeting home cooks to discover the secrets and stories behind authentic family recipes from across the Indian subcontinent.

The Julia Child Challenge

From Saturday 20 August 6:35 PM

Home cooks and Julia Child superfans compete during two rounds of competition in an attempt to impress the judges with their culinary abilities and share how Julia changed their lives. The contestants will re-create some of Julia’s signature dishes in the first round, with a little guidance from Julia herself, as seen on a giant television screen in the middle of the action.

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The Wine Show - Season 2

Saturday 27 August 9:40 PM double episodes, full season on SBS On Demand

In the first show in the new series of The Wine Show, Matthew Goode welcomes new face James Purefoy to their beautiful new villa in France. Together they are tasked with putting together a case of wine to match a six-course lunch made by Michelin starred French chef Stéphane Reynaud.

TBI reports SBS has bought two food shows from distributor Beyond Rights.

Best of Britain by the Sea (5 x 60 minutes), made by Blink Films, debuted on More 4 in UK in May this year. Two of Britain’s most-loved foodies, Ainsley Harriott and Grace Dent, will explore some of the best seaside holiday destinations – and dishes – the British Isles have to offer.

Produced by Canada’s ECG Productions, Taste the Diversity (10 x 30 minutes) explores history, culture and culinary traditions from around the world through the prism of tasty national dishes.

John Torode’s Middle East

From Wednesday 7 September 8:00 PM

Chef John Torode has gone on an incredible journey to track down the best food from the Middle East. On his travels John hears fascinating food stories from the locals as well as picking up helpful tips, tricks and delicious traditional recipes.

Gok Wan’s Easy Asian

From Thursday 8 September 9:00 PM

This new Gok Wan series is an exhilarating adventure into South East Asian food that’s as fresh and vibrant as the food Gok’s cooking.

SBS to dish up two mouth-watering new shows on Thursday nights

Culinary delight Guillaume’s Paris and bold new format Dishing It Up will premiere on SBS main channel and SBS Food, offering viewers a fresh line-up of delicious entertainment to devour on Thursday nights from 22 September and 29 September respectively. Both shows explore our continuous desire as human beings to discover, create and indulge in cuisines from all corners of the world, highlighting SBS’s diverse catalogue of food content.

SBS Head of Food and Entertainment, Emily Griggs said: “Guillaume’s Paris and Dishing It Up are glorious celebrations of food and culture. Both concepts were born out of a passion and desire to entertain, excite and educate Australians on our everchanging, relationship with food. From the beauty and charm of Parisian pizzazz to the hilarious kitchen mishaps of Dishing It Up, each show has something for everyone.”

Our favourite French Chef Guillaume Brahimi returns home to the vibrant streets of Paris to bring viewers an inside peek into the city’s magnificent food culture in Guillaume’s Paris, premiering with a double episode on Thursday, 22 September at 7.30pm on SBS, SBS Food and SBS On Demand.

Host, Guillaume Brahimi said: “I was born in Paris, never in all my days growing up in this city would I have imagined that I would make a series where I would take people on a journey through each arrondissement (suburb). No matter what the arrondissement or the craft, I am in awe of so many different artisans. From the artists, the cheese maker, charcuterie, the baker, the brewers, the fruit and vegetable growers and the people who service everything in between, all of them are committed to their craft and to doing it great every day. All these people make Paris what it is, and I hope viewers enjoy watching it as much as I did making it, and more, I hope it will add to their adventures one day.”

Director of Blink TV, and Executive Producer, Paul Clarke Said: “We set out on this series to capture the cinematic thrill of Paris; a city literally driven by its love of food. We had the concept of revealing the stories and differences between each of the arrondissements (suburbs) of the city, from the 1st arrondissement, the original home of the very first restaurant between the palaces, to the 20th which was a home to exiles, mavericks and artists like Edith Piaf. We hoped we could transport our audience there, remembering some great times they had themselves in the French capital, but also connecting with culture, Guillaume’s innate knowledge of the cuisine, and a bit of the history to help understand how it came to be that way.”

In SBS’s hilarious new home cooking show Dishing It Up, everyday Aussies put celebrity chef recipes to the test to see if they’re as impressive in reality as they seem on our screens. This completely new format premieres on Thursday, 29 September at 7.30pm on SBS, SBS Food and SBS On Demand.

In this eight-part series, six daring duo’s invite cameras into their home kitchens and attempt to cook delicious dishes created by popular chefs such as Donna Hay, Adam Liaw, Poh Ling Yeow, Miguel Maestre, Matty Matheson and many more to see if they have the expertise, patience and precision to master their skilful recipes.

Creator and Series Producer, Michelle Galluzzo of The Precinct said: “Dishing It Up is a cooking show like no other.

There’s no competition (other than some healthy couple rivalry), no manufactured drama (apart from the occasional smoke alarm) and no prize (besides bragging rights from the better home cook). The beauty of Dishing It Up is that it’s real, raw and relatable – a stark contrast to the perfect, stylised celebrity chef cooking shows we’re used to.”

Guillaume’s Paris

This ten-part series travels through all 20 districts of Paris, locally known as arrondissements, showcasing the best of Parisian gastronomy. From boulangeries to brasseries, heaving food markets to secret underground farms, and quaint cafés to Michelin starred restaurants, Guillaume will leave no cobblestone unturned in this unique tour of food, culture, and a taste of history in the city of love.

Known for beautifully crafted pastries, delectable wine and exquisite fine dining, Paris also celebrates eating tasty, evocative food at an affordable price; they call this bistronomy. Guillaume discovers Michelin star chefs who have opened fast food venues and increasingly popular eateries specialising in international cuisines in the Jewish and Asian communities. Each district more dazzling than the last, the series also explores the largest garden rooftop in Europe, which at 14,000 square meters, produces hundreds of kilos of fruit and vegetables every day.

Guillaume will also cook 20 French recipes that will ignite your taste buds, inspired by each arrondissement and using local ingredients sourced from across the city. Recipes include king prawn ravioli, a crispy, golden pie filled with duck and foie gras, classic beef rossini, French onion soup, a devilish apple tart with homemade cinnamon ice cream, pink raspberry macarons and many more.

Guillaume’s Paris is an SBS original produced by Blink TV. It is written and directed by Bryan Moses and executive produced by Paul Clarke.

Guillaume’s Paris will premiere on Thursday, 22 September at 7.30pm on SBS, SBS Food and SBS On Demand and move to 8pm from 29 September.

Recipes and more from Guillaume’s Paris will be available on the SBS Food Website.

Dishing It Up

Dishing It Up puts celebrity chef recipes to the test with the toughest critics of all, home cooks.
Armed with only utensils from their own kitchens, chaos ensues as everyday Aussies fire up their tablets and attempt to follow celebrity chefs, watching step by step as the recipes unfold. From cooking disasters to misguided measurements and appliance malfunctions, Dishing It Up wipes away the showbiz sheen to reveal the hilarious home truths behind your favourite cooking shows.

Participants span generations, cultures and cooking abilities and are united in just one thing: their love of food. They include, mother and daughter Magda and Sara, sassy friends Anna and Matt, best mates Hari and Jonathan and married couples Fiona and Jeremy, Yash, and Stefan, and Waz and Jen. Radio host, actress, writer and comedian Veronica Milsom adds her comedic flare as narrator of all eight episodes.

Dishing It Up is developed and produced by The Precinct Studios in association with SBS.
Dishing It Up will premiere on Thursday, 29 September at 7.30pm on SBS, SBS Food and SBS On Demand.
Guillaume’s Paris and Dishing It Up will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in both Arabic and Simplified Chinese.

Rachel Khoo’s Simple Pleasures

From Wednesday 14 September 8:00 PM

Rachel Khoo creates mouth-watering dishes that you can cook at home. Rachel’s recipes aren’t fussy or complicated and are made with the kind of simple ingredients found at your local shop.

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Ainsley’s Good Mood Food - Season 2

From Saturday 1 October 6:30 PM

Join chef Ainsley Harriot for a second series celebrating delicious food that really boosts your mood! There’s no two ways about it – food can make you feel amazing! ! Food nourishes, it replenishes, it lifts you when you are down and keeps you smiling when you want to party.

Ainsley will be cooking in his own happy places, in his kitchen and on the beach, he’ll be showcasing some of the fabulous flavours, incredible ingredients, and marvellous methods that go into meals that simply make you smile!

But that’s not all. Ainsley takes a riotous road trip fuelled by his passion for the produce that has made him the happiest chef on earth! And whilst Ainsley’s off on his adventures, friend and chef Joseph Dennison will also be taking to the road and meeting people up and down the country as they create their own version of happy, good-for-the soul food. Joseph will also be knocking up some tasty dishes using the produce he finds along the way. It’s an epicurean adventure across the UK, filled with the tastiest produce in the land!

Whether it’s vegetables in Devon, Chocolate in York, Lavender in Hampshire or peas in Lincolnshire, Ainsley and Joseph will be looking at how the very best produce is grown, created, or made.

Inspired by the people they meet, and food they find on their adventures Ainsley will be whipping up fantastic dishes guaranteed to make you happy.

Eat Me: Or Try Not To

From Saturday 15 October 9:30 PM

Eat Me: Or Try Not To is a six-part series that dives into the global food industry and explores how iconic brands shape the world we live in with incredible stories about the people, the products, the science, the marketing, and the money behind them. And where it’s all headed.

SBS Food will be showing season 2 which first aired in Britain in June 2021. There are eight episodes in the season.

Bobby and Giada in Italy

From Saturday 22 October 7:30 PM, 4 parts

Famous TV chefs Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis visit Italy to explore its amazing cuisine.

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SBS Food promo for 2023

A Long Weekend In… With Rory O’Connell

From Wednesday 9 November 2022 8:00 PM

Rory O’Connell’s brand new series starts with the popular Cork chef enjoying the culture as well as the cuisine of eight European cities - Palma de Mallorca, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid, Bath, Nantes, Copenhagen, and Edinburgh.

This new eight-part series sees Rory O’Connell visiting a different city in each episode, and while the primary focus is on food, Rory is a knowledgeable guide to so much more, with art and design being particular interests of his. At the end of each episode, Rory makes a delicious dish with the local produce he sources on his travels.

Nadiya’s Fast Flavours

From Thursday 17 November 8:30 PM

Nadiya Hussain is on a mission to put the excitement back into daily meals.

She’ll put your tastes buds into overdrive: sour, sweet, spicy, tart, piquant, zesty, earthy, nutty - no flavour experience will be left unexplored! As well as shedding light on how certain flavour combinations work, Nadiya will touch on the power of flavour to evoke emotion and nostalgia, sharing memories and anecdotes from her own life as she cooks.

Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off

From Monday 21 November at 2:30 PM

Monica Padman interviews celebrity guests while they attempt to recreate tiny recipes. Padman deems one guest the winner and awards them with a shiny (but tiny) trophy.