God actually exists and so does Jesus.


You take that back right Now.!of course God exists so does jesus stop making stupid demarks

Personally my favourite character is Gandalf




the bible:)

Can’t foresee any issues with this thread!

Although it could be interesting for people to debate opposing views and reasoning based on their own experiences and research and surely we could all come out feeling more enlightened and appreciating the diversity among all members and being able to respect differences of opinions without trying to provoke or offend unnecessarily.


I’m caught in between my lifestyle and what i believe. I do believe in a god, there has to be something more powerful then us out there who was sent on this earth to guide it. I just don’t like the idea you have to be perscribed to a certain religion to follow Jesus. As long as I have good in my heart and do all the good things I do every day , be nice, be fun, be active, be friendly and be a part of something bigger, then that’s my religion for me. I think religion can have deep meaning for everyone. Some will follow the church teaching and that’s cool, and some don’t.

It’s all about what you can develop within one self as you grow and learn about the different religions out there.

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The bible also says dinosaurs don’t exist and the world is flat. I think Wikipedia is a more reliable source than that piece of rubbish.

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I think this is exactly right. I don’t mind anyone having faith. I don’t believe. I do have some beliefs but they are not religious at all. The problem I have, and its been slight showcased above, is with those that do believe and basically threaten or yell at you that it does exist and call you stupid for having such an opinion. If you were a true religious person you would accept this. God does not want anyone to preach and has stated in the bible that he will come to those that don’t believe in time. So if you were a true religious person you wouldn’t care what people say or think.

I haven’t seen this here, so I am not sure what example are you referring to?

It says it a lot in the bible. And I have been to a few services to see what the big deal is. And the common feature I got out of it is that God doesn’t want anyone to preach or force a view. It says God will come to those in his own way. Whether they get the faith from the day they are born or the minute before they die, God apparently will do this belief himself and doesn’t need anyone to force it upon them.

But hey I am not religious so it means nothing to me. I am just saying that if you were a true believer you wouldn’t be preaching you would be letting God find their way to them him/herself.

Does there? Why, exactly? That sounds ridiculous.

Because some people can’t function unless they feel someone is more powerful than them. And others are just scared of death and need assurance there is something afterwards. I agree. A bit ridiculous. But if it gets them through the day…

They can function, but people use faith as the cataylist to know that there is a higher being to tell them what to do. I know some people who don’t do that, they just accept go to church once a week, but don’t overdo their practice. It’s a routine and faith for them.

It may seem redicilous to you but hey not everyone falls from the same branch of trees?

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But if you are relying on someone higher to tell you what to do that isn’t really functioning as an individual being is it?

That is why I said if it gets them through the day… As I said I think you need to do what you need to do to make you feel safe and secure. If religion does that for you fine. Life is hard, do what you want to make it easier.

fully agree and THANK YOU !!!

Its a hard one, I’m trying to balance both sides. I consider myself a free agent, doing what I need to do without the scripture teachings, but have the belief that god is within me (not down there in my bear area though that would be just odd)
I think in those sorts of cases, the zealous and the fanatics are the ones that follow the spiritual guidance to a tee. I had a friend in my tafe course said to us on the first day that he had Jesus inside her. Lecturer said “really when are you due?”
She laughed it off of course, I’m just giving an example that not all people are zealous, but to those who are definitely losing their humanity in their spiritual quest to be annoying trouts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not directly, depending on interpretation (and yes, I agree that can be where many problems occur!) then it talks about animals which could have been dinosaurs, also gives no real exact timeline between creation and the birth of Jesus (could have been plenty of time for dinosaurs there) and other verses also make it sound like the earth is a sphere long before science agreed too.

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Sorry just read the rest. I am sorry I have read many parts of the bible. Obviously not the lot but isn’t that the whole thing? If it mentions times where dinosaurs could have existed and then others where they couldn’t. Or times where the world could be a sphere and the others when it is definitely flat. Wouldn’t that make the whole thing a contradiction? And some rely on this as a source of knowledge? How do you know what is true and what isn’t?

Again, I just want to make it perfectly clear I am not trying to insult anyone for having religious views. I tried the whole religious thing a few years ago and started going to church. I just couldn’t get past some of the contradictions.

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Questions are good and I’m glad that this thread is actually going along well.

As for how to believe the Bible, I agree. It’s a tough one. We’re reading it through what we know now in the 21st century whereas when it was written it was within the times of then. With the new testament in particular, they were written by people who hadn’t seen what the others had written and were their accounts, and the events and descriptions match up.

It’s also filled with a lot of stuff which is not just “stories” but could be general life advice like the book of Proverbs which has some pretty good stuff in it.

It’s also just about personal faith and what people feel is right too and their faith can be from events which happen in their life and what happens too. Many people have different experiences and things which have seemed impossible but have actually fallen into place with no explanation. That’s where a lot of people get the feeling that there is something bigger out there that can’t be explained.

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