Regional Radio Ratings


Then I take my above “Wave FM becoming part of Triple M” comment back. :wink:

Come to think of it, like with Wave FM, 2GO on the Central Coast rates well behind Star & Sea with the “Music That Makes You Good” format, with 2GO rating ahead of Star in the 55+, and is also #1 in the 40+. In the 25-54s, both Sea & Star rates way ahead of 2GO.

There’s a bit of a similar parallel between Wave FM & 2GO’s performance in their recent respective radio ratings.


What makes competing against i98 so hard is they are so dominate at Breakfast, and in all ages from 10-50. Where does Wave target?

Do they go for the younger end of the market with a Hot CHR format similar to Eagle / Snow Fm or go adult contemporary similar to WS fm. Or older again with a forever classics format similar to 2ST / 2GN / 2XL. Obviously competing directly and copying i98 is not working. Wave need to do something different to what they are doing now.


Moving on to Townsville now:

Triple M (formerly 4TO) maintains its #1 position with a 23.7% share (up 0.8%), whilst hit103.1 fell 4.3% to 17.5%. Star 106.3 rose slightly by 0.6% to 13.1%, whilst Power 100 fell 0.6% to 9.9%, not far ahead of ABC North QLD, who went up 1.3% to 9.7%.

In the demos Hit is #1 in the under-40s, Triple M wins the 40-64s & ABC tops the 65+. Power 100 is #2 in the 40-64s, likewise for Star in the 18-39s.

Bendigo will be the last market to have their Xtra Insights survey released for this year.


Lucky for SCA, they have Pricey for bfast. Would be simply another uninspiring Triple M franchise without the individuality of broadcasting’s older Steve Price.

Fair results in what is a tough gig for those stations. Ronnie has only begun mid this year. As long as Pricey’s there, they won’t be #1 overall, but the two ‘new’ stations should be gunning for demo wins. Will only happen if the Camerons invest in being competitive.


Star is now within striking distance of Hit.

Surprised 630 ABC North QLD only came fifth.


There is nothing wrong with the music formats on both Star and Power but the stations sound cheap and sounds to pre - recorded compered to the old Sea FM and Mix 106.3 days.

I agree crankymedia, they need to invest more money into these stations.


The content has been wrecked, far too many topics best suited to inner city Sydney or Melbourne. It doesn’t work in regionals. Turn over of staff too with the schedule changes that began with the content change in 2018.

They also lost their local drive, it’s now multi regional. But their day is lost on the terrible direction of content 6 - 11am.


I just noticed that Star 104.5 has now updated its RDS text to include "Thanks for making Star 104.5 the new Number 1 station;’


The final regional radio ratings for the year has been released this morning for the Bendigo market:

Triple M (formerly 3BO) has taken the #1 spot with a 25.7% share, up 3.8% from 2016, whilst hit91.9 (formerly Star FM) fell 2.5% to 21.8%, landing at 2nd place. At a distant 3rd place is ABC Central Victoria with an 11.3% share, followed by JJJ with 7.2% & Gold Central Victoria with 6.6%.

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, whilst Triple M leads in the 40-64s. In the 65+, ABC Central Victoria is #1, whilst Gold Central Victoria is the #1 commercial station.

The “Other Stations” account for 22.2% of listeners surveyed, down 2.4% from 2016.


65+ listening to Neil Mitchell is the only positive for Gold.


Something is tell me that the regional Triple M stations is cannibalising their own sister stations Hit FM.


3BO and Star retained share between them, some share was swapped.

Gold CV which suffers from format duplication with community station KL FM is showing signs of turn around. Their new bfast duo is beginning their upward climb.

Final page has glaring errors, licence areas are determined by ACMA not CRA. LAPs are licence area plans not profiles as printed.


Maybe it’s described as that as the survey doesn’t cover all of the Bendigo and Maryborough licence areas, notably excluding Echuca?


After listening to Triple M in Albury, I am gobbed smacked that Triple M rated so high.

Bendigo and Mildura have the same formatted radio stations…Going by these surveys, It shows that every market have different listening habits… Hint SCA