To me, God is an interpretation of the best possible person man can be. He loves, he forgives, he is a template we all strive toward and we place responsibility or blame on him, etc. Religion is the message that keeps the belief alive. Of course he doesn’t exist but I respect the role his character has played at forming our world and how we live in society. Without his story we could be people completely lacking morals and kindness and peace for all I know. I think as time goes on we are maturing out of it and now that we can retain and access information so easily we sort of don’t need a religion or belief system to maintain our lives in a good way.

Just my 2c


I have had things that have happened that I don’t believe can be explained. However, I have my own beliefs and they aren’t religious or God based.

I too am enjoying the debate. I had this same debate with someone the other day. I went to the Melbourne Museum and learnt about wales. I had never really thought about wales. Obviously they are mammals that live in the water. Apparently Wales once had legs and looked like deers. They weren’t the best hunters and often had food taken from them in the wild so they went to the water to do their hunting. They used to go to the water and come back to land. As time went by their legs got smaller. They would just go around the shallow parts and then only come back to land to bread. As time went on they changed and eventually evolved to live in water rather than on land. I was discussing this with someone who said that is bullshit and I was like but that is how evolution works. He was quite religious so this idea was really hard for him to believe.

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So women can be as shit as they want to be? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahah nice try!

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Was googling sex changes.

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to me and my interpretation of the bible is that you can be gay and believe in god:)


Lots of my friends who are religious have said the same thing. There is a lot of religious people who do not have the same thought though. Which, I guess, is another contradiction of the bible.

I had a debate with two elderly ladies about this earlier this year, among Australia Day being changed. They were like oh I know gay people who agree they don’t even want to get married. And I said well there were some women who didn’t want to vote. Should that mean all women shouldn’t get to vote. There closing argument was the bible says that being gay is wrong… So that was obviously the real reason for those opinions.

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I am god.

End of discussion. :rofl:

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So god when do you predict the end of the world is? :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

With about 1 minute left before Melbourne wins a Premiership. How else will He beat the Demons?

But it’s not what the Lord wants and I don’t like it. I am also not homophobic and know a couple of friends who are gay. But to me, women inclusive, it just has never sat comfortably, especially when I see kissing or the like. So a sin yes, but it is what it is and I try to respect that. Does all this make me a dick? A bad person? I have always hoped not, but this could be interpreted wrongly.

so are you ok with gays in general??? coz homophobia is the fear of same sex people and what we do

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Hope you don’t wear clothes made up of two different materials, cos he doesn’t like that either.

How dare two consenting people express their love for one another.

I don’t judge people (much) but what I will say, is what value do you get from suggesting two consenting loving people, male or female or non-binary for that matter, are sinners? What superiority do you get from putting them into a different class of person.


As someone who identifies as a Christian, I find these attitudes such an un-Christian view and nothing of the sort of what Jesus Christ would preach if he were walking the earth today.

But then again, all religions have their fringe groups, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, they’ve all got them, with their noisy, vile views of their chosen religion.

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I think you might have forgotten one and that is freemasonry.

Isn’t a religion, although there is a requirement to believe in a superior being and was banned by the Catholic church for centuries.

Hell I’m gay, and I don’t find you to be a dick by posting what you just said. It’s what you believe, and I can tolerate it, as long as you don’t judge a whole person because of those beliefs or force your beliefs onto somebody else who disagrees with you. :slight_smile:

That’s the problem I have with religion. Some people take it literally and decide that everyone needs to hear the good word and tell people that their lifestyle is wrong because they don’t agree with it. They do so in an obnoxious and intrusive way.

West Boro Baptist Church takes the cake on shoving their opinions and hate down everyones gob. Worst church that does more damage to christianity and faith all combined.


Christians believe that Jesus in the New Testament did away with the need to follow the laws of Moses that the Jews were required to follow in the Old Testament, including the one you quote. So that doesn’t work as an argument with a Christian.

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My apologies.

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You are such a catch. What narrow minded thinking. You are obviously homophobic. One wouldn’t say the things you said if they weren’t.

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