But you’re focing the ‘politically correct’ narrative, that all who have any similar view must be gay haters?

No, I said I don’t like it (people being gay, gay marriage, same sex kissing and goodness knows whatelse), I believe a man and a woman are meant for each other, as God conveys through bible scripture.

BUT, I do accept it. I would never say anything to someone’s face or online. I am not homophobic. It is what it is. As I also said I know people close to me who are gay.

But if you know better, fine by me, whatever Turdall.


Not at all. I believe those that say its not normal or feel uncomfortable for two men or two women to kiss is simply narrow minded.

Bible scripture that contradicts itself on every page?

No you don’t accept it. You clearly said you feel uncomfortable with two people of the same sex that kiss. That is quite homophobic if you ask me. It shouldn’t matter if who kisses who. There is no law against it. If you feel uncomfortable with two people kissing then that is what you should say.


You’re getting muddled. ‘Accept’ in terms of living with it, not marching with pitch forks and torches and starting world war 3 and the like. I can accept it and live with it, including friends, without liking it.

But I think comments like yours are just as dangerous as people with ‘pitch forks’. And this is where the bible and religion can be quite harmful. People have interrupted the bible in that way. It does not paint a clear picture of what you are suggesting.

You asked

So you opened up this conversation. And yes, I believe your interpretation of the bible is quite harmful. It shouldn’t matter who is kissing in public, if they are both consenting adults. And you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with it. Because it doesn’t affect you. It is a judgmental idea and you should get yourself more educated. To have those feeling, in my opinion, is homophobia.


What a fun thread :grinning:

There’s a clip from the West Wing I like to watch and show when people are quoting what the Bible says we can and can’t do.


West Wing and the Bible

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Hopefully @Sully gives that a watch. Or actually maybe not. He might burn his mum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wtf 15 unread comments when I logged on and all speculation??? I thought there would have been a relaunch???


Bathurst weekend apparently. But I do believe we should move all speculation to the Religion 2019 thread and also a Religion Presenters thread to discuss any specific religious leaders.

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Christianity 2.0

Do you mind straight folks kissing in public? Even I find overt displays of public affection a bit confronting.

Have you ever opened up a conversation with your gay friends about your feelings towards their sexuality?

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With Father Luke! :scream:


Welcome back.

Watch the link.

As someone who was raised a catholic, went to a catholic primary school before not wanting to go to a catholic high school (the only real rebellious thing I did growing up was refusing to do Confirmation -a fact my mum wasn’t happy with at the time but now is fine with it and doesn’t attend church herself), this speaks to me quite loudly.


Yeah I should stop. Bye again

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That’s really wankish and how can I take anything with him in it as not flippant. OnAir I am offended. I am so darn angry. Diiddily idilly. Stone the flamin crows. I am on the piss and quite clearly taking it right now.

Jesus Christ.

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