Hopelessly Dull
Hypocritical Devotees
Hillariously Droll
Hunky Deacons
Holy Divas

So many potential meanings… (I think I’ll be going to hell)


Ignoring the fact you’ve stolen the keys for the liquor cabinet on a Sunday night, I’m not sure what’s so ‘wankish’ about it?


Of course he thinks its wankish. It doesnt resonate with what he has been told.



Sheik Taj El-Din Hilaly has spoken out against employing gay teachers in Islamic schools. In relation to gays he told The Australian:


Full story here, for anyone who is interested.



due to “his age” according to media reporting inside Australia.


I am your god.

That is all.



I don’t remember that being a category in the Media Spy Awards :thinking:


Should be. :joy::joy::joy:


False God. Fake news.


How dare you. :joy::joy::joy:


The new Pope seemed like a reformer to Catholics like Kristina Keneally, but he is really just like all his predecessors, as has become obvious.