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So I got my capture card today and set it up and grabbed the first tape I could find which looked old - it sure was. It was from the 6 month period where TasTV was back in Northern Tasmania in 1994 between aggregation in April and WIN taking over in October. I haven’t cut the video yet but I’ll get it up on YouTube and also start working through all the others as I can. Here’s some caps however of a quick hunt through the start of the tape - I love the Hiace being advertised!


OH MY GOD!!! That is like striking gold! Please, where are you putting the videos?

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Are the Melbourne channels (then and now) receiveable into Seymour? I remember years ago seeing motels in Seymour with signs saying “Colour TV - Melbourne channels”. So I’m guessing that some people there did had access to all Melbourne channels with ATV0 being the most powerful signal.

and there were suburbs of Melbourne where they can receive ABV2 and ATV0 but not HSV7 and GTV9.

Great to see BTQ still has some of its old equipment in storage!

That ‘rainbow 7’ logo’s looking a little worse for wear.

It’s from an old microwave dish - possibly from their Gold Coast link on top of the Golden Gate Hotel in Surfers Paradise from the 80’s.


As @SydneyCityTV and I were talking about the 1993-94 “Who’s Who of News” jingle, here’s a rare version from TasTV!


I’ll have them up on my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/ando9185 hopefully I’ll be able to start going through them and making video versions over the weekend but so far I’ve found this one from TasTV, some from around late 90’s WIN, a couple from 2004 TDT10, an early 90’s Southern Cross and some late 90’s Southern Cross and a few early 90’s ABC (although they don’t have many ads). And that’s only around 10 videos I’ve gone through, still heaps more to go!

I do like that one, haven’t found a copy of the full jingle but I got the short TasTV and ACA version.

Then on Sunday there’s Sunday with Jim Waley (and sponsored by Ansett) or 60 Minutes.

If the news wasn’t what you wanted, you can choose to either see if any of these shows take your fancy or get Mariah Carey’s new album now available on CD, cassette or video - sorry no DVD or MP3 versions yet.

Otherwise if you’ve got spare coins, it looks like the way to get money was to run competitions, lots to choose from TasTV - TFL Footy Tipping, Celebrity Squares with Wendy Kennedy or you can win some tickets to special advance screenings of The Lion King at 4 Village Cinemas across the state.


Taking a page from Sale of the Century’s famous faces board.

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I’m sure someone like @TelevisionAU or @NewsWeary would know more about the very short history of this bulletin (Produced in Sydney or Melbourne?), but it’s to my understanding that Seven News at Five was presented by Peter Ford & Naomi Robson and aired on weekdays. Think it only aired for a brief time in July & August of 1996.

Most likely would have been during the Atlanta Olympics, judging by the dates.

I doubt this is the same Peter Ford that now appears on The Morning Show and The Daily Edition.

It was this bloke.


I think you just explained it. I believe it came out of Sydney, but could have been Melbourne. Naomi Robinson went on to host Today Tonight Melbourne the following year.

It wasn’t a bad national bulletin, but it couldn’t complete against Ten News First @ Five.


Same Peter Ford that hosted BTQ’s brief Local Edition with Melissa Downes in 2000 I believe.


I think it came out from Sydney. From memory, it was an attempt to try and steal Ten’s thunder with news at 5.00 during the Olympics which they could do full Olympic news coverage whereas Ten was limited to only a few minutes a day. Consequently it didn’t last too long after the Games ended.


Hanging for these clips! Any closer to upload mate?

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You might think that news tickers on TV only started after 9/11 on 24 hour news channels, but nope…the first one was on the NBC Today show in 1952.


Who is, perhaps unexpectedly, also this bloke:


Today is TVT6’s 60th birthday on ABC Hobart Drive they interviewed former kids show presenter Craig Farrell.

And here is Win News video

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