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How long did Sunrise NZ last?

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According to its Wikipedia page the show was axed in 2010.


It started in October 2007 and lasted until April 2010. The show was routinely beaten by TVNZ’s Breakfast and had the unfortunate task of trying to keep a show on the air during a recession and a slowdown in advertising. Multiple variations launched over the next few years with Firstline, Paul Henry, The AM Show up until today’s AM.


I don’t think I’d seen that either, thanks! Although I guess that would have made it the opener on Tuesday, as the Australian market would’ve followed the overnight Black Monday in the US.

They lead with “$65 billion wiped off the ASX” which sorta reminds me that you still see figures like that thrown about in the news even today as if it’s a big figure… and it was in 1987, a hecking lot. Loses its shine in 2022 when it’s used about every other week now when, to borrow Monty Python, “someone in the stock exchange coughed”. Given it only needs to dip about 2% to take that much off in absolute dollar terms now, and not ~25% like what happened in the aftermath of Black Monday. How things have grown since then.

And a few reports by Maeve O’Meara for ABC.

Not sure if this is right thread, but a 1977 Logie Award was sold at auction in Melbourne for $1,100 on Sunday. The trophy was presented to A Current Affair for the Outstanding Contribution to TV Journalism category for a report called ‘The Werribee Accident’.

Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne said the award was discovered by a man at a trash and treasure market in Melbourne a few months ago.

Does anyone remember what the accident was about?


There was a fatal train derailment on the Werribee train line in July 1976. The award winning report is most likely in relation to that. That incident is more commonly known as “The Laverton Accident”. There’s info around on it if you Google “Laverton Accident 1976”.


In 2000, British boy band Point Break performed their hit song “Stand Tough” on the Network 10 live music show The House of Hits.

This of course was the main theme used by Seven for its AFL coverage that year. As for how it went on the ARIA Charts, it only peaked at #49 in the week of 28/5/2000.

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An article on regional news that I just found from The Australian’s Media section in November 2001 after Southern Cross axed its regional news services in North Queensland, Canberra, Darwin and Central, and Prime axed its local news services in Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra.

Curious about the “NTD” logo that is shown there. I had never seen that logo before or since then in any capacity so I don’t know what it was about. I don’t think it was ever used on-air.


Hasn’t really gotten better since 2001. In fact, 2021 had one of the biggest cutbacks to regional news ever.

Only because WIN kept their bulletins post-2016 affiliation change. Having three providers of local news bulletins was an aberration rather than the norm.

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Actually Veda’s [edit: may have actually been Baycorp then, the Veda name came later] previous “National Tenancy Database” logo - Trade Mark 825561 | IP Australia | Trade Mark Search - which had been entered into the registry only about six months before that article. Now owned by Equifax although they don’t use the logo anymore. Whoops. :grimacing:


Wow, great pick-up! And that was when The Australian had a decent Media section.


And of course, you could argue it really should have been a 9 Network dot (which they had for the Gold Coast bulletin) given who owned it rather than a dot for NTD on its own - but it was still “8 Darwin” branded at the time (apparently), so… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:?


the icons are a bit of a mess. e.g. a “WIN” icon in Northern NSW near the QLD border, and none in Gippsland. And no icon for Southern Cross News in Tasmania.


An on screen clock from NWS9 Adelaide in 1977.

Credit: My LabLabradors (YouTube)


Some retro ABC idents and promos seen on last night’s Gruen - the “you’re at home with ABC” are probably the most notable plus one of the 8 cents a day idents.


I didn’t realise the “It’s Your ABC” jingle was from as far back as 1994. I remember it being used in lineups and idents at the end of the 90s and early 2000s.


Here’s a longer 8 cents a day ident


Southern Cross and Channel 7 promos from 1999