You don’t have to attend, or watch for that matter.


I’m a member. I’ve lost out because of the stupid fucking timing.

I think it’s a fucking stupid idea. Do we really need to follow down the path of the Yanks and have sports on these sorts of days? Seriously, the world can stop for a day or two.


Ah right. Yeah that’s a bit shit given you’ve paid for a game you can’t go to, but I guess Christmas Eve is still a work day for many.

I am in two minds about it, I like Christmas being the one day where nothing else encroaches on life, even as an atheist. There’s something kinda lovely about life stopping for the majority of people for one day a year. On the other hand, I think a Christmas match would be a fun tradition and something to look forward to as the day winds to a close.

Easter I don’t particularly care what goes on. God, if he existed - which he doesn’t, would love a bit of sport to take his mind off the anniversary of his son’s death.

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No. No, no, no, no, NO. I stand by my comment - it’s a f##ked idea and whoever came up with it, I would like to take to them with, appropriately enough, a cricket bat (because hockey sticks are sacred).

If they do a Xmas day game, on principle, Cricket NSW/Australia and the Thunder will not get another dime from me for membership. I’ve delayed renewing my Knights membership because of those stupid 6pm Friday games - the world does not revolve around Rupert’s 87 year old arse. Seriously, the day he dies, I’m going to get shitfaced in celebration.

Christmas is about being with family. That should be the most important thing for just about everyone. Taking the religious stuff out of the equation, wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to just slow down for a day or two? Just because the Yanks do it, doesn’t mean we have to do it. Seriously, f##k them and let’s do our thing.


I’m similarly annoyed at the Stars schedule this year - the games are just horribly fixtured aside from the New Years day derby and one Sunday afternoon game, all but most of the other matches are at 7:15pm on non-holiday weekdays. And even worse - there’s a 7:40pm game on a Sunday!

Then, you have a home game on the Gold Coast and another one during the day on a weekday in Moe.

When the rights were with Ten there were far more reasonable slots - if they did have a Sunday night game, it would at least be a 6:10pm start or so - that hour and a half makes a big difference, I just don’t want to be getting home near midnight on a Sunday or a worknight - especially in summer when I’ve already melted through the day.

I only have a 4 game membership for the Storm, mostly because their games often overlap with AFL matches I’m going to - but I’ll often just skip the 6pm start games even if I can get there in time, just because of how annoying they are.

The 7:40 games at least give you a chance to go get a meal first and not be rushing after work to get to the stadium.


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The question is would she watch cricket on December 25th?

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Isn’t Big Bash a Family event? Can’t the whole family go?

He is entitled to his opinion as you are too. I don’t believe God exists either. But its not an argument for this thread.

It too agree. I can’t see harm in having sports on religious holidays. I have no problem with cricket on these holidays. Some will go and it will provide me something to watch at nights so I don’t need to listen to my drunk Uncle.


I know I’ve spent some Christmas Days wishing there was the Big Bash on however I do actually like the fact that there’s been a couple of days in the year where everything does shutdown. It makes a different style of pace which is good to have at times from all the rush the rest of the year.

As a Christian too though, I would say Good Friday is the one with more religious significance so while I would support games on Christmas, the Good Friday ones won’t ever get support from me but I can understand why they do it.

I have no issues with sport being played on Good Friday. Hell I still eat meat on Good Friday , I do believe there is a but I don’t follow any specific religious teachings though. I wouldn’t mind seeing Christmas Day ruined with sport, it will give me something to do other than spend it with my family. :stuck_out_tongue:

And fair enough And, everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I respect yours. I think the problem I have though is that not everyone doesn’t celebrate the religious holidays so it should be respectful to those who do.


I agree, being the multicultural society that we are now in Australia, not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone spends it with family or has a family to go and see.

If they do proceed with BBL on Christmas Day, it will be interesting to see what the attendances will be like.

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Make it a charity occasion. Feed the homeless on Christmas, give tickets away to underprivileged kids/families. Get into the Christmas spirit.


Great idea to be charitable. I think tickets should be cheap and all proceeds go to homeless charities if there’s a game on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, we all know that Cricket Australia loves money more than anything.


So do I, just don’t tell my mum. Not for this topic - but that’s from a Catholic background and they do/don’t do a lot of other stuff that the others don’t.

Yeah, for sure. The world has changed and as long as people aren’t just trying to be offensive for the sake of being offensive then compromises can happen and things can evolve. I would still like to see it stay clear from the whole having everything just stop for a couple of days a year as I think the world needs a bit more of that. I think mental health and all sorts of things have become so much worse since the moves and advances in technology with everything being a 24/7 world. Sorry that doesn’t make much sense.

The only way I can really describe it is there’s a couple of days in the year where it’s like rebooting the computer, it’s happened, there’s nothing you can do but sit and wait and it’s a chance to be thrown out from the usual busyness and be forced to have a little break when everyone else is in the same boat.

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Ha. Ha. Ha ha ha.

This is Cricket Australia we are talking about. Won’t happen. Lest they are forced to in an equivalent to slut shaming.

The only “spirit” they will be into is the amount of spirits that they can sell at the game.


Free sandpaper for the Salvos?

Adelaide Strikers’ WBBL home game against Melbourne Renegades will be played at Ballarat’s Eastern Oval on Sunday afternoon, December 9, as part of a new partnership between the Renegades and the City of Ballarat. The match will be streamed live on Cricket Australia website.

Whilst I don’t watch any Big Bash (or 20 over cricket for that matter), the move to play on Christmas Day I feel is another death knell for the Public Holiday rather than a death knell for tradition. Once things like that start taking a hold on the community look for people to demand other things either open or happen to make many people work on a day when we should just be enjoying each other’s company.


The Sydney Thunder will host two BBL games and one WBBL match at Canberra’s Manuka Oval this summer, including a WBBL/BBL doubleheader on December 21.


Well there will be Radio coverage of sorts for the upcoming series against Pakistan in the UAE…

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