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Not just the largest share ever for Triple J in Hobart, my data shows that 15.1 is the largest share ever recorded for any Triple J outlet in any market.


Hobart result

Another poor result for Mickey Maher and the esteemed brains at SCA. It’s time Mickey was shifted to a different job or moved on and likewise SCA’s approach of not spending appropriately in regional markets.

Sure, the usual company cheerleaders like Mark and Mike from Newcastle will get on or grimace at the screens, simply face it, it’s not the company it once was.

The music has shot 107.3 completely along with an irrelevant mainland brand. It fails in the home market of the Gold Coast, it fails everywhere.

Non local drive another disaster. Hobart is a capital city, keep networked drive for beyond 6pm, most of Hobart will be home mercifully.

What is very sad is that staff at the coalface often take the fall.

Hopefully Dave Noonan isn’t sent packing.

  • the high result of the JJJ and ABC Hobart (still 7ZR to many) shows the failing of commercial radio. Fortunately for radio in general, there’s a core audience who want to listen to the radio, they will find another choice they’re somewhat happy with


This approach of…‘One format fits all’ and ‘We will skew the music for the females and hopefully their partners will follow’ is working well for Micky and the team :man_facepalming:


The latest radio ratings for Mildura has been released:

Hit 99.5 (formerly Star FM) maintains its #1 position with a 33.1% share, which is down 5.6% from the 2016 survey. Triple M (formerly Sun FM) goes up to #2 with a 18.1% share, which is up 2.2% from 2016, whilst River 1467 finishes at 3rd place with a 16.8% share, down 1.6%. ABC Mildura-Swan Hill is 4th with a 13.9% share.

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-55s, whilst River 1467 dominates the 55-64s & ABC Mildura-Swan Hill tops the 65+.

Wollongong will be the next market to have its radio ratings released.


That’s surprising that Triple M is underperforming so badly there… Little more than half of Hit, and only a couple of points ahead of River.


Triple M would probably rate better with a better format that doesn’t make you feel shit.


It does not surprise me at all. Lol


they have a competing station (River) which runs quite a bit of the format overlap.


River rates pretty good being on the AM dial.

River does have a bit of a format overlap but River does skews a bit older then Triple M.


The Metro Stations are not the only ones to have their ratings survey released this morning, but Wollongong, on the southern footsteps of Sydney, is releasing theirs this morning as well:

i98 is once again #1 with a 29.1% share, up 1.7% from last survey, whilst Wave FM also went up 0.6% to 16.2%, a gap of 12.9% between the two stations, up 1.1% from last year. ABC Illawarra is 3rd with 15.3% (up 0.7%), whilst JJJ is 4th with 9.2%. Of the Sydney stations, 2GB is #1 with 4.4%, followed by WS with 2.4%, Smooth with 2.2% & 2MMM with 1.9%. MSR scored a 0.0% share.

In the demos, i98 is #1 in the under-55s, whilst ABC Illawarra tops the 55+, with Wave the #1 commercial station in the latter. It’s worth noting that i98 scores nearly 35% in the 40-54s, nearly 15% ahead of Wave in the same demo.

In breakfast, i98’s Marty, Christie & Crammy is #1 with 29.9%, followed by Wave’s Jade, Trav & Chris with 15.5%, with ABC Illawarra’s Melinda James not far behind. ABC Illawarra is #2 in weekends behind i98.


Local drive paying off for ABC Illawarra - up 0.7 to 11.8%.

A baffling book in the nights timeslot. Wave climbs 7.4 to 12.2%, while ABC Illawarra suffers a drop of the same size to fall on 23.7%, still comfortably #1. i98 is down 5.7 to 13.5%, with triple j up 6.8 to a 12.8% share

Macquarie Sports sheds 4200 listeners to sit on 700 10+. Sounds a bit high


It’s worth mentioning that Wave FM & i98 have a ratings gap of just 3% in the 65+, where Wave scores 10.2% share, whilst i98 scores 7.2% (up 3.9%). So it seems the most competitive demo for the two stations is in the oldest demographic group! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, JJJ is ahead of Wave in the 18-39s.


The fact Triple M is number 1 in Brisbane is no surprise. Nova, B105 and 973 all sound way to similar. It is the only station offering a point of difference.


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The above post is supposed to go there: Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 7, 2018


Oops! My bad :joy::joy::joy: curse of too many ratings at once!


I know its not a Wollongong station but Macquarie Sports Radio gained a rating of 0% in the Gong. All shows rated a zero. All age groups rated a zero. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Whilst that initially might sound bad I suppose it’s only 0.6% lower than the sport station gained in Sydney.


Upon calculating the radio ratings by combining demo figures & then divide it by 2 or 3 to give out an average figure, i98 is the #1 commercial station in the 40+ demographic for what is probably the first time ever, which had traditionally being Wave’s stranglehold for many many years.

Here are the figures for the following combined demos on among the two commercial stations:

i98: 17.9
Wave: 17.2

i98: 37.3
Wave: 16.9

i98: 23.2
Wave: 20.7

Wave: 15.7
i98: 9.4


IMO Wave needs to stop copying i98 and skew older like a Triple M Classic Hits station / or Smooth Fm tip off if they want to have any chance of coming close to i98. Playing every song they play is not going to win the ratings. Wollongong is so in need of another radio station Wheather it be a third commercial station or a youth community station similar to Radio Metro / fresh fm.

Wollongong Radio

As I’ve mentioned before elsewhere, having Wave FM being bought by SCA & carry the regional Triple M’s “Music That Makes You Feel Good” log, or, dare I say it, being bought by BOG, would improve the station’s music format, as well as their overall ratings too. Yes, it would mean that the amount of local programming on the station would be reduced in either scenario, but the region already has i98 being the most local-sounding station anyway.

When Wave FM was a real adult music station all those years ago, it was rating more competitively with i98 in the overall ratings, but since it more or less became an “i98 imitator”, their overall ratings fell, allowing i98 to increase their lead, which had been ongoing since 2014.

Or possibly if or when 2ST converts to FM & transmit from Knights Hill, which could potentially take 2-3% off Wave’s share.


I had a listen online to Wave FM and it has a very similar format to Triple M “Music That Makes You Feel Good” format. :face_vomiting:

Wollongong Radio