Regional Radio Ratings


just have to listen to Cenatiempo spewing his right-wing filth and ignorance. Can’t stand the turd. Especially after his university rant last week that totally ignored autistic and people on the spectrum, and when parents rang up to tell him why he was wrong, they were just abused and hung up on.


Wow, I didn’t know his content was that bad. Needs a good mentor, Luke would be a good start.


How about going back to an all request music show like The Nightmix of the 90’s! So much talkback and BS on regional radio now. Bring back the music.


I couldn’t agree more!

Not a fan of FM talk.


How did you get access to that?


You can see the 2012 Central Coast figures below.

Source: Nielsen via Radio Today


These current regional surveys for areas that have significant listener overlap with adjacent areas are meaningless if the adjacent stations are not included. I wonder if the next Wollongong survey will include the Sydney stations.


Since Xtra includes them on their previous surveys, I should imagine this year’s upcoming survey will be no exception.

The Sunshine Coast surveys (previously surveyed last year) include the Brisbane stations, yet bizarrely, the previous surveys for Geelong (2016) & Mandurah (2017), didn’t include the Melbourne (exc ABC) & Perth stations respectively.


Mandurah should never have agreed to a survey until FM conversion. They know the revenue and client list better than anyone else to gauge success. Another con from CRA.


sorry Cranky, I took your role there for a bit. Stephen’s a good broadcaster when he sticks to talking about things he knows about, but his ignorance is starting to show elsewhere and I think he’s getting too much leeway with little to no care from the bosses it seems about what he can get away with. He is always hanging up on callers who disagree with him.

For the past few weeks he’s had Bona come down the line for a chat after 11.


That’s a good way to lose listeners, hanging up on people like that. I wouldn’t want to listen to someone who obviously thinks their opinions are the only ones that matter.




Wow! Ash Pollard only moved from Melbourne to Central Coast in January this year. 9 months later her first radio show is No.1.


The show was #1 in the last survey and dropped since last survey from 18.8 to 17.6. Cumulative audience also dropped from 62000 to 60000, putting them second behind Star.


Meanwhile, Star 104.5’s Rabbit & Julie Goodwin went up from 16.0 to 16.4, the only local commercial breakfast team to gain share from last year.


No worries, I have no monopoly on being cranky!

Needs an experienced talk producer or programmer who experienced in talk.

Stephen has good ambition but has so far worked for Caralis, Camerons and now SCA in Newy, where is the talk experience for him?

Is it entertaining? Stan Zemanek ran masterclasses nightly in how to do this.

Thanks to @TelevisionAU for the ratings analysis in detail. Broadly, there’s a lot more to the show than Ash. On air Gawndy drives the show as he did providing the platform for Bree. Plenty behind the scenes contribute also.

Quite a feat considering the theme of the phone poll survey was downwards for local commercial stations.

2019’s survey period is going to need a better investment in top of mind marketing. Or better yet, stations need to improve content year round.


It’s Hobart’s turn to have their latest radio ratings released:

ABC Radio Hobart remains at #1 with a 20.4% share (up 2.4%), whilst 7HO maintains its position as the #1 commercial (& FM) station with a 19% share (up 1.3%). As for the SCA stations, Hit 100.9 was down 0.3% to 16.4%, whilst Triple M fell quite hard, going down 3.4% to 13.5%, getting beaten by Triple J in the process, who scored a 15.1% share (up 2.8%).

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, with JJJ topping the 18-24s and #2 across the under-40s, followed by 7HO. Triple M is #1 in the 40-54s, whilst ABC Hobart wins in the 55+, with 7HO the #1 commercial station in that same demo.

According to this page, Mildura will be the next market to have their ratings released.


Wow, look at the Triple J results.

Doe’s Triple M Hobart take that horrid ‘Music That Feel Good’ music log?


How long before SCA realise that they’d be better off actually programming for the markets they’re broadcasting in?

To my knowledge, yeah


You can see here:
And compare it with here:

As for whether Triple M Hobart’s fall in ratings had to do with the above aforementioned music log being used on the station, that seems to be the case. The same happened with 2GO on the Central Coast on its survey that was released last week, although it was already rating at a very low base behind Star & Sea. It’s only Gold FM on the Gold Coast that’s had their ratings increased from the previous survey with their format (albeit, a different log from the rest of the network).

Knowing them, probably never. :wink:

As for the breakfast ratings, ABC Hobart’s Ryk Goddard is #1 with 21.2%, with 7HO’s Sarah, Mick & Matt dethroning Hit 100.9’s Jimmy & Nath for #1 FM breakfast, followed by JJJ’s Ben, Liam & Brooke, and then Triple M’s Dave Noonan with Al Plath.
In drive, JJJ’s Veronica & Lewis is #1 with 20.3%, followed by Kate, Tim & Marty on 7HO with 19.4%, then Hughesy & Kate on Hit with 16.8%, ABC Hobart with 15% and Triple M’s Kennedy Molloy with 13.7% (down 3.5% from last year when the station had a local drive program).